Life Tapestry Creations: Finally, the Global Creation Phase

Dear Ones,

It is time for you to once again stand up and cheer. Not only have you claimed the light, but you have snuffed out the dark. Of course, such does not seem true given the trauma displayed daily by your media and others. But just as you once thought there was no light, you are beginning to sense that there is limited darkness.

How can all be shifted in a few days as our last message highlighted your fears and angst? Such is so because you have embraced the world’s goodness, love, and joy and negated what was once comfortable in your outer-directed world. Even though it might take some time for those who wish to remain in or access outer-directed power to fall entirely, you are starting to note their descent into nonacceptance. Those who embrace outer-directedness are finding smaller and smaller audiences. They are losing their shine, their sparkle, and their way.

Outer-directedness is no longer that popular.

Even so, you fear that outer-directedness will never shift to love, that your diligent work has been for naught as was true in many former earth lives. We, of the Universes, beg to differ for you, en masse, have crossed the Rubicon of love.

The fears now displayed or you experience are global fears popping to the surface. Even though you continue to blame someone out there, others project your fears for you. Fears highlighted by the media and projected onto earth screens so you can finally transcend them. The world stage is becoming your global fear garbage can.

That is not to negate the suffering occurring throughout the world, but instead for you to know that their suffering results from a global cleansing – throwing terror and tears into the mix for one last round of fear.

You will soon lose interest in those fear agendas, for you have again graduated beyond fear – first within your being and now with outer calamities that once pulled you into their vortex.

It is not that you do not care about humanity, the environment, or earth entities. Instead, your focus is shifting from “This is terrible and will only get worse” to “What actions or creations can shift this fear into love as rapidly as possible?”

Fear and all that pertains to fear is exhausting. As if you are repeating a school class over and over with the same failures and fears. You are ready to move on – as are earth millions, soon to be billions. This is your outer-directed wake-up call generated by your inner-being. “I can be an overwhelmed part of global fear, or I can change my story by creating a new world.”

When you initiated this journey decades, years, or months ago, there did not seem to be many global paths beyond fear. You are now discovering those paths. New techniques, modalities, and methods that appeared counterintuitive weeks ago are now perfect. And so it will be from this day forward. Responses and answers to your inner questions about global fear.

That is not to say you will create a new world by yourself, but instead that you, en masse, will change the world one concept after another. Perhaps your friend presents a problem, and you respond in such a way that your friend finds a new path to self-love. Then imagine similar happenings worldwide. That is how personal fears projected on the world stage will be altered.

This is the global creation phase. Creations that will not necessarily occur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but instead, as a momentum building as more and more participate.

Many of you respond that you do not yet fully love yourself, so it is impossible for you to create global fear solutions. We, of the Universes, remind you that this transition is not about outer-directed perfection but a calm, peaceful place within. A place you have discovered multiple times only to have it disappear and then reappear. Something similar will happen with outer-directed fear.

This transition is not a linear event but a spiral of AHAS and achievements. You would not be reading these words if you were not part of that spiral. And your current place in that spiral is negating your outer fears. A need so great you find yourself exhausted experiencing those fears.

You are beyond self-love. You are ready and willing to address world fears – the accumulated hidden fears created by all throughout the eons.

Your choice is exhaustion or addressing global fear, the “elephant in the living room.”

You opted to address that which has never before been addressed by you or anyone while of the earth. Once again, changing the seemingly impossible as true earth angels. So be it. Amen.

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11 Replies to “Life Tapestry Creations: Finally, the Global Creation Phase”

  1. Harriet

    To P.S.
    I didn’t state the marchers with signs are going to be angry. I said “That means people who want a better world are going to meet each other, gather in groups, march with signs and state what we want in this better world. Our voices are much more powerful than the Dark Ones …… Perhaps it will keep the corrupt governments from starting violence and blaming it on the marchers.”
    It’s usually the governments and some groups like vandals/thieves, Nazis and White Supremists who start the violence.

  2. Missy

    Simultaneously SouLites Inward Portals Awaken 😴☺️🤓

    NOW we r returning 🥰 healing Spark

    CrystaLite Sourced Activation 1 FAMILY

    Humanity Weaves SouLite Threads

    COLLECTIVELY ReBirthing as ONE 🌎


    1. Harriet

      This is good news. It’s not just a person here or there that is transforming to want a better world, as said in this article “You are ready to move on – as are earth millions, soon to be billions.” That means people who want a better world are going to meet each other, gather in groups, march with signs and state what we want in this better world. Our voices are much more powerful than the Dark Ones. Maybe this summer with the warmer weather. Think and imagine a violence free transition. Perhaps it will keep the corrupt governments from starting violence and blaming it on the marchers. Keep sending your love and shining your light….it reaches thousands and will help this transition to a better world.

      1. P.S.

        I don’t even think marching with signs is necessarily the indicator.

        Recall that we are working with consciousness. That change just has to happen in everyone’s hearts and minds. They have to feel that they want something better, even if they don’t say or do anything outwardly proclaiming such with a sign.

        They might not march with signs and get angry. They might instead start behaving in a more heart-centered manner–like growing a garden and sharing with people in need. Or they might start a private school for children that teaches them properly. Or start a collaborative homeschool group. They might get more creative. They might get more in touch with nature and start doing things to help nature (picking up cans, healing wildlife, managing local forests). They might help out their neighbor that they’ve otherwise ignored. Or get involved with their community.

        Wanting a better place doesn’t HAVE to mean marching with signs and being angry.

  3. P.S.

    I just finished reading Prism of Lyra, and I came to an amazing conclusion exactly why humanity can only save humanity. It’s because we are the ones who are here to resolve, finally resolve, ALL of the dramas of the past. That means facing our negativity individually and collectively and neutralizing it. Not destroying it (you can’t destroy polarity), but neutralizing it. We are here NOW to take that fear, transform it, and balance it.

    When we do this, we do this for the ENTIRE galaxy. That’s why “off worlders” are so interested in Earth’s ascension. Why they are helping us as much as they can, and why they cannot do it for us. Because the dramas we are here to resolve are dramas they COULD NOT resolve.

    Only we have the power to do it. Only we have the expertise to do it. That’s why we’re here. That’s why what we do is so important.

  4. Zuza

    I have definitely shifted above the fear. With Ukrainian thing happening just outside of our borders I found myself being in a strange balanced and peaceful place inside my own self. And I love it. Thank you!

  5. pan211

    Thank You Life Tapestry Creations,Thank You Brenda Joyce Hoffman,Thank You Era Of Light,Thank You.

  6. Galaxy A.

    There is deep truth and much needed consolation in this message. It totally resonates with my Spirit. We are the Creators and the Creation is the Vision of an Edenic, New Earth. It is so.