Ten Keys To Connect With Your Inner Being

Read and practice this, each day.

1 Be aware that to reach your inner being, you need to let go of: Resentment, pain, arrogance, possession, contempt, everything that does not contribute anything positive to your life.

2 Be aware that to reach your inner being, you need: humility, believe in yourself, forgive, be grateful, respect and love all that was created on earth and in heaven.

3 Free yourself from beliefs and dogmas, which for so long did not allow your spirit to flow freely. Your true religion is what is within your spirit.

4 God exists and is in each of us, look for him and when you find him you will see that he has always been inside you. His faith is the engine of his spirit.

5 Take time for yourself, it’s essential. You need to be with yourself, in silence and feel the energy, which runs inside you. Give yourself a wonderful time of bliss by contemplating your Light. And above all, listen to your silence, feel your peace and you will see that love flows throughout your body, throughout your wonderful being.

6 You are a very special being, you are unique, nobody can feel like you, nobody can love like you. You are the beauty, represented, in your inner being. But remember, you are neither better nor worse than anyone else. We are the unity of creation, and we came into this world for everyone to do the same unity work, love, love and love.

7 Learn to breathe, so that your brain is properly oxygenated, if you do, you will enter a state of meditation, where only you and the Light of divinity will be.

8 Walk through the forest, a garden, the sea, wherever you want. Feel all of creation, feel unified with all that has been created. Animals, plants and rocks are also your brothers, respect them, they exist for you to love them.

9 Practice gratitude in your daily life, it will lift your spirits…

10 Live in freedom, without imposing your thoughts and beliefs on others, they all deserve respect. Your life experiences will be unique, accept them as a gift. Falling and getting up is an exercise in wisdom. There are no defeats or failures, there are only experiences… And be grateful for them, which are your best learning, so that your soul evolves.

PS: In total love and harmony, the journey continues, but it is a journey where we are all one and we are all one.