Galacom Update: Old Matrix Deactivation

On April 12, at 02:44 PM CET, the Galactic Committee transmitted a new message through the Lightwarriors ground team. Its summary is given below.

On February 23, 2022, the Galacom finally and correctly deactivated the Old Matrix of the Local Universe, that is, the information and software that determined the course of human evolution and the scenario of events in the world. More detailed information about it will be reported later.

On March 20, 2022, the Matrix and the evolutionary programs of the New World on the renewed Earth were activated.

In the sub-program of the Old Matrix, in the former Kali Yuga timeline, the dominant core of the geopolitical system was the Reptilian Race with its corresponding energies, forces, egregores, etc., supporting their world order.

Now all this has begun to be actively deactivated, in accordance with the general program of the New Matrix.

The whole old world and its global order must collapse and cease to exist. The Reptilian influence on Earth ends with the activation of the New World Matrix. It is a fractal manifestation of the New Equation of the Absolute and a New Evolutionary Agenda for the entire Local Universe formulated by the Absolute.

But another problem reared its ugly head. The new Matrix was activated on the system plan, and the old one was deactivated on it. Unexpectedly, it turned out that there are at least two backup structures on Earth, two operating models of the old Matrix, at the lower levels of Being.

The presence of active programs has already led to a serious conflict, a system failure of the entire Matrix.

A backup copy of the old Matrix is actually a replication of it, broadcasting old evolutionary programs and events’ scenarios to the world.

The inter-Matrix conflict is growing every day. This is also reflected in the intensification of antagonism between the West and the East in general and individual countries in particular.

On the Causal Plan, the rapid increase in software conflicts causes failures in the software of the World Matrix. All this can lead to disastrous consequences at all levels.

In the physical world, the confrontation of Matrices is accompanied by a global conflict. If the old Matrix wins, then there will be no planet in the future. If the New Matrix wins, the evolution will continue in accordance with the Creator’s Plan!

Now we are witnessing an attempt at a global revenge of the Dark Forces and their destructive vector of the Universe. The critical antagonism between the Lights and Darks is growing avalanche-like. It’s supported by a backup copy of the Old Matrix. It has considerable power, and great capacities. The Light Forces need to stand, holding their powerful Radiant Shield.

Decisive events are ahead. The Reptilian world is ready to do anything, because it’s the matter of their existence! They want to create a new world order, based on old core.

It’s very serious. The World Government has already adopted an appropriate action program. They are ready to do anything, even a nuclear war. We are aware of the possible provocation with a nuclear strike under a false flag. It is not known what they are counting on.

The Special Forces of the Galactic Federation are vigilant to ensure that nuclear war is technically impossible. They have technologies that simply will not allow nuclear missiles to take off, and if they do, they will simply dematerialize, disintegrate into atoms in the air.

Now they are confronted by A MORE POWERFUL FORCE – THE NEW MATRIX! And this is a different level of Being, different existential levels, with incomparably greater impact on the world.

We are ready for anything. The beginning of the critical phase of the confrontation can be in the coming days. The most critical is April 30, 2022, when the energies caused by the Sun eclipse and the beginning of the Eclipses Corridor will increase dramatically.

Matrix bacchanalia cannot last long. By the time of exit the Eclipse Corridor, EVERYTHING SHOULD BE FINISHED. It is related to being “past the point of no return,” where should remain only one dominant Force – the Power of Light, which will determine the New World Order on Earth.

**By Lev


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  1. sonja zoghlami

    Bonjour. Je sens bien les basses énergies se déchainer . J’ai une totale confiance en la fédération galactique . La lumière gagne ils ne nous abandonnerons pas parce qu’ils nous aime et que l’Amour est plus fort que tout. Alléluiah!