The Continuance

After the auspicious day of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on Tuesday, April 12th, 2022, today our planet is again enveloped in high-powered plasma particles on both its Sun-facing side and the far side.

Slow to medium-strength solar winds are billowing around the magnetosphere with fast winds also sometimes joining in with slower winds to create a “ballet” flow of movement.

The twisting plasma and flowing winds are pushing into our planet with lots of density.

Thus, the “Cosmic Activation Portal” is continuing and gaining momentum as it performs an overlapping movement as we move deeper into the “Full Moon Portal”.

The height of the Full Moon is on Saturday, April 16th, at approximately 2:55 PM (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) in Tropical Libra and Sidereal Virgo.

It will square Pluto in Tropical Capricorn and Sidereal Sagittarius.

The blueprint of these planetary zodiac angles shows major (possibly dramatic) changes in relationships of both an individual nature as well as of national and international political and corporate situations, and also there is likely to be heightened focus upon health-related concepts as well as upon economical conditions in various types of work environments where help is needed in order for such necessary businesses to continue to exist.

New ideas, regulations, and benefits will be offered.

Full Moons always bring individual and collective situations to a crescendo—a fruition—decisions must be made and no longer ignored and put off for another time.

Situations which have already changed can now elevate to greater workability.

The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Tropical Pisces and Sidereal Aquarius offers a spiritual attunement to the releases and changes brought via the Full Moon such that the days, weeks, and months to come will reveal how humanity can further its advancement harmoniously rather than to further propagate political mischief, sociological discord, and philosophical confusion—all of which cause a devolving into a chaotic and disharmonious planetary culture.

Usually, a “Full Moon Portal”, which governs emotional settings and responses, opens three days prior to the Moon’s actual height of fullness, thrives on the actual day of fullness, and is still active for three days afterwards.

However, as humanity has been forced to deal with pandemics, lockdowns, economic downturns, injections and boosters, war, as well as other dire experiences, collective emotions have been in turmoil as if there is a constant Full Moon with no change in phases.

This is because as cellular records are cleansed of old programming, they are again filled with “dust” and “dross” of current circumstances.

So, it is as if a complete “house cleaning” can never be accomplished.

LIGHT is constantly “sweeping away” the filth.

This is why it is imperative to develop a daily spiritual procedure/ritual whose aim is connection with SOURCE FREQUENCY.

Eventually, the connection will be so secure that there can be instantaneous contact simply by taking a deep breath and saying, for example, “AUM” (some people insist that the pronunciation is “OM”) or whatever sacred “Vaak” (“Divine Sound”) works according to a person’s preferred path.

Some people may simply bring down the “Pillar of LIGHT” around them for instant connection.

Some people (only if not driving, of course) will momentarily close their eyes and envision a bright LIGHT in front of them representing the DIVINE ABSOLUTE and recite a brief prayer of attunement.

As mentioned, however, for any of these quick connections to truly activate, spiritual rituals must have been already engaged in for a substantial amount of time.

This is because those who are not used to spiritual involvement will be too anxious and incapable of proper concentration when a need to call upon SOURCE occurs.

They will also be concerned with such anxious questions as: “Am I doing this correctly?” “Is SOURCE really receiving me?”

There has to be a calm and steady focus upon the HIGHER REALM in order to connect with it.

Everyone begins their spiritual journey with insecurity, questions, wanderings of the mind, and impulsivity.

Finally, an essence of relaxation builds within the mind (consciousness), and it can then eventually soar to SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS/HIGHER SELF/SOUL/SOURCE.

There is an ancient teaching that says: “People are transformed by symbols”.

This relates to the fact that certain objects cause particular thoughts to occur.

For example, a Christian may receive a sense of peace from a crucifix.

A Muslim may receive courage from a crescent and star.

A Buddhist or a person of Sanatana Dharma may receive solace from the AUM symbol, etc.

Sometimes, of course, certain symbols have been misused and have caused rage, an example of this the famous “Swastika”.

The average person thinks of Nazi Germany and its horrible treatment of Jews.

However, this symbol was originally a sacred Vedic symbol—many thousands of years old—which meant “Auspicious” relative to the Divine.

The vicious Hitler entity used the symbol to his “perceived” advantage after having read some of the Vedic scriptures.

Study will show that he changed the lines in the symbol around in a different direction.

Thus, he misused the symbol thinking that it could give him demonic power.

Some people are even leery of the ancient “Ankh” of Kemet—a sign which represents the female reproductive organs physically (uterus, fallopian tubes, birth canal) and “Immortal Life” spiritually.

Therefore, it is and has always been a sacred symbol.

Many Spiritual Scientists have taught that the removal of the circle at the top of the “Ankh”, which is the removal of the representation of the physical female uterus, is one of the signs of the removal of the Divine Feminine when the symbol became the crucifix in later eras.

Humanity has much to learn, and sometimes learning is uncomfortable.

It can completely dislodge a person’s or a group’s philosophical framework. Yet, in the learning is elevation—a shifting to HIGHER KNOWLEDGE and a closer anchoring to SOURCE FREQUENCY.

The “Full Moon Portal” is a time of emptying-out and of preparation for reception of a new crystallinity—a “Consciousness Transfer”, especially since it has come with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction.

Those who realize the messages within the “COSMIC HOLY BOOK” are still astounded at its accuracy from the teachings of Sages, High Priestesses, and High Priests long, long ago.

It does not have an introduction, a middle, and an ending like the pages of a novel or even of a textbook in a certain subject where there may be, for instance, “Geometry I”, then on to a book on “Geometry 2”, then into a book on “Advanced Geometry”, etc.

There is a continuance.

There is also an “advanced” continuance—of the LIGHT!

It is SOURCE that writes with the “sacred pen” of LIGHT which moves off of “holy” pages and into the vastness of creation.

Can you “read” the LIGHT?

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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