Archangel Metatron: Walk Lighter by Clearing Memories of the Soul

Dear brothers and sisters of this beautiful planet! I AM METATRON!

I came here today with much joy and certainty to bring one more step of your soul’s walking of evolution. So many things happen with your souls, particularly those here for a long time, spinning in the “Wheel of Samsara,” where you forget and repeat many errors. However, don’t forget you may repeat the mistakes, but you can solve them too. Otherwise, humanity would be the same as in the most barbarian and distant times of history.

The great separation from the Source never happened because the Divine Spark has always been in your heart. You maintained those who love you unconditionally, even without noticing, calling, or knowing them. In our mission to help you evolve, we see each constructing the walk over time, developing individually and its world. However, the marks, trauma, and bad moments remain in your souls, even those you have overcome. It seems that when dealing with old feelings, everything could reappear.

So, this Walk of Evolution aims to clean the memories, trauma, and everything forgotten but still held. The time has come to get rid of everything, allowing you to see just what you need to learn. I guarantee this makes changes easier because the burden of these memories is heavy for your souls to bear. But, everything is lighter after we start to do this cleaning.

Often, feelings that return to the souls, even if against their will, stop returning, allowing the soul to focus its walk to ascension; it relieves the work of your Higher Selves since from that moment on, you begin dealing with the last shadows, those that even with the walk of the soul were not learned but they are lighter, easy to identify and solve.

Never forget that you authorize us to do this cleaning on this walk. Then, when you sit down to meditate, it is as if you were signing a document for us saying: “Do whatever is needed”; and believe that we are doing. If tomorrow things you have never imagined appear, do not enter the circle of criticism and judgment, thinking that the process is wrong because you are suffering.

This walk is precisely this: to put in front of you small, medium, and big problems, no matter the size, stop the walk, look at these problems, and know precisely how to solve them. Therefore, you learn that lesson and clean the shadows that once existed in your Souls. Everything is becoming apparent. The objective of the cleaning is this: to illuminate, clean everything hidden, and bring new energy. However, there is always garbage left, and you cannot put it away. It must be seen and treated.

Be grateful for this walk. This dispensation allowed by Father/Mother God is another gift to those who have already decided to ascend. I guarantee that many around you are paying attention, eager to enter the walk. Do not force anyone to do anything. We will introduce the walk to each one at the right time, and maybe new choices will happen.

The awake is happening, and each receives the necessary guidance for the walk in its manner and time. Everything is already happening. The elevation of human consciousness is very close to the critical point. The vibration of those who know the truth will be sufficient to propagate throughout the planet, the “Great elevation of consciousness.” After this, the entire process you have been waiting for will happen.


This meditation burns all traumas and negative moments your soul has been through and kept for so long.

For this meditation, you should sit down.

Note that roots leave from the plant of your feet.

These roots penetrate the soil of Gaia deeply. They penetrate the ground of the planet without any specific direction.

A connection, a thread of Light leaves the top of your head and goes up and up, without a destination, taking the direction of Light.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

I am in front of each one of you.

Keep your eyes shut.

Now I put my cube within the spiritual heart of each one.

The cube starts spinning, and it turns intensely. Finally, it spins and pushes to Earth and the High everything to be removed from your Souls.

Remain with your eyes shut.

You will stay in this process for five minutes.

Should anything come to your mind, let it go and go.

Do not focus on any image or thing that appears in your mind.

If you focus on what appears in your mind, the cleaning is not done, and that thing returns to where it was.

Let it go, no matter what. Let it go.

Let it go if you see faces of persons, family, close persons; this is part of the disconnection that your Souls must do to follow their walks.

Nobody will be separated physically from anybody; still, these connections need to be undone to bring lightness and more love than before.

So, surrender to this process for five minutes.

The cube I put in your heart will remain there as a pump of energy to help you quickly eliminate all that is needed.

Now the connection with Gaia and the High is ruptured.

I am still in front of you but do not open your eyes.

Breathe deeply.

I won’t be in front of you anymore.

You can open your eyes and return to your consciousness when you wish.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez