The Angels: Vibration of Creation

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have a phrase upon your earth that we love: “Faith is believing in things unseen.” Most would agree with that definition. Few, however, truly understand the depth of its meaning or importance in creating your world.

Faith is believing in things unseen, so much so, that you live, breathe, and speak as if they were coming. True faith causes you to emit a vibration that matches your desire so thoroughly that you draw it unto you.

When you have true faith, you don’t muddy your energy field with doubt, fear, scarcity consciousness, or a need to know how/when/where.

True faith is believing with your whole heart, mind, and soul in God, good, and the desired outcome. True faith allows you to enjoy the present while eagerly anticipating the desired future, as much as a child would eagerly await their holiday presents.

True faith is actually a choice to participate in creation.

The only challenge is that you can’t fake faith. You can’t say, “Oh yes I believe, but I’m worried.” Your words say you believe. Your vibration says you doubt. You can’t say, “I have faith I’ll meet a delightful partner” while thinking or talking frequently about relationships in your past that didn’t work. Your words say one thing. Your focus/vibration/emanation says another. If you had true faith, you’d look forward to your future with delicious anticipation rather than spoiling your delight (and your vibration!) by looking backward. You would be vibrating to your desires, looking forward to them, and therefore drawing them to you.

We know it is difficult for many of you to have faith in things you have no evidence for. You have been trained to believe only what you can prove or see, and this mindset does not support the creation of anything new. In fact, it would have you going in circles – focusing predominantly on the things you can see or prove, and therefore getting only more of the same. Without faith, science would not advance. Without faith, new inventions would not be possible. You’d still be living without electricity if faith had not been present in the minds of those committed to this possibility. Without faith, people give up on their seemingly impossible dreams.

Your world would be a sad and dull place without those who have faith because they have a desire and a will so strong that it compels them to believe in what they cannot yet see.

Without faith, your world would already be at war in a much larger way. Enough of you, however, continue to believe in the goodness of humanity and the power of prayer and positive focus. Enough of you have faith that solutions, even if they seem impossible now, can be negotiated. Enough of you have had enough faith in the future to create massive shifts even in the last few months. Your faith is moving mountains.

Remind yourself often, “Faith is believing in things unseen.” You must allow yourself to look forward to what is coming so you can receive guidance to it. You must set aside temporary impatience and trust in the perfect timing. You must find the abundance, the love, and the good in the present moment so you don’t fear lack, loneliness, and pain in the future. True faith is born of strong desire and strong will. True faith is not passive. True faith is a belief so strong it changes the way you perceive and live your life.

Dear ones it is your collective faith in a brighter future that is creating that future right now. Many of you are starting to enjoy your lives once again. Many of you are surrendering to peace in the present by resting, napping, or watching the clouds. Many of you are listening to your hearts – changing jobs, or cutting back, for example. So many of you are living and walking in faith for a better world, and this faith is inspiring and guiding you to create it.

There are times when what you see in front of you now, will test your faith in the future. When you hear stories or see photos of death and destruction, do your best to believe in life arising once again from the ashes. Imagine beautiful buildings being created from the rubble, and future parks in place of today’s destruction, where children and animals are free and safe to play. Focus on the dear souls healing hearts, bodies, and minds, offering so much love and compassion. Believe in this unseen future, dear ones, for every single one of you that does so, empowers it.

Your faith in a better and brighter world will be made manifest. You can’t avoid seeing the present, but you can believe in something more. If you are inspired to look at what is going on in the world, then do. You are being guided. Some of you will be guided to ignore the chaos and simply be a vibrational beacon of peace. Some of you are guided to watch and take action – perhaps praying, or donating money to charity. Some of you are guided to watch so as to look for the love emerging. Each of you is guided differently but all of you are guided to have faith – faith in love, faith in the spark of light within all human hearts, faith that your prayers DO matter, and faith that as you believe in things unseen, you help to create them in your life and in your world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

**Channel: Ann Albers


3 Replies to “The Angels: Vibration of Creation”

  1. Jennifer Murphy

    Beautiful message. Just what I needed today. Feeling very Blessed. Thank You. In Faith, Love and Light….

  2. Denise

    Thank you so much for the message!!!🙏🙏🙏
    This next bit is a lil OT but it’s made me curious! Has anyone noticed a slowing down in their thought processing speed? NOT in a harder to think way but an easier to think way, less frenetic, no constant random thoughts running past at the speed of light way. It’s like a half speed or something, making it easier to alter your thought pattern programming which doesn’t alter your ability to switch back into full speed when needed.
    Now they could be the normal way it works for most people and I being abnormal but it’s an unusual change that krept in this past month or so and I figured it was curious enough to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar!🙏
    Love &Light blessings to all!!!

    1. P.S.

      Yes. It’s because we’ve been putting in the work with meditation and that effort is finally becoming physically manifest.

      Our thoughts are easier to “catch” because we are aware of them at all times now. It’s easier to nab a negative thought as it goes by, because we’re like the kung fu warrior trained to catch arrows. We see and feel the arrow arriving before it actually arrives and know exactly the point in time to reach out and grab it.

      And we’ve been practicing what to do when we catch the negative thought. We know how to turn it around and neutralize it, so it doesn’t come back again. We’ve stopped throwing so many boomerangs into the wind to come back and smack us in the face.

      This is all part of learning to master the flow of our thoughts. We need to master this if we are to use any type of future technology that is controlled by consciousness.