Increase Your Spiritual Frequency

During these times of heightened cosmic currents of energy, it is comforting to conduct research on how solar events affect our planetary realm and how we can acclimate to the powerful LIGHT that is necessary for our transformation to the crystallized HIGHER SELF via employing natural paradigms for physical, emotional, and mental balance.

However, it is also extremely important to receive knowledge from the holy books of our various paths, and this can be done after spending time in prayer and meditation sitting by our home altars as a candle gently flickers representing the SACRED LIGHT OF SOURCE and as the fragrance of sweet incense representing the SACRED BREATH OF SOURCE wafts throughout the room.

Therefore, it is wise to have a copy of our favorite holy text on our altars along with whatever other accoutrements we may desire such as flowers (fresh or silk), crystals and gemstones, “murties” (representations of holy energies such as “Devas” and “Devis” (“Shining Ones”, “Lighted Beings”—aspects of the DIVINE SOURCE), and prayer beads. An altar can either be a small table, a large table, a desk—covered with a cloth in a calming color, and perhaps the cloth has colorful birds or butterflies or flowers drawn upon it.

However, an altar should not be “too busy” with lots of items because this will distract from the silence of the area.

Next to the altar should be a chair, a stool, or a large cushion for sitting.

The floor around the altar can also be decorated with flowers or green plants. After erecting an altar, it should be blessed with prayers which petition SOURCE to make it a place of peace, healing, and Divine communion.

Then waft an incense stick of either Amber, Frankincense, Rose, Sandalwood, or Tibetan Sorig around it.

After a few days, the area where the altar has been erected will take-on a mystical ethereal vibration, and when merely entering the area, there will be a feeling of relaxation. Spending quality time daily at the altar is an enriching experience.

Yeshua Ha Messiah stated: “Know ye not that ye are the temple of the LIVING GOD?”

He meant that inside our very physical vessels is potent energy that is comprised of Divine creative substance.

Many ancient texts teach that the heart is the “altar” of the “body temple”.

This is why there are meditative techniques which focus on concentration upon the heart. However, sometimes erratic emotions or anxiety are difficult to soothe, and people have reported that they find it difficult to settle the nervous system down or to alleviate rapid heart rhythms as they try to meditate.

Thus, having a special area for prayer and meditation is like entering a special sanctuary with a calming atmosphere.

On the wall above or next to the altar can be words of comfort such as “Be still and know that I am God.

I will be exalted among the nations and exalted in the Earth” (Psalm 46, HOLY BIBLE) or “Those who preserve the dharma are protected by the dharma” (Sri Bhagavan Krishna, BHAGAVAD GITA) or “God has sent down the book to you in truth to confirm what came before it” (HOLY QU’RAN). or just the word “Welcome”.

The next several days prior to the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on April 12th, which will offer elevated spiritual frequencies, is excellent for preparing your altar.

If you already have an altar, this is a good time to clean it if this has not been done in the past few weeks.

As cosmic events continue to blast our planet, upgrades to our DNA will be constant as will the symptoms of the upgrades.

Yesterday, April 6, 2022, for example, a coronal mass ejection activated our planet, and there were 49 tornadoes which ripped through 5 states in the USA.

Today, April 7th, solar winds are gradually elevating, and the “Power” reading ( also known as the “Schumann Resonance” [SR]) of our planet is “63”, and the “KP Index” is rated as “unsettled”.

Yet, many both traditional and spiritual scientists advise that whatever the “SR” reading says on a chart, we should multiply that number at least three times, and then we will have a better analysis of the activations.

If this is indeed the case, then today’s reading is more like “189”!

Also, whenever the charts indicate a “black-out”, this is indicative of energy being so powerful that instruments or devices cannot register its potency.

Our intuition, however, as well as our physical, emotional, and mental symptoms are becoming more capable of giving us a true assessment of the cosmic energetics and their affect upon our planet as it and all of creation upon “Her” receive continual downloads of information, higher vibrations, and greater LIGHT.

Are you, for instance, feeling anxious and restless?

So is “Mama Earth/Gaia” as “Her” tectonic plates are activated.

Are you feeling heat and also having some sweats (day or night)?

So is “She” as energy that is not necessary to experience is removed and “Her” molecules spin faster.

Are you having any digestive challenges such as gas and bloating or cramping sensations?

So is “She” as solar winds pummel “Her” causing atmospheric winds to blow and trees to shake.

Are you, for instance, feeling anxious and restless?

So is “Mama Earth/Gaia” as “Her” tectonic plates are activated.

Are you feeling heat and also having some sweats (day or night)?

So is “She” as energy that is not necessary to experience is removed and “Her” molecules spin faster.

Are you having any digestive challenges such as gas and bloating or cramping sensations?

So is “She” as solar winds pummel “Her” causing atmospheric winds to blow and trees to shake.

We are in synchronization with our planet.

We must breathe deeply and relax into the experience and allow LIGHT in all of its activations to do its work of illumination and elevation of creation.

There is the possibility of another CME this afternoon, April 7th, (Eastern Daylight Time), and this will further activate the planetary “dance rhythms”.

As has been discussed previously, and thus as a reminder, the month of April is filled with cosmic power.

There was the New Moon on April 1st, and another New Moon will occur at the end of the month on April 30th. On April 12th, Jupiter and Neptune will conjunct.

On April 16th there will be a Full Moon, and on April 30th—the same day as the second New Moon of the same month as just mentioned— there will be a Solar Eclipse.

Several days prior to these events and for several days afterwards is known as a “portal”—a window where energy is at a height.

The energy of each of these portals will play-out for approximately the next six months. Then adjustments to them or acclimations will need to be made because they all constitute LIGHT.

Every activity in the cosmos is a part of the LIGHT.

Every aspect of creation on each planet, in each galaxy, in each universe is a part of the LIGHT.

Some LIGHT dims of its own accord when lower levels of consciousness are happening such as has occurred throughout all timelines in various ways (war, purposeful subjugation of human beings, creating famines, developing harmful technology, making dangerous drugs, experimenting with Nature to try to control it, etc.).

LIGHT still exists.

It will not be stopped because SOURCE will not and cannot be stopped.

However, those with a lower consciousness who purposefully are unwise and unrighteous in their lives will be left on their own to eventually meet their consequences.

Those who unconsciously became the “pawns” in the “games” of the unrighteousness will be allowed to awaken and be assisted as they elevate.

The focus of our “Now” is to increase our SPIRITUAL FREQUENCY. The HIGHER SELF—the SOUL—the DIVINE SOURCE— is nourishing us daily with LIGHT.

We must partake of it, and remain anchored to the LIGHT via our prayers, meditations, studies, and good deeds.

Of course, we should enjoy socializing and fun with family and friends and partaking of sports events and concerts.

We should not allow ourselves to be involved with purposefully created chaos-filled distractions, however, whose purpose is to turn humans away from political and scientific plannings done “behind closed doors” whose purpose is the manipulation and subjugation of the world’s population with only a “chosen few” at the controls.

It is wise, therefore, for people to periodically ask themselves the following questions:

    1. “What have I come to believe in the past year?”
    2.  “What convinced me to believe this way?”
    3. “Have I made my own assessment of various situations, or have I believed what I heard on television or radio because it sounded right?”
    4. “Do I believe as I do because my family believes this way?”
    5. “Am I in-tune with my HIGHER SELF? How do I know?”
    6. “What do I need to do research on rather than criticizing what I do not know about?”
    7. “Am I serving SOURCE in any way? How? Do I see this service as helping the elevation of the planet?”

As the cosmos serves us with LIGHT, do what is necessary relative to daily career, family, and community obligations, but also engage in the actions that will enliven your “Prana” (“Life Force”) and increase your LIGHT FREQUENCY.

You will be elevating your consciousness to super-consciousness, and the more who do this, the greater our collective planetary LIGHT will be.

Those individuals who are diligently working on elevating themselves will certainly be blessed with great amounts of LIGHT, but it would be most wonderful if the majority of Earth/Gaia’s population could be recipients of the GREATER LIGHT.

We could possibly zoom past “Dwarpa Yuga” (when only 1/2 of the world has an elevated consciousness), soar past “Treta Yuga” (when 3/4 of the world is elevated), and arrive quickly at “Sattva Yuga” where all of the world is enjoying Paradise on Earth.

If you feel that this is not possible, then remember these words of Yeshua Ha Messiah: “By your faith be it unto you!”

**By Dr Schavi M Ali