Professor Says Aliens Are Abducting Humans And Training Them To Help With The Invasion Of Earth

As one of those people who spend a disproportionate amount of his daily life focused on the UFO/UAP phenomenon, I like many have asked why these visitors are here, what their intentions are, and when they will reveal themselves to us. And we might have our answer:

Source – Aliens are not only abducting humans but are using mind control to integrate themselves into Earth’s societies, a professor has sensationally claimed.

Dr David Jacobs, a professor of history at Temple University specialising in Ufology, has written several books on the subject of alien abductions, interviewing alleged survivors to gather and compare different testimony. …

David claimed that by abducting humans from the planet, and subsequently utilising mind control, an alien species is preparing to take over the Earth. …

The professor went on to claim that he had spoken to huge numbers of abductees, who had told him that in the future they would have a “job to do”.

And, he suggested that many of the abductees claimed that they had recalled being given the same instructions about “crowd control”.

He explained: “When they get older they will be required to stand on the corner of a street. There will be a large number of people running down the street and your job is to say, just keep moving, everything will be okay’.”

Dr Jacobs then suggested that abductees … “were describing was that the ones on board who looked really, really human were coming down and trying to learn what it’s like to walk among us, to be human,” he recalled.

“At that point I knew, it’s integration into society, prior to takeover… They can control us, and we can’t control them. They are superhumans, so to speak.”

Aliens who look like humans? Abductions? Mind control? Invasion? Pffft. Such lunacy. What kind of a deranged crackpot came up with this? It has to be the insane rantings of a dementia patient, raving on a subway car, amirite?

Oh, wait. No. It’s a professor of history at one of our oldest and most prestigious universities. Reaching a hypothesis after doing exhaustive scientific research. Coming up with theories based on the direct testimony of abduction experiencers. And he’s “suggesting” that the evidence points to a full scale invasion by an advanced species who wants what we have.

Dismiss Dr. Jacobs’ findings at your peril. To me, this makes perfect sense. Why else would any species go through the time and effort to travel from other (take your pick) solar systems, galaxies, dimensions or timelines, to visit us? Because we’re fascinating creatures? Because they enjoy talking to us? Because they like what we’ve done with the place? They’re waiting around to see how the Lord of the Rings HBO series turns out? Or because they like our stuff and are preparing to take it for themselves, Avatar style.

It’s possible they’re here for benign reason. Maybe they do have a keen interest in meeting us and guiding our development and even our evolution. But let’s not give ourselves too much credit here. To anyone who has mastered interstellar or interdimensional travel, we’re basically squirrels. And even that might be overly kind. We could be just insects to them. But still, they think it would be a lot less hassle to take over if they’ve got some of us working for them to make the rest of us easier to handle. It makes sense on a lot of levels.

I hope the good professor is wrong. As a general rule, I’m on Team Human Race all the way. But if he’s right, I just want to let our future overlords know I can be really good at crowd control. I have some experience at directing people where to go and what to do from years of being a badge monkey in the Massachusetts court system. And not to brag, but I can stand on the corner of a street saying, “Just keep moving, everything will be okay” with the best of them. References are available upon request. And I can interview any time. No mind control necessary, but I’m willing if it’s a requirement of the job.

It’s been nice knowing you, fellow homo sapiens. Next time I see you, it might be while you’re fleeing down the street in terror. If that’s the case, just go where I tell you and I and my new best friends the superhumans will go easy on you.

**By Jerry Thornton


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  1. Lemurian brother

    First , which of the ETs are doing abductions , the greys , which are controlled by reptilians all evil , I’ve been studying this for years mind controll is a major tactic they use , our DNA is a currency they are service to self , but we also have space brothers that believe in law of the one and are helping rid the vermin. , Eisenhower made the deal with them , there is so much info about it , this professer just touches on it