Ashian: Your Purpose is 5D not 3D

Jennifer: Greetings! So, let’s start really generally… what do you want us to know?

Ashian: Beloved hearts, greetings to you, too! It is our joy to connect and to have the opportunity to collaborate actively with you.

J: Collaborate?

A: Well, in your war analogies, you light workers are the ‘behind enemy lines’ troops. You bring your light to every situation, not through the jobs you do or the successes you have, but by being YOU. That energy, YOUR energy is acting like a catalyst, clearing psychic debris, dissolving density; everywhere you go, you are working.  Your energy is hard at work, and the team that works with you is constantly partnering with you to bring you to the places where your energy can best serve the highest good.

J: We’ve touched on this before…the teams that work with us, would you care to say more about this?

A: So many of our dear brothers and sisters feel alone, as though you have been abandoned, on your own, behind enemy lines, and the Universe has forgotten you exist. This is not the case.

Each light worker has a team working with them: this team varies in number, but is 8-11 members strong normally, consisting of what you would call Angels, Guardian Angels, Guides, Galactics, higher dimensional aspects of you and Ascended Masters. Yes! You may have an Ascended Master working with you, assisting you in your daily life, as you shine the light that is YOU, everywhere you go.

J: Goodness, that’s quite a sobering thought, to have an Ascended Master working with us.

A: It’s an indication of how powerful you are; light workers are here on a mission, with a purpose, a divine calling that is far beyond your 3D personality, job, status, family etc. You undervalue your divine creator power to create and manifest change.

We would suggest spending some time each day becoming aware of the members of your team, getting used to hearing their subtle voice of intuition, developing conversations with them. They are here and willing to interact with you; they chose you, they want to work with you. Up to now, it has been a passive relationship, where you have not fully grasped that you are actively collaborating, but now… now the energies are shifting.  The veils between the worlds are parting, and you can begin a conversation with your team.

Allow it to develop gently. Write down what you think you hear in answer to your questions, leave it for 24 hours and then read it. You will recognise truth when you read it. It will resonate in every cell in your body if you are channeling answers from your team.

J: Thank you. Now, to change tack a wee bit, where are we up to on Project Ascension? What’s happening?

A: Yes, we felt that question burning a hole in your mind, while we digressed!

J: There goes that last brain cell then!

A: We are laughing! So… as you have been saying, for we suggested you say it … imagine a sphere of light, where the energy at the outside of the sphere seems random and chaotic, but at the center, there is a ball of cohesive, blinding light ~ a pure, refined energy of divine, creative potential and potency.

Every human emits an energy streamer, the more aligned you are, the smoother and higher vibration your streamer is. All streamers meet at the centre of the sphere, in the ball of energy.

As the streamers of energy increase in vibration, harmony and cohesion, they will ~ very soon [!] ~ reach a frequency that resonates with the central energy of the sphere. When that happens… there will be a quantum change.

J: Dare I ask for details?!

A: You may! And yet…

J: Here we go…

A: The fundamental purpose of the quantum change will be to bring about the ascension of humanity on Gaia. What is still in flow, is exactly how that will be achieved. Each person has free will, and this changing energy has to be calibrated into the overall outcome. The intelligence it takes to conduct this can only be Divine, such is the complexity. Beyond influencing you here on Gaia, your ascension triggers changes across space and time that you cannot yet begin to comprehend.

J: Yes, I see that, the vastness of the project, so I’m not even going to go there. But let’s return to ‘soon’…

A: Ah! The ‘s’ word!

J: Indeed!

A: There are, shall we say, three probable timelines in which this will happen. Not all have the same probability, but of the infinite possibilities, three timelines are present possibilities.

We find it interesting that Easter is a season of rebirth and there is much change that is upon you this Easter, this rebirth.

J: Would you care to elaborate?

A: No! But you will all be where you are supposed to be. Not a detail is missed, as the final scene plays itself out.

J: You say everything and nothing at once.

A: Because you have free will, if we focus you on anything other than trusting your instinct, living in love and kindness, we are manipulating your free will. WE can only offer you a road map that details the easiest route: you may choose to take other roads and you also get to choose what you see as you journey down those roads. That is your power as a divine creator incarnate.

We honour the divinity in you by not giving details, but by treating you as the divine creators you are. You are creating this, we are the audience; we watch, we shout our support, but we don’t jump onto your stage.

J: There’s food for thought. Powerfully put. Thank you.

A: So… no encore?!

J: Not a chance! When this is over you’ll find us all at a post-production party in paradise somewhere, trying to recover our equilibrium!

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