How You Doin’, Sexy?  

Speaking of sexy, there is absolutely nothing that is at all more sexier or hotter than nature, and I ain’t talkin’ bout no global warming here. But before we get into any of that, I want you all to read this Truly UPLIFTING news article (from another part of the globe), to get yourselves truly, deeply, inspired. No, I’m not going to tell ya’ll what it’s all about and spoil its many joys for you. But what I’ll say here is that it’s well worth your time (and barely a 60-second read at that!)

Often, in the midst of all of these political squabbles and rabbit-hole-diggings that many of us tend to do on here, we forget to truly take a breather. We forget to give ourselves space, and also some time to truly, deeply, heal. And what better way to truly heal and rejuvenate ourselves than to re-connect with Mother Nature — and admire her endless vistas of beauty and pure joy that she gives us all…COMPLETELY free of cost?

The Great Awakening is more than just about saving the children from the paedo-satanists. For indeed it is ALSO very much so about giving them all a better, happier, more beautiful, and more naturally-abundant world to live in. It is about us building them all a world filled-to-the-brim with all things that children natur-ally tend to love and enjoy — fruits, flowers, butterflies, birds, green vistas, clean rivers, blissful waterfalls, cozy creeks, lucid lakes, gorgeous gardens, and mountain dew…no, not the drink.

It is about giving them all more fresh, natural, clean and healthy food alternatives that don’t turn them into obese slobs whilst chemically poisoning their very childhoods. It is about giving them vast playgrounds filled with trees and shrubs and bushes (of the kind that are less likely to go orchestrate a 9/11 false flag). It is about bringing them fresh and clean water to drink, and fresh, oxygen-rich air to breathe (to help undo some of that damage that forced masking has done to their pure and innocent little souls).

Above all, it is about giving them all the beautiful childhoods that perhaps many of US never really had the sheer opportunities to fully and truly experience and enjoy, here.

So today (and hereafter), go take some of your precious time to reconnect with Mother NATURE once again. Cuddle your houseplants. Play some beautiful music for your beloved plants and pets… for they’ll be WAY more thankful for it than you can even possibly IMAGINE, here. Plant a fresh tree or two. Go get yourself a cute little flower-pot and add some fresh flowers to it, for, and trust me on this, just a mere addition of but one or two pretty flowers (into your homes) can add more beauty and more freshness and JOY (and BLISS!!!) to your homes than you can even possibly COMPREHEND, at this time. You just have to replace fresh flowers barely once a week or so, and your homes look and feel absolutely magical as a result!

Also, for lazy ol’ sloths (such as myself) who simply do not have the sheer time or patience required for going and watering plants each new day, here’s a nice long list of plants that hardly need regular watering at all. And, just in case your house or apartment doesn’t get too much of that juicy sunlight, here’s yet another (SUPER LONG!) list of plants that need exactly ZERO SUNLIGHT to live and prosper! And you know what else makes these types of plants even MORE SO AWESOME??? That apart from adding in all of that fresh and juicy oxygen into your very homes, they also help in NATURALLY PURIFYING your very AIR whilst also keeping your houses free of any unfriendly bacterias and viruses here as well!

(Side Note: These plants are often known as ‘succulents’, in case you wish to go look them up or know more about them at all, here.)

Finally, last but by no means the least, if you do indeed have kids, do go and take out some time out of your busy lives and schedules to re-introduce them to the wonders of nature once again. Take them out into a forest. Or a hike at your nearest natural reserve. Or rock climbing. Or mountain trekking. Or camping (and some o’ that incredible BONFIRE fun!!!!!)

Or, if nothing else, just take them to your nearest public park for a truly fun time! The words ‘fun time’ being rather key here because, the more fun that ya’ll even make it, the more so that they would actually and deeply enjoy connecting with nature here (than, say, simply being lectured about all of that stuff here lol).

Given the fact that these lockdowns have already stolen a major chunk of their childhoods and play-times, not to mention all of the sheer damage that has been done to them by their being stuck to electronic devices 24x7x366 — it then falls upon us all here to truly help restore what has been taken from them so very mercilessly by the powers-that-were. So, while we indeed can’t turn the clock back, we can indeed make our very best efforts to help restore some of what has been stolen from them, and their (and your) innate connection tMother Nature is one such CRITICAL thing!

After all, kids upon this world have been abused in many, many more ways than JUST satanic abuse — and the messed up educational systems, pollutants (within the airs, waters, and soils etc.), as well as the obscenely rampant disconnections from one’s true NATURE, here, are but some such truly problematic factors.

And now that you KNOW them, you can actually then GO DO SOMETHING to CHANGE them…and for the BETTER at that!

What if Nature itself was Nurture?

Think about it.

In Infinite Love and Light,

– Don Spectacularis

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    Your Writing is Spectacular ♥️
    Those whom have Issues of Judgment
    Will Event Souly Heal.
    Awesome Healthy Inspiring Path Forwaro
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