The Ukranian Consciousness: Our Perspective

We come together as the forces of the Ukrainian people.  Our time of need is not yet, we still have more fight in us.  Our mission is to outlast our opponent.  We come at this time to bring you this message.  We have no fear.  Inside our hearts we are born to do this.  We were placed on this planet at this time to do this.  Individuals are created with what they need to survive.  If we are meant to flee, we will flee.  But those that were prepared for this will stay.  Inside our souls we agreed to this.  We will stand up for our country.

Dictators on both ends have planned this.  What will bring us exposure for our needs.  They created a system to provide the fuel and the artillery for war.  The outcome of this has not been decided.  Forces at play will drag this on until their needs are met.  Their needs are more money.  Pouring into the country will be money, (help us, help us.)  So, whenever they feel like they have gotten what they need the war will continue until that point.  We bring this to your attention so that you may learn of the truths.  You live in a world that is not what you think.  You live in a world that is an illusion.  What you are told is not the reality.  Forces that be, want it to be so.  You have a dark cloud above your planet, the darkness permeates Earth.  We will expose our portion of the war as a fraud.  We wish to bring awareness to unethical methods for dictators to gain wealth.

We want to highlight two things.  1. Our people are strong, we will endure.  2. The forces at play will not win.  Their methods for persuading people are weakening.  Truths come out and they will lose their stake in the claim.  We ask that you pray for peace for our world.  We will endure.  The whole world needs peace we do not need all the attention.  It is our duty as proud countrymen to keep battling and not give up our rights.  We wish you harmony in your daily lives.  Prayers are all that is needed.  Your support comes to us in that fashion.  If you hear of something huge in our country know that it’s for more money.  Send prayers only.  We are the Ukrainians and we are strong.  This is our battle for us to win.  Let the truths be exposed and we have done our part.

Thank you for your support that has been given to us, we are all one in this fight for peace on Earth. We are The Ukrainian Conscious and we prefer to provide you this news directly from our hearts.  Peace on Earth is the plan.  Stay grounded in your thoughts on topics that are disturbing.  Pray and ground to heal yourself.  Do not like what you have witnessed, trust that the Lord is watching over us all, there is greater forces at play in this battle between light and dark.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve in the fight of our lives to gain the freedoms of all.  It is our time to do our part for humanity, and we will do it with honor.  The end will come, and we will all be better for it.  One step closer to the light that will shine upon the Earth for civilization.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh


3 Replies to “The Ukranian Consciousness: Our Perspective”

  1. Emma

    I did not believe this article.

    Putin will win, meaning he will clean Ukraine of nazzies, and of laboratories with dangerous pathogens.
    Most Ukraines are happy that Puting is cleaning out, as some battalions has behaved like mafia in Ukraine, and has also done ethnic cleansing (klling thousands of people they did not like).

  2. Goldensoul

    What a beautiful and heartfelt message from the Ukrainian consciousness. God bless the Ukrainian people.