Dr. Peebles: Everything is a Reflection of God, Love, the Divine

A Note from Natalie ~ Today we begin a five-part series from Dr. Peebles’ words of wisdom, which he gave us during the Community Group Channeling Session on April 3. He said:

You are in a time on Planet Earth when there is tremendous transmuting, shifting and changing of energy before your eyes. You are conscious of it, experiencing it, sometimes with great joy, eagerness and excitement, sometimes with overwhelm. It can feel a little bit like a roller coaster.

No matter what occurs on Earth, the ups and down, ins and outs, it is the essence of God, all of it is consciousness. You may not like the look of a platypus and prefer the giraffe or llama, yet it is all the essence of God. The consciousness created the platypus with the same energy it created the llama, so it is all God. It is difficult for you to remember this when things are hard to look at—violence, hatred, aggression—we understand.

We want to give you four pillars to support you. We don’t want you to hide your head to the rest of the world, but doing these four things will allow you to have a greater understanding that everything you are looking at is God. This doesn’t mean that you condone everything. We don’t expect you to enjoy a bee sting or to pooh-pooh something that is aggressive.

However, when you can recognize that it is all God, instead of immediately saying something is good or bad, right or wrong, instead of immediately going into judgment, you can pause and ask yourself / your heart, where is the God in this? Let me see the presence of the divine.

This is particularly important when you are dancing with another human being who triggers you. If you take a moment to step out of the mind’s immediate response that a person is bad or good, selfish or kind, etc., you can look for the essence of God and ask, what am I learning? This is the great spiritual practice that we are going to encourage now and always for you.


From Natalie: We will go into details of each pillar in the upcoming weeks, but these are the four tangible practices:

1. Amplify and celebrate when you are feeling good.

2. Meditate, even for five minutes, every day.

3. Concentrating on your greatest vision for your life—instead of just solving problems.

4. Come back to gratitude, to appreciation.

**Channel: Natalie Gianelli