Khazarian Mafia Space Aliens

The Khazarian Mafia are those people that we are calling the Ukrainian Nazis. These are the people that the Russians are now fighting.

The Russians know this fight to be just a continuation of a war begun in 759 AD when the Khazars attempted to take over the Russ peoples (a smaller tribe at that time).

One of the many things the Russ objected to was the Khazar’s liking to drink human blood. Specifically Russian blood.

The Khazarian Mafia was started in the 700s AD as a Kingdom, located where Ukraine is now, ruled by them was forced to chose a religion OTHER than the form of ‘elohim worship’ that they practiced.

Their king chose Judaism for the kingdom as his best option.

Thus the Khazarian Mafia was born as their religion buried itself.

These ‘Fake jews’, the “Name Stealers”, the Khazarian Mafia, are desperate to KILL OFF THE WHITE RACE.

For many reasons detailed in the combination of the Zohar + Talmud and the Torah, the Khazarian Mafia wants the Whites to leave the planet.

The Khazarian Mafia uses a 3 (three) book key to keep their secrets.

No single book (or class of books as the Talmud is actually 63 volumes) contain the complete story, and all three are required to get the true communications.

Thus the Khazarian Mafia can keep their secrets within secrets within secrets and only reveal to their initiated members.

This is the same model used by their creations, the Freemasons and all other secret societies.

This is also the model used by the Catholic Church which was infiltrated by the Khazarian Mafia in the time of Justinian 2 of the Byzantine Empire.

The Khazarians want to, and work to, distort sexual (gender) & racial identity in their victims’ society as a tool for their control of their lives.

There are NO racial Jews left on this planet.

The Khazars have overtaken the jewish phenotype (racial characteristics).

The Khazars bred the true Jews out of this existence.

Well, factually, the thinking is among geneticists that maybe, just maybe, there are a few breeding pairs of True Jews left.

Less than 3% of all people claiming to be Jewish have ANY genetic connection to the actual Jewish people.

The Khazar empire was destroyed by Tartarians.

The leader, Genghis Khan Tamojin, set out deliberately to destroy the Khazars & scatter them to the winds.

It would have been better to simply kill them off.

That would have been better for him, & us. Genghis Khan would later send the Mongolian hordes to try to root out the Khazars from other populations when they became resurgent.

The Tartarians called the Khazars as “Blood drinkers” and “Bloody beards”. Genghis Khan was convinced that the Khazars were “ridden by demons”.

The way that the “demons” are described by the Mongolians, we modern humans would instantly say “space aliens”.

The Khazarian Mafia is proud of being the “chosen people”.

They think being selected to “carry the host (demons)” was a good thing.

As we progress further towards SciFi World, we will go through a period where “Pogrom” word is tossed around.

The Ukrainian Khazars will start to cry “pogrom against the Jews” and will try to incite world Jewry (actually khazars thinking they are jews) into a global war vs the Russians.

This will be near the end of this period of activity.

It will be brief as very few people will buy into the claims.

Especially as the Russians start releasing the evidence of “demon investigations” where the Khazars were using live humans in experiments with what we can best call “possession”.

The first of this language is only weeks away at most.

The Khazarian Mafia is a small group within the larger Khazarian population.

This small group is nonetheless very powerful as they control the Central Banks of the world as well as MOST of the governments of the Western Republics.

The Khazarian Mafia has a core belief of Superiority to all other humans on this, as well as all other “planets and realms”.

They believe themselves to be superior by physical difference in their DNA to ours.

They believe this difference (that i call the “dongle”) was given to their progenitors by the Elohim, who are space aliens that came to Earth looking for genetic diversity with which to play, specifically, one whose name was O’Don’ai.

The Elohim are seriously into biology.

The Khazarian Mafia operates on the knowledge that their DNA is different.

They know it to be even different from the rest of the Khazarian (Ukrainian) population.

The Khazarian Mafia has known this about themselves for centuries.

They know that the genetic alteration is not a dominant trait.

It is recessive. Even to an extreme.

That is, the ‘dongle’, the addition to the Khazarian DNA by the Elohim, does not breed true against most, native, human DNA.

This is THE reason that the 13 families at the top of the Khazarian Mafia insist on interbreeding and will not marry further out than second cousins, and those second cousins will have to have a dominant “dongle” DNA attribute.

According to the interpretation of the Khazarian Mafia of their own history, there were fifteen DNA centers set up by the Elohim on planet earth.

These 15 task force groups each harvested from their local hunter gatherer tribes for genetic source material.

This was a program that lasted many human generations.

The Elohim also moved whole tribes of humans around the planet for breeding experiments.

They also destroyed by way of bioweapons, whole strains of human DNA that annoyed them.

The Elohim created the giants. It was an experiment gone wrong.

There were many dead ends within their long centuries of experimenting with human DNA. We find these in our fossil records.

The Elohim finally succeeded in their quest for GMO human that fit their specifications.

This occurred about 36000 (thirty six thousand) years ago when they were able to insert the ‘dongle’ into human DNA and the first of the progenitors of the Khazarians was created.

Wars in space and on earth came with the passage of time.

Much of the Elohim presence here in our solar system was destroyed in the warring.

Much of the historical record was destroyed by the damage sustained here on earth.

The Elohim eventually left earth due to this damage.

The Khazarian ‘dongle’ survived due to inbreeding that deep religious rituals insisted upon.

Thus the GMO was transmitted through time and we are here, now, dealing with the effects of this alteration of humanity by the Elohim.

Some Khazarians today believe that the Elohim will return.

Some Khazarians believe that the ‘dongle’ in their DNA is what makes them the “new Elohim”.

These people believe the dongle provides them a ‘gateway’ to ‘acceptance’ of the ‘insertion’ of the Elohim into their personality “matrix”.

Other, regular humans, don’t have this ability.

The Khazarian Mafia knows that regular humans are repulsed by this channeling of demons & don’t do it in public very much.

This is but a small part of the description of why we are where we are now.

All of the white race of humans is fighting the Khazarian Mafia whether they recognize it or not.

They are the intended victims of the Khazarians.

The Khazarian Mafia thinks that they can easily take over the rest of humanity if they eliminate the Whites who they consider to be uncontrollable & combative to their rule .

There remains much much more to learn, and digest about the Khazarian Mafia that have controlled humanity for generations by way of deception and Name Stealing.

The Russians are in the process of seeing that this information is coming out.

This is but the very beginning days of an unfolding that will take hundreds of years to complete.

We have tens of thousands of years of real human history to recover.

This will not be easy, nor quick work, but will be extremely satisfying for all Humans.

We are starting this now.

It will not be Novus Ordo Seclorum as the Khazarians think.

Rather, the Turn of Ages will take us into SciFi World.

Wait & see. Not long now.

**By Cliff High


17 Replies to “Khazarian Mafia Space Aliens”

  1. Max H.

    I had opportunity to watch Fox’s 24 lately and I discovered it bears some resemblance to what’s going on in Ukraine. In 24 there is always a possibility that terrorists will hijack drones, nuclear weapons and plant them or initiate attacks and make people believe that somebody else did it – be it a country, a specific person or what, it will be a front face, but the goal is always to hide themselves.

    For example in season 2 they tried to trigger a war between U.S and 3 unnamed middle east countries by faking a phone call recording saying a nuclear bomb was detonated and the president was actually speaking with his joint chiefs and making initial warring casualty estimates.

    In season 9 a Chinese operative, arch-enemy of Jack Bauer acquired a device that can control U.S. stealth drones and initiated an attack on Chinese carrier and almost caused the 3rd World War between China and U.S.

    It is very clear that someone can easily launch an attack to make you believe it was someone else, or when there is a drone attack you don’t even know where the AGM was lunching from, given how arm dealership works in the world today.

    The idea that there are sociopath carrying out false flag attacks to trigger human beings who likes to suppress himself and hate each other and taking things out on each other is so vivid to me, it is real.

    And I’m seeing people arguing whether it was Russia or not.

    Why does it matter? You human love to hate and kill each other and yourself. Why don’t you hate and kill one more?

  2. Göran R.

    It is just we have discernment that we dont accept propanda for Russia.To check against fact is very good. Why have Russia forbidden almost every free discussion in Russia and why is every empirical evidens again Russia, even Human watch rights., that now have closed down in Russia. But if from the beginning says that everything you hear from all who not say what you want them to say, then you of cource will not hear anything against you. So are the believing, they dont wnt to hear anything ahat they dont believe, as for example Kaj. A lot of evidens had proved that Rudssian troops had bombed much in Ukrania, but I have had seen nothing about how Ukrania had attacked Russian civilian in Russia. Evidens is mot decisive when you wlll decide what had happen.

    1. Arthur

      “but I have had seen nothing about how Ukrania had attacked Russian civilian in Russia.” –
      You didn’t see it because you don’t want to see it.

    2. dashing

      There is or WAS ussr/soviet union The CCCP, PUTIN ousted the satanic ILLUMINATI ROTSchids , central bank.
      PUTIN Abolished ussr / soviet union and CCCP, REINSTATED RUSSIA
      Now in Ukraine ousting the same satanic ILLUMINATI Oligarchs.

  3. Kay

    Those lashing out at Clif similar to the Trumpets triggers. To know Clif is to comprehend AI, predictive programming and analytics in mass manipulation. Your own shadow is the enemy when you project. Knowing the true his-story will be revealing and many will continue to be in fear. Rise and shine…no fear. The Ukraine/Russia narrative is similar to convID. And some continue to refuse to develop discernment in ALL posts. Thank You EoL 💞

    1. Daedalus

      Here, browse this information – I cannot post links here, especially to very NSFW content (warning, content is explicit) :

      “Russian Tank was caught on CCTV blowing up a civilian car killing the elderly couple”

      It will show you an indisputable war crime proof even from onset of beginning of war, on 23.2. You can literally see the armored vehicle targeting intentionally civilian car, there is no mistake.

      Browse for this “Russians shoot elderly couple in car” – also, warning, explicit content, even more than video before (shows aftermath and corpses)

      Shows the same car from angle up close and passengers that were murdered.

      This is what Russians do in Ukraine, and this who you support as well as many “people” here.

      This is also a small portion of what I have seen with my own eyes, and there are much worse happenings, especially related to children.

      I was the one having more positive opinion about Putin before he started this war, now hes nothing else but a cabal spawn for me, or you could even say a satan spawn. Good folks will never start wars and will never commit such crimes and atrocities, and even attempt to justify them…

        1. Daedalus

          Who lives in propaganda ? Even with a proof above youre still completely dellusional.

          Tells everything that needs to be told about folks like you. No matter what kind of proof is put forward, brainwashed fools like you will always go with their insanity and lies. Because its your ego that you invested into it, and if your lies fail, and they will ultimately, you will fail, too.

          Truth doesnt need to be propped, it upholds itself always.

          Ill repeat – everyone who supports war, inhuman methods and ways – youre on your way out permanently from this reality.

          1. Arthur

            Proof of what? Where did you find my justification for war? What have I put my ego into?
            You are wishful thinking. Imagining something that doesn’t exist.
            You project your own phobias on me by seeing them in the mirror.
            “Brainwashed fools like you will always follow their madness and lies.”-
            Your mind is enslaved by paranoia. And therefore it is not surprising that you are easily zombified.

        2. caroline

          Well said …find out whats been going on in Ukraine for years before you demonize figures. Switch the tv off and do long hard research!

  4. Tom

    Another crazy story. Tell me Cliff were the people at the train station all Nazis?
    They the Putin army kill over 50 people waiting for a train to leave the area. And the Russian army new it and killed them anyway.

    1. Arthur

      You were there, you saw it, you know? You give out what you put into your head. Get smart to distinguish lies from truth.

  5. Göran R

    It is only Putin who sees many nazists in Ukraine. It is not so strange because he is himself the greatest nazist in Russia and Ukraina.

    1. A lightworker

      If that’s true, isn’t it weird that Israel isn’t sanctioning Russia? Why do you think that is?

      I’ll help you — Ukraine has made neo-nazis part of its national guard. Putin is denazifying Russia. That’s why Israel doesn’t sanction Russia.

      Also, you can just do your own research and you’ll literally see the Azov battallion (which are officially part of Ukraine’s national guard) have neo-nazi symbols.

  6. John

    Not long now indeed i feel like i have been waiting for this moment all my life and all the previous ones too, much love to all.

  7. Daedalus

    Oh, look … Fulford #2. Are you going to promise more fancy “prophecies” while patting yourself on the back ? More dellusional ego stroking to nowhere ?

    I mean, one only needs to check the Russian-Israeli connections and mutual diaspora and see the current Israeli behaviour. And also behaviour of Russia, and especially Putin, through years. But we wont hear about that, right Clif ? Or maybe how Russian crewed SAM systems would mysteriously stop working when Israeli airplanes would enter Syrian space ? Or maybe lets just check bolshevik agenda, roots, and plenty of admiration between even ordinary Russians for them. Especially the older generations.

    Its amazing how many heartless, souless and mindless thralls like above worship the death and killing, just because their ego has dig the hole for them that is far too deep. You reap what you sow … and if you support murders, war and annihilation – it will come back to you faster than you think in current times when manifestation is much faster than before.

    All parasites and inhuman impostors are swept out, regardless of their political affiliation or agenda. And sheep will finally realize they were sold lies and promises, or they will be left sheep for longer time. IF they get a second chance in physical body …