Archangel Gabriel: Peace is the First Step

Dear children of the Light, I greet each one of you. I am Gabriel, come to carry this evening, in your moment, in your time, in your space, a message, a harmonization, because through my words, it is the harmony that I wish to dispense to each one of you, each of you.

My souls, my friends, children of Light and Love, you are going through a period that remains and will still be complicated, complicated in your understanding, complicated in your acceptance, complicated because it will force you to evolve, to change .

It is perhaps in this force that we must find the real meaning of this experience. It is perhaps in this “obligation” that one must find an inner awakening, a power of Love, a Luminous power which leads, and will lead each of you, to recognize yourself in your rightful place .

You have, in the time that you are going through, undergone this ordeal of change of bodies, change of energies. It will continue. Your body is still changing.

Your body evolves because, yes, the human essence in which you are, the human space in which you are, evolves constantly. Your “species” is not complete, is not the higher realm of earthly existence, so your realm is still evolving .

And as your body evolves in its chemical, physical, spiritual essence too, you will receive energies, information, which will allow your body to align with the Divine Power, with the Source itself .

Your bodies will be prepared, and many are already prepared, to receive the deeper influence of your guidance.

This is going to manifest itself in very strong intuitions, in a knowledge of lies and we know, as the Holy Spirit knows in you, that you are being lulled into lies in your world. When I say “rocked” it is because some fall asleep under this lie, do not wake up and believe everything that is said to them, everything that is shown to them.

You are shown war scenes, half of which are not real. You are shown debates without the slightest importance for who you really are. You are made to believe in the victory of those who, in fact, want to continue to keep power over you. But you know it.

You know it because you are rocked by the Light too, flooded by it. You know, within you, what is the truth. You know that the Earth is liberating itself, that the Earth continues its ascent, even if Man continues and will continue for a little longer, to play his old character, his old theatrical mantle, the one who believes himself subject to a place, to a time, at a time, to money, to external powers.

You have given up so much on your inner abilities. You have so finally renounced Love, which is your true nature. Yes, I say well: you gave it up.

You renounced it because you granted, gave your power to all those who were going to guide you, but not to those who were going to carry you. In other words, you let false shepherds guide your steps.

The true shepherd is multiple. He is in the multitude. He is in the hearts of men and women of good will, ready to move forward together for common projects , without seeking to oppose, without looking for enemies, without looking for who betrayed him, but who can help, who can work.

In the establishment of the new Earth, you are living this moment, this understanding of the fact that those whom you have called your peasants are very important, are primordial, are to be pampered, to be preserved, to be helped, because with them, you will be able to build a different world, in a healthier, fairer nature, without forcing the earth to produce, but letting it produce its own energy, healthily .

You will learn, in times to come, to eat healthier, because food is truly representative of who you are . Eat fast and you’ll miss out. Eat slowly, and you will feel the influence of the Divine within you, the influence of nature. You will have time to pray and bless what is on your plate. Whatever it is, it deserves blessing, because a being has worked for you, some, even, will have given their existence to feed you. So accepting these new energies means accepting to nourish yourself differently . This is earth food.

Other guides in other channels have told you about informational food. I will not insist on it. I will continue this dialogue now.

It is time for you to touch the Grace, touch the Grace of the present moment and settle into it, for this moment is the one that connects bodies, hearts and souls.

Dear souls of Light, dear children, take the time to breathe, deeply. Take the time to let the tears flow when needed.

Take the time to let your body relax, at least for a few minutes, in this moment.

Know how to create spaces in which you can say:

“Here, now, I sit and rest in the Holy Spirit who dwells in me.

I am the Holy Spirit. I am Divine Nature.

It’s time to reconnect with my true identity. »

Feel these words. Feel every space in these words.

It’s time.

The – time – has – come – to – connect – myself – to – my – true – divine – identity.

You cannot escape your divine identity, it is what you really are, and what you have been brought to by persuasion, by fear, by multiple rejections and abandonments.

The truth is always the same, no one has abandoned you. In the end, most of you surrendered to the tranquility of an existence managed by people who did not seek your happiness, but theirs because, yes, of course and of course, you are entitled, and I will say even, you have the duty to be happy, to be happy.

To be happy is not something that is sought in a quest, but in a path, a path without result, a path, once again, in the present moment, in accompaniment, in the certainty of finding brothers, sisters, friends of this world and other worlds, visible and invisible, on your way .

Faced with today’s events, faced with the events of these times, which are transforming bodies and hearts, events will continue. They will perhaps even and without doubt increase, so that you are united for peace, not to decide who is the oppressed and who is the oppressor, but united for a personal, individual and collective peace too .

You have this expression: “I want to be left in peace, I want to be in peace”, and understand that your governments do not leave you in peace, do not leave you free. So do not hope for peace and collective freedom in this world, while you yourself are imprisoned, you yourself are not at peace, you are not left in peace, because you have external oppressors, of course, much closer than you imagine.

It is up to you to work on your energy, because there are no real oppressors in fact, just people who are in search of love, without understanding the way to it. They seek to be understood, admired or even revered, for some. Love is not found in reverence.

You find love in the world, in association with the world, when you complete yourself with all that is, when you complete yourself with the vibrant, living nature of this world. You will find love, not in a living being that looks like you, but you will find love in your true nature .

It is already there and that is what all these oppressors have lost, this knowledge that everything is already there. This knowledge that does not require recognition from others, but rather an intimate recognition of who we really are, who they really are. Having escaped their divine nature, having renounced for some any type of religion, they end up getting lost in power games, without remembering, once again, their true nature.

The Virgin Mary is in action on this Earth. She works to help and advance this world in her own Light, in her Love, a real Love, a powerful Love, that of the mother, of the Divine Mother.

Souls of Light, my invitation is therefore to enter the present moment, to enter into your personal history, to move your personal history towards peace , to succeed in – how to express this with your words? – to thwart your own oppressors, your direct oppressors, not those who are shown to you, not those you don’t know in the end, but those you know, who are in your field of action, those who are in your visibility .

The Earth is moving towards great choices. She lives through great trials, and sometimes it takes greater than others for another step to be taken in her soul. This is not mandatory.

If each of you, even the few who listen to or read these words, did this individual work of seeking peace within yourself, then have no doubt that your radiance would be of a power that goes far beyond beyond, far beyond, your world, and that it would be heard.

There are peaceful energies, physical and non-physical, in your space. These energies are going to reach you sooner or later, but you can attract them through your own work, by finding your own space of peace. Peace is the first step .

Understand this, your life on Earth is only a passage, but let us use this passage.

Before starting a path, before starting a path, it belongs to you.

Put yourself in the state of mind of the pilgrim, put yourself in that state of mind.

The state of mind of the pilgrim is as follows:

  • I begin this path in peace.
  • I don’t know if I will finish my journey. I don’t know if I will go to the end of this road to Compostela which leads me to Peace.
  • I am going to cover many times, many spaces, many kilometres.
  • I will do this by constantly remembering who I am and why, for whom, I am on this path. Then my steps will be taken in peace.

You cannot be at peace when you are hoping, or trying to attract the result too quickly . That is not walking one’s way, that is running one’s way. However, as you know, no real change is made in haste.

The changes of the Divine can be miraculous and rapid, but the changes of the Human are steps, marches, advances towards yourself first.

The true path is the one that transforms the pilgrim. It is not the destination that will transform it, it is the path, the way .

Dear souls, this path you walk now. This path is offered to you. Agree to take these steps. Accept not knowing if you will go to the end of this Earth, before a new Earth, which is already present, settles in a more permanent, more certain way. Accept this and be at peace with this, for nothing that happens, nothing is totally unknown to you. You know you can be at peace every moment. Peace is a choice . Even in pain, some are at peace and some are not.

I hear your hopes and your fears, and I say to you: what you really are is safe, so be at peace. Who you really are is safe, so be at peace. Your divine nature reveals itself and will reveal itself again and again , yes.

You will of course be helped by heaven, in every sense of the word that the word heaven can carry. You will be helped and you will not be alone. This is our promise, we will keep it. We will accompany you.

We are not here to suppress the test, we are here to help you in the test , to accompany you, to change your mind, to accompany your body sometimes. This is our true intention, to bring each of you your own Light.

I leave you now in the hands of Sylvain’s guide, for more practical aspects.

Bless you.

**Channel: Sylvian Didelot

**Translation by