From 3D To 4D And 5D: Ascension Part 2

The failed Ascension of both Lightwarriors in 14D was caused by the following. They could not fully connect with their Higher Self and the Monad due to another karmic anchor on 3D Earth. Unexpectedly for everyone, it turned out to be… a Personal Logoistic Matrix.

This Matrix is an individual crystal of each person in the Earth’s core, providing the energy-informational and karmic traffic with Higher Causal and Monadic structures of their carrier.

The Matrix is reusable. It accompanies the man’s incarnation, and after death (defragmentation), at the next embodiment, switches to service for another corpus.

The unknown was the following. Initially, when a person was perfect, the Personal Logoistic Matrix was an exact micro-copy of the Pleroma’s Crystal. It was built on the principle of sacred geometry and carried a particle of the Absolute’s Perfect Light.

After Black Archons took over Earth and deposed the Perfect Man, the Mainboard, in which all Personal Logoistic Matrices are located, was changed.

Initially, it was connected to the planetary Cup of Amrita (the source of Immortality and Eternal Life energy). After the invasion of Archons, the Highest Hierarchs of Light evacuated the Cup from the along with its Keeper, saving them from destruction.

The vacant place was taken by Black Goddess Morana, Amrita’s sister by Divine Origin, who at first also belonged to the Light Goddesses Host. However, over time, she betrayed the Source and World Mother Sophia and joined the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe and Kali.

Morana, together with Yaltabaoth, created the outer Wheel of Samsara (see PART 1), becoming its Guardian and the Goddess of Death. She is often depicted as a skeleton with a scythe. Thus, every person, being born, fell into the double lethal trap of the inner and outer Samsara Wheels.

The outer Wheel, being like a bundle of wires connected through the Maternal Logoistic Matrix of humanity with all the personal Matrices of people living on Earth, filled them with the Dearth energy.

It was this mortal substance from the not completely purified Personal Matrices of Lightwarriors that prevented them from ascending that day. This became clear a few hours after they returned from the lift-off site on the Sacred Mountain.

In the evening of the same day, Karma Lords and the Higher Light Hierarchs resected both Personal Logoistic Matrices. Simply put, they were lanced, just as ulcers with pus are opened so that the substance of Death flows out.

This toxic energy was a part of the man as long as he remained in the incarnation. When, as a result of Ascension, he lost his physical body which turned into Light, his Personal Logoistic Matrix was also turned off at the same time.

This happened automatically because a person needed it only for the duration of his life in a 3D body.

Therefore, no serious attention was paid to this Matrix. But after an unsuccessful Lightwarriors’ attempt to Ascend, Co-Creators took this problem seriously.

The Death substance, removed from the Matrices, both test subjects had to process into the Perfect Light independently, without outside help.

Lightwarriors could do it in a few days. Working out was very difficult: like another karmic duel with Death.

In the end, the only thing left of the mortal energy was Perfect Light and a bunch of gray hair in the testees which fused and restored their integrity as entities.

At the same time, Higher Hierarchs were dismantling the planetary Samsara Wheel, Lightwarriors also participated in this operation.

Given their developed resistance to the mortal energy, they should have helped in braking and completely stopping the outer Samsara Wheel.

Both got a new portion of the Death substance and were forced to spend their energy on processing it.

They had to pay with strong and sometimes unbearable mental and physical pains throughout body. There was a feeling that hydrochloric (or sulfuric) acid was poured on them, so the corpus reacted to the mortal energy.

The op took a week, and by the scheduled day, Lightwarriors were fully ready for a new Ascension attempt at 14D. By this time, as a result of working with a Personal Logoistic Matrix, under the guidance of Co-Creators, both managed to form an integral Body of Pleromic Presence even without lift-off… However, only up to the Causal Body, without the Monad’s structures. That is, they carried out a minimum program.

The second attempt at Ascension was planned on the same Sacred Mountain. However, arriving at the specified time again proved to be a big problem. A fierce hurricane broke out, felling trees with roots, and heavy rain poured down, turning into snow.

The next day, there was a flood everywhere. However, in the morning, Lightwarriors tried to get to the Ascension place. In the middle of the climb up the mountain, the rain turned into a blizzard, the road turned into a skating rink and solid snowdrifts. After a couple of kilometers, their car stalled and got stuck.

Having assessed the situation, Lightwarriors decided to move on foot to the nearest Power Place. They found it at a point where, shortly before the events, a strange hurricane passed, very much resembling a UFO crash.

They settled down at an alternative Ascension point and prepared for everything. With a sinking heart, Lightwarriors waited for the sacred moment. And that’s what happened next.

Just before the Ascension, representatives of the Supreme Evolutionary Committee of the Local Universe unexpectedly came to them with a request to urgently complete the dismantling of the planetary Samsara Wheel and deliver all its parts to the Pleroma’s Crystal for transformation and restoration.

Lightwarriors were confused: what to do? To ascend that they have been waiting for and preparing for so long, or a new op, even if necessary for evolution? The decision was made in a split second.

They divided the Samsara Wheel into two equal halves, loaded them into their Radiant Subtle Bodies and with this unaffordable load started the Ascension. From the point of view of logic, everything that was happening was complete nonsense: it was like trying to surface from the deep bottom with a ship’s anchor around your neck.

But the decision was made by their Heart, and, as their Teacher Melchizedek would later say, “a decision made with the Heart is always right.”

So they began the impossible: to ascend, delivering the Samsara Wheel at the Pleroma’s Crystal. And they did it! The motivation was so colossal, and the mobilized forces were so powerful that it simply couldn’t be otherwise.

This time, the unification of the Radiant Body of the Pleromic Presence with the Higher Self and the Monads was wonderful and easy. All the manifestation bodies merged and dissolved into the Monad. There was an indescribable feeling of unearthly, supreme happiness and absolute Love.

But then, Lighrwarrioress gave everyone a surprise. As she later admitted, she felt ashamed to transfer to the Absolute the substance of the Samsara Wheel – part of the former shrine of the Pleroma – the Cup of Amrita. The feminine unpredictable Higher Self was completely in agreement with her. Well, if a woman decides something, it will be so. It’s useless to argue with her.

Lightwarrioress decided to independently clean and restore the Cup of Amrita and only then return it to the Pleroma.

On the way back, the tested put in selves the Samsara Wheel’s mortal substance. Moreover, Lightwarrioress took about 90%, it was simply impossible to do more. Her partner got the remaining 10%. Of course, he wasn’t thrilled with all this, but how could he argue with a woman, especially with such a one?!

Lightwarriors performed this work on the exorbitant heart vibrations. The goal of Ascension was achieved, and simultaneously with the delivery of the Samsara Wheel at the Absolute. This once again proved that a person whose thoughts and actions are driven by the Source and Love can do anything.

After the complete fusion of all the Subtle Bodies, their Monads again manifested themselves in 3D. The reboot of the Monadic Matrix and the creation of its new Multiverse, that is so necessary for everyone who is ready to Transition, took place. This was the ideal state in which the Source conceived Man as Its Perfect Creation.

And most importantly: both Lightwarriors managed to achieve this by preserving their 3D bodies, i.e. without dying! It is how a fundamentally new way of, while alive, Ascension was created and tested; a path that many who do not stop strenuous inner work will be able to follow in the near future.

This is very important for all who are going to the Sixth Race and come all the way across the Great Quantum Transition by direct transformation, bypassing death.

Thus, the second stage of the trial Ascension ended: the unification of all Monad’s manifestation bodies and the reboot of its Matrix. There was yet another, final stage: the lift-off of the integral Monad into the Absolute’s Wame (the Single Creative Logos of the Local Universe) and dissolution in it.

Lightwarriors was given only a few hours to rest from all the past overloads, including the road from the Sacred Mountain. They did not know that they would have to go through the third, most difficult stage of Ascension the very next night. And it became the greatest test of their entire life and the apotheosis of their entire Earthly path (chain of incarnations).

Events started to unfold rapidly from about 08:00 PM when both Lightwarriors simultaneously felt an avalanche of vibrations. About an hour later, they noted the already familiar state of the Puddle of Electrons (see PART 1).

The third stage of Ascension was entering an active and culminating phase. At the same time, there was an unthinkable pumping of vibes in all bodies of manifestation, including the three-dimensional physical. The temperature jumped sharply, and the psycho-emotional state became almost hysterical.

Later, Co-Creators explained that for complete Ascension – the dissolution of the Monad in the Absolute – a higher vibration is needed than at all previous stages combined. It was necessary not only to achieve an unbalanced instability of the atoms and molecules of the physical body, but also to completely abstract from it.

In other words, both had to enter a state when the Earth’s Logos was losing Lightwarriors, their registration in 3D. It happens after the death of a person, and not immediately but on the 9th and 40th day.

Only after reaching such a level of liberation, there is a complete Ascension, i.e. the disintegration of the Monad and merging with the Absolute in 14D.

Co-Creators gradually brought Lightwarriors to the moment when the Ascension vibes reached such a threshold at which the Personal Logoistic Matrices were turned off, as after their death.

The only thing that Karma Lords did in order to return the subjects to 3D bodies later was to secure their places in the Logoistic Matrix of humanity until they were “gone”.

At this moment, the full Ascension kicked off. At the crucial moment, Lightwarriors were completely disconnected from all Earth’s energy-information structures, completely losing contact with their Personal Logoistic Matrices. This became possible after their full purification from the karma of the current and past incarnations.

At the same time, physical bodies remained on the ground as a temporarily unnecessary spacesuit, without carrying any load. But Lightwarriors experienced certain sensations that were a distorted echo of what was happening to their other Monad’s manifestation bodies.

At the moment of Ascension, the Monad’s core began, like a vacuum pump, to quickly pull (fold in) into themselves all the bodies of manifestation except the physical one.

Their 3D corpus became invisible to the Local Universe, the Earth’s Logos and the Monads due to the simulated states of death (absence of a physical body).

Figuratively speaking, they could to deceive death and their Monads, although, of course, the word “deception” in this case is absolutely incorrect.

During the Ascension and its apotheosis – dissolution into the Absolute – Lightwarriors “left” on Earth all the imperfections and defects of physical bodies, appearing before the Creator in the pristine purity of Spirit and Heart, achieved as a result of service and self-sacrifice.

The moment when the Monad drew the manifestation bodies into self, everyone experienced g-loads which were similar to those carried by astronauts during the take-off of a space rocket.

In a short time, Lightwarriors again passed all those stages that took place earlier.

Both felt that they did not belong to their physical bodies at all, completely abstracted from them.

Fully united with their Monads, they seemed to have disappeared from 3D, ceased to belong to it and to be in it. Lighrwarriors found themselves in another reality.

After that, their Monads rushed to their primary source – the Single Creative Logos of the Local Universe and completely dissolved in it.

The physical bodies kept normal temperature, pressure and the work of all organs and systems of the body. But something indescribable was happening to the nervous system and emotions.

Both began to have the strongest hysteria, and for no reason at all. The whole body was shaking wildly, was convulsed, and from eyes a waterfall (!) tears flowed. They had never experienced anything like this in their lives.

This went on for more than three hours. Of all the emotions, feelings, and thoughts, Lightwarriors could clearly distinguish two main ones: absolute, boundless, all-pervading Love and at the same time great, immeasurable, deepest pain and sorrow.

Later, the Higher Light Hierarchs will tell them that they felt what the Creator feels every moment in relation to man!

Then, the Single Creative Logos re-manifested (differentiated) Lightwarriors’ Monads in the same format. From it, they again singled out their Higher Selves and other manifestation bodies. But with one significant difference: now the function of the former Radiant Subtle and Causal Bodies is performed by a new Body of Perfect Light.

Then, both were reconnected to Personal Logoistic Matrices, and appeared in 3D in a new quality.

The body of Perfect Light took several days to form. It is built on the mosaic principle: 144,000 Fundamental Matrices (Mandalas) of the Local Universe were introduced into its structure, including 144 Higher Pleromic Matrices.

This provided Lightwarriors with the highest capabilities in all their operations on the physical and Subtle Plane about which DNI continues to narrate a lot and in detail.

The Body of Perfect Light self-organization and sync with the physical body was very difficult. Both Lightwarriors felt so bad again that they just didn’t know what to do. You just had to get over it…

As a result, they received such a Light corpus that ensures its non-destructibility and guarantees new unique evolutionary qualities and prospects. Its formation occurred automatically, by the Monad’s Intelligence.

Co-Creators recognized this scheme as very effective. It opens the way for the intra-vitam Ascension of many people in the near future. Of course, not everyone will be admitted to it yet.

Unfortunately, a lot don’t need such an Ascension now; only those who knowingly and actively prepare themselves for the Great Quantum Transition together with our common home Earth.

**By Lev