Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: Shift in Situation

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I speak to you today with all the love in my heart. The Creator and I behold you for your powerful presence on the planet earth. Due to your presence, we have made a huge shift in the situation on the planet with the removal of the darkness. We attribute and thank you for this great work that you are doing.

You may have noticed recently that you are feeling increasingly connected to us. This is partly because we are closer to you. We are present in your skies, your thoughts, words, and everything that you are doing. You are first and foremost in our hearts. We are here to address your needs. We work behind the scenes to provide magic and miracles in your lives.

Every day this connection could be some little things such as a beauty in your sky, music, and love in your heart. We are the way showers here to uplift you and to show you the way. We want to acknowledge you and remind you that nothing you do is in vain. It could be your kind thoughts or kind words, your spiritual practices, your reverence for the earth and for each other. It could be your compassion and your open hearts. It might be your holding of the light, truth telling, something nice you do for humanity or for animals. It is all appreciated and needed at this time.

Some of you are wondering how this movie is going to play itself out. We want to reassure you that it is playing itself out and you have nothing to worry about, especially when you remove yourself from fear. The toxic things in your life, including people, need to be cleared and removed.

If the energies are no longer appropriate and do not feel right, you must address what you should do about it. If your body responds negatively to something that you consume, it is incumbent upon you to pay attention and remedy the situation. You are becoming increasingly sensitive, and your body will tell you if it doesn’t like something or someone. You must listen. This is your guidance. You will do best if you listen.

We are in this ascension process together. You were never intended to do this alone. As I said at the beginning, you have more access to us than ever. There are many plans for our reunions and greater closeness. You will get to know us, and we will get to know you. You will reconnect with your galactic families, and they are excited. We love to celebrate, and we are anticipating many celebrations with you.

If you go out at night, or during the day, you will feel our presence. You might see our ships. There is an element of excitement in the air and in the sky. Come and use some of your greater telepathic gifts to reach us and we will respond back. A little practice makes it even easier. You can do it.

Know that we are with you and that we will complete our missions. You will live in the golden light and the Golden Age on earth.

I send you love and gratitude from all of creation.

I am Mira.

**Channel: Valerie Donner


9 Replies to “Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: Shift in Situation”

  1. tirez sylviane joséphine

    lorsqu’on est adombré de X et Y …..CELA me semble difficile d’être UNS avec mon 12ème RAYON

  2. Mogex

    Dear Heavens… A bit too soon… It always seems to appear great before… The damn liar.

  3. Douglas A James

    Thank you I will be patient just getting frustrated want it all to be disclosed mass truths told awaken all so we can unite and trigger event…how will this happen if we don’t let all know truth ,?

  4. Ingrid Colby

    I have seen a ship. Last week. It could not have been anything else. There was energy surrounding it and why I knew it was you. I was so excited. No fear. Thank you for watching over us. We are blessed by your presence.

    1. P.S.

      Wow, that’s awesome! I’ve never seen a ship with my physical eyes.

      I see them in my dreams though, and it seems like I get them more and more lately. It’s weird, because seeing a ship or “lights in the sky” in a dream brings me into immediate lucidity. I often end up waving them down, and when I do, a being will usually appear. Recently, they’ve looked Pleiadian, but in the past I’ve had some odd ball creatures show up. Friendly enough, but very strange looking.

  5. david k gates

    I always feel positive vibes in Valerie/Mira messages!
    Same for Galaxygirl, especially when she channels the Dragons