Saint Germain: NESARA

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

We are aware that much on Earth appears to be either at a “wobble,” in utter chaos, or somewhere in between.

And we are aware that many of you are fighting if not outright panic, feelings of real uncertainty. There are moments when you wonder if you and all of humanity have been abandoned.

And though you pray for the Light to illuminate all you are not yet seeing, you wonder at times if even that would be of assistance.

And so our writer speaks again today with Ascended Master Saint Germain, on this very subject, of dealing with the uncertainty of life at the moment . . .

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain! Thank you for speaking with us today. SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, all!

We are, as always, honored to assist.

COR: So many are wondering whether NESARA is just a pipe dream at this point. Or they might fully accept that it is real, yet feel that too much is in the way of its full enactment, so that we are held in limbo, knowing our freedom and sovereignty are at hand, yet not quite here. Many feel that much suffering will occur—more than has already occurred—before that moment can arrive.

So my question today would be: Could you enlighten us on that point? And what can we do to speed the enactment, as more dense actions from the old powers-that-were loom on the horizon?

SAINT GERMAIN: We are of course happy to speak on these matters, as it is not a positive for any of you to live in the air of supposition, and perhaps come to the inaccurate conclusion that things are “stuck” in some way—that NESARA cannot come forward, or will be greatly delayed, or only partially enacted. None of this is true.

Despite appearances, and much dark programming and dense energy being transmitted against humanity, great progress is being made, and will continue to be made, until that moment when the announcement is made on every available screen that NESARA is here.

We will say, that what you have intuited—that there is tremendous opposition to that moment—is correct.

Yet that does not equal defeat in this matter. Humanity has already chosen en masse to experience its sovereignty, and to experience that moment when Earth rejoins the Galactic and Intergalactic Confederations.

It is not so that apparent delays, or a timeline that unfolds in ways that differ from human preference, equal defeat.

You live now in a kind of void—a moment of transition from one plane to the next—where it appears that perhaps, though not all is lost, much is lost. That can be very wearing, very trying.

This is the part of human Ascension into higher thought, higher experience, higher matter, that you had perhaps hoped to avoid. Yet you cannot. This moment is not in the way. It is the way.

COR: Yes, I had a feeling you would say that! I was listening to one of Jennifer Ruth Russell’s Morning Light Meditations today, and because so much of the world is shifting so quickly now, and in ways that feel rather perilous at times, I was drawn to the one titled “The Gift of Uncertainty.”

In that, Jennifer shares that it is one of your own teachings that tells us, “There are two doors humanity must walk through to reach Ascension: Doubt and Fear.”

What is hard for many of us who have left traditional religious dogma behind us, is that that kind of density feels like it should no longer exist!

We’ve gone into denial about all the healing that still remains on a mass level.

I could not count the number of people who have emailed me the last few years, and said, “Why are we in such a time of flux and uncertainty, and shock and trauma? Shouldn’t the move to 5D mean more Joy, more certainty—not less?” SAINT GERMAIN: Ah, an excellent point!

And to be sure, it does mean all of that.

Were you, any of you, to consider where you were even a year or two ago in terms of how you view Nature, music (including the sound healings), the colors in art, the shapes of clouds in the sky—you would find that you have been moving into new states of Appreciation and Joy, without even realizing it!

Yet you are distracted from realizing it, partly due to the pressures of the external world, and partly due to the need for healing your own hidden wounds, which have been rising to the surface.

The old dark invader energy, whose time is up, would prefer to keep you constantly distracted and caught up in the density of loss, sadness, fear—the possibility of being imprisoned or restricted into a sort of non-life for not doing as they say.

And so all of your old survival fears also come up—trauma experienced in this and other lives, on this and other planets and star systems.

Old buried memories of plague, war, natural disaster, sudden impoverishment, death, personal losses. The list goes on.

They are aware of exactly what buttons to push, one might say, in the human psyche—the subconscious—to engender not only uncertainty and stress, but in some, feelings of hopelessness, fear, and isolation.

You have seen their intentional use of media, false authority structures, religion, political and social labeling, and many other constructs to affect and control humanity.

And yet, still they cannot hold back the flow of Light codes pouring in, reminding and awakening you to your Creator god/goddess aspect.

Still they cannot stem the tide of Light that fills your being with the realization that miracles are afoot, whether you physically see them around you now or not.

And still they cannot stop you from choosing to live in a place of Thanks and Appreciation, even for these tenuous moments—as if you had chosen Earth’s current re-Birth and re-Creation crises yourself.

There is your power, dear ones! Grasp it with both hands!

COR: I greatly value that teaching, lord. I have endeavored to steep my own consciousness in that these last few years.

Yet let’s look at your teaching about how we must go through the doors of Doubt and Fear—did humanity create that path? Many feel that what we are experiencing now is a sort of mistake—that the old powers-that-were are reacting with rage at the many high-level arrests being made. And at NESARA drawing closer, and Full Disclosure of the ET presence growing closer.

I have no doubt that they are incredibly desperate right now.

Yet it still feels like we should be claiming our full freedom on this planet, and feeling jubilant about that—yet here we are, walking through Doubt and Fear, and feeling very weak at times! But you’re saying, that’s no coincidence?

SAINT GERMAIN: Naturally. There are no coincidences. You have all actively chosen this, as the purifying flame you walk through, so as to leave all vestiges of the third dimension behind you.

COR: To release the ego-mind? To release survival thinking? SAINT GERMAIN: To release that which is a great hindrance to the Ascension path.

Some of that has to do with the survival instinct of the lower mind, yes.

And the separateness human beings have lived in for centuries. You have been trained against unity thought and experience. Now you increasingly desire it.

That journey is a great part of it. Yet much of it also has to do with releasing those aspects of the third dimension that by now, you are so familiar with and comfortable with, that you actually prefer it to higher dimensional living.

COR: What in the world—! What aspects what those be?! SAINT GERMAIN: Life as you knew it. Having only to grow so much, to know and experience so much, and then you die after an incredibly short amount of time.

Even 100 years on the planet is not long at all. That is barely enough time to realize the basics!

The basics of why you are alive, who you are, what you have to contribute. You have noted that many Light Bringers awaken to their true purpose at a time called “relatively late” in life—middle age or later.

That is because that is to many cultures in the cosmos, what being a five-year-old is to you! You are just getting started at that age!

And you will note that many are using that exact phrase now, to describe their life after age 60.

COR: Yes, I’ve been saying that myself—”I’m just getting started.” SAINT GERMAIN: Of course! Because you realize that life lies spread out before you, more than ever it has! It isn’t closing down at all. Yet humanity is well used to jumping into the water and soon after, jumping back out again.

Now, with Ascension, a far longer and more dedicated involvement is required of you.

Another area humans addict to, is the reincarnation cycle.

You are well used to coming into an Earth life, trying this or that interest, action, or fascination, then leaving after a mere 80 or 90 years (or far less), without having had sufficient time or resources to remember why in the world you came in to begin with.

And so you depart—and then you return, falling into many of the same pitfalls, often with the same persons you have known in other lives, and had determined you would learn to love and understand this time.

Yet generally, the soul’s preferences do not go according to plan. And so you return . . .

COR: How could we be addicted to that, lord? That whole cycle is quite frustrating! SAINT GERMAIN: Because it’s one mad adventure after another. Just as so many enjoy the Westerner films.

They recall Earth life experience as being like racing madly on a horse, living so fully in the moment, so recklessly and haphazardly, that the thrill of the physical, even with all its shocks and discomforts, becomes a sort of mad day out in the holodeck.

You desire more, always—more adventure, more knowledge of who you are, more depth of understanding, more inner growth, more Love expressed and experienced. And so you return, over and over, in different guises, wearing various costumes.

Though the color, shape, education, finances, location, ego-based preferences, soul-based preferences may vary—you are still you, and must begin to grasp that you your own “savior” in life.

All of that excitement has beckoned you for so long! And so, most shrink back at the thought of releasing that.

Of dedicating themselves to this one life (or the next one—whenever they choose to Ascend).

The thought of Peaceful and Abundant life experience? Wonderful—fully welcome.

Giving up all aspects of third dimension—not quite yet, no. For many. And so there is a sort of split occurring in human experience, where some will continue in third dimensional life, and some will move on to the next higher dimensional experience. Those decisions are being made now.

COR: Is that what’s holding things up? So we haven’t reached critical mass for NESARA yet? Are we at least close to it?

SAINT GERMAIN: You have nearly done so, and yet—the hour remains unknown.

COR: And the Doubt and the Fear? SAINT GERMAIN: Walk through, dear ones!

Walk right through those doors you yourselves knew would be there, and in part helped to fashion.

Walk through and say, “I accept you, Uncertainty. I accept you, the Unknown. For this too, I came!”

Embrace all that confounds you, frustrates you, enrages you about Earth life now. And there is much to be bothered by. We comprehend this fully. Send it Love, all of it. Give it Thanks. In that moment, you hold the power, dear ones. Not some unseen force, or some dark group of former controllers conspiring behind closed doors.

That image strikes you as childish and amusing, quite soon now.

Yet bless them as well.

COR: Walk through the doors—accept all we are feeling now, then release it?

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course! How else? You wish to release the density of third dimensional life.

Of all the many lives you have lived at this level.

And so as with anything you wish to bless and release, come to a place of utter Love and compassion—for yourselves, for Earth—for the madness of Earthly incarnations, and the reckless unpredictability, roughness, strangeness of third dimensional life. Say to these, “Yes, I see you. Thank you for all you have given us. We bless you, Love you, and release you to your higher good.”

Then give Thanks! Whether or not you see the world suddenly shift all around you. Do not expect anything, other than that you have tended your own garden. Always, that must take precedence over whatever else you do in this life.

COR: Thank you, lord. Very helpful, though I feel like crying at all you have said! SAINT GERMAIN: This too is release. Allow. Accept. Let go. All is well, dear ones! We are, all of us, with you all, at all times.

COR: Namaste, Master Saint Germain! Thank you for your kindness today. SAINT GERMAIN: [Bowing deeply] We are honored to assist. Namaste! Your journey Home, nearly done.


Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan – Source

17 Replies to “Saint Germain: NESARA”

  1. Frank Arnold

    With all due respect to all who will read this…I’m a 72-year-old dude and have been hearing these warm and fuzzy statements for over 40 earth years. It’s almost here, we are getting close, hang on, raise your vibration, ALL will be rewarded, everybody will be rich beyond your dreams….and on and on and on. People…please get a grip on reality, this is the physical dimension, a learning school for all souls. Your life’s purpose is to learn self-realization. Learn from your mistakes and success’s. Please quit following those promising riches beyond your dreams…the universe will provide what is needed when you are ready for the next stage, but YOU must work for it! True knowledge is not given to the mass’s carte blanche. And then after self-realization? That’s when GOD-realization starts…you must know the true self, then God. Hard? Hell yes, it is hard …but this is why you were brought here…to learn to pass this life test and then start the next one. And if I am wrong, well, I guess a huge crow pie will be on the menu for me…but deep down you know I am not wrong. May the blessings be…

  2. Tammy

    Always love hearing from the champion of the USA and the World 🌍, St Germain. Always a comfort in a sometimes trying transition of eons of darkness and duality to the heaven dimensions of love and light. Thanks for the vibratory uplift.

  3. Arthur

    And here SG was very surprised me! Where did he come up with this story? Everything is exactly the opposite! Life on Earth is a prison! Completely locked in self and hopeless!
    Groundhog Day. Mad tea party of the Hatter and the March Hare, moving in a vicious circle. Always 6 o’clock.
    Time stopped. There is no movement! All life passes in a swamp with the stink of decaying mud.
    State of mind, like in the movie “Insomnia” with Al Pacino. My head is always cloudy. It’s not clear, or you killed someone, or you were killed.
    There is a good poem by A. Blok about these “leaps”:

    The night. The street. Street-lamp. Drugstore.
    A meaningless dull light about.
    You may live twenty-five years more;
    All will still be there. No way out.

    You die. You start again and all
    Will be repeated as before:
    The cold rippling of a canal.
    The night. The street. Street-lamp. Drugstore.

  4. Donovan Tepper

    I have wrestled with, and still do, the dichotomy of focusing exclusively on raising my own frequency and hence raising my consciousness to ever higher levels by becoming more loving and compassionate and walking through the doors of doubt and fear on the one hand, and maybe the evil in the world will take care of itself. On the other hand I still feel the need to make myself aware of the globalist controllers of this world and do what little I can to help reveal them and defeat them. My thought there is, that it is up to humanity to defeat and bring to justice the evil in this world (even though we co-created it) so that it never happens again (e.g. child trafficking). For me it’s a hard call. Do we only concentrate on ascension and what it entails to raise our consciousness or do we somehow supplement this by supporting (sometimes actively, e.g. peaceful demonstrations) the defeat of evil? One thought there is, collectively we created this mess the world is in, so is it up to us to straighten it out? – while simultaneously living in a loving and compassionate way, which I think would not preclude universal justice being carried out against pure evil.

    1. Adrienne

      Many (if not most) of us feel the same.
      We are hungry for news, anxious to see the tides turn (it’s happening), and we also feel obliged to stay informed.

      Staying informed is good, but it really feeds the ego, so we probably should dial down our consumption of social media.

      If we can’t tear ourselves away, we can at least choose a way to start and end our days on the higher side of things.

      It’s also good to admit that allowing ourselves to be sucked into the drama is completely unproductive- both in the worldly and spiritual realms.

      To those who can make the time, my advice is to get involved locally. This is where we can really be helpful. And as a bonus, it will lift the spirit. It’s how we can be effectively in the world but not of it.

      1. Not important

        Adrienne: Don’t know if this was an individual advice but my crew has long ago told me to neither be a follower nor allow anybody to follow me… 4 reasons 2 compact to explain here… but it might be worth thinking about… 😇

  5. Trisha S.

    I appreciate the pointers St. Germain. It’s good to have the overview of this point to be able to choose love and appreciation , which puts us in control.

    1. P.S.

      It’s not that 3D Earth and 5D Earth are shifting one to another like a snowshoe hare changes the color of its fur as it goes from winter to spring.

      It’s more like 3D Earth and 5D Earth exist as two different but complete earths at the same time. They’re layered on top of each other, and we’re presently just moving in and out of those layers depending on our current vibration. If you sit at a 3D frequency, you’ll be in 3D. If you sit at 5D frequency, you’ll be in 5D.

      Your location changes moment to moment based on your vibration. As you raise your vibration and keep it sustained, you spend more time in 5D. You acclimate to those frequencies. Eventually, you’ll spend all of your time in 5D.

      So a more accurate question would be for you to ask your higher self:

      How much of my time do I spend in 5D?

      1. Spectrum

        You’re saying that to be in 5D we need to be in a happy positive state most or all of the time. Then why aren’t those people that are naturally bright cheery optimists by nature, in 5D ? Yet they’re not. Clearly there’s more to attaining 5D living than merely beng a natural positive thinking optimist ?

        1. Donovan

          Hi Spectrum. To me achieving 5th density is what is at the chore of our character and consciousness and consequently the question would be, what is the very beingness of our character and consciousness. To me the 5th density is a frequency of self-discipline governed by love and compassion (including of self), where we are of service to others and do no harm to anyone and our actions are always for the higher good of all. These frequencies are the keys to 5D. Those who do not possess these keys will remain in 3D until they see the light. I think the term ‘ascension’ is somewhat of a misnomer because it gives the impression of raising bodily in the sky until we reach some distant 5D planet – a bit like the Jesus narrative of ascending into heaven through the clouds. I don’t think we are going anywhere – Gaia and us will gradually evolve into a 5D planet and changing frequencies. After all 5D still needs a planet. But then again no one really knows the exact physics of ascension. Up to date I think I’ve read at least 5 different versions of the physics of ascension from 3D to 5D. What is more important is that we do know what the keys are for ascension. This business of it will happen in a twinkling of an eye as the Christians (and I think people like David Wilcock) believe does not sit well with me, but then I don’t really know and for that matter neither does any one else. 5D is not a reward per se because that assumes 3D is a punishment, which is nonsense. 3D is the journey, while 5D is the destination but it does not end there as 5D then becomes a journey and so on. I believe those of the human race that progress to a 5D planet will obviously still have their memories of 3D and this is one reason I think it so important while still in 3D we reveal and defeat evil, so that we never again allow this evil and allow ourselves to be enslaved again.

          1. Not important

            Hi Donovan. Never heard anybody speak about how 5D and the beingness of our character and consciousness are going hand in hand, but it’s exactly what I’m experiencing since sth happend to me a few yrs ago. After that “event” I had to “self-discipline myself” for a looong time, while simultaniously receiving all those mindblowing informations that came with riding those waves. So in my case it wasn’t the human part who needed to be disciplined bc in my old life prior to “this event” “DISCIPLINE” was my first, middle and last name or “this event” never could’ve happpend to begin with.

          2. Spectrum

            I’m intrigued. Could you please give us details of these “mindblowing informations” you talked of ? Thankyou.

    1. Galaxy A.

      This is a very clear explanation . Thank You St. Germain. The 3D and 5 D reply by P. S. is also good. People around us are in 5 D frequency when they perceive, act and respond to the vibration of detachment, self sovereignty, and love .they live in a higher consciousness vibe. They can see through the theatre and melodrana playing out in 3D and hold a higher vision for humanity. The 3D vibe, as explained in the channel, is where people identify with all the fear and doomsday scenarios being broadcast. These people do not connect to their Higher Self and function at the level of ( 3D linear) personality. They are driven by the projections of others.Many dimensions can co-exist within an earth body. The Earth herself is multidimensional.

      1. Harriet

        My understanding and what I’ve experienced is that we are living in a 3D/4D world. We personally go in and out of 3D, 4D and 5D through out the day because of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors and also by how we react to and deal with the 3D world around us. The more we can live in joy and love without the negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors, the more we will see the 5D rewards like positive outcomes, protections from accidents, crimes etc, manifestations of desires, manifestation of abilities like healing self and others, intuition, telepathy, levitation, vertical knowledge, miracles, etc. I’ve been going into 5D with joy and have seen the rewards, and then I plummet to 3D when an energy comes in from cocreators that wants me to address something like my bad memories and guilt. It’s definitely an ongoing evolution that is sometimes very hard to navigate, and to stick with 5D takes a great deal of practice. I find its easier when I ask my physical self for help, like asking my body to please help me not be judgemental or to make decisions that are the best for me.
        L & L to all.