The Collective: Higher Vibrational Hue

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

We are aware of the tremendous situation of powerful, ongoing change you are seeing—in yourselves and others, and in your world.

This latest large astrological event, of Jupiter and Neptune becoming conjunct in Pisces, has opened up whole areas of possibility that in other eras have not been immediately available to you, or that took very great concentration to even approach.

Now so much opens up, and beckons you forward! As with Her inhabitants, your Earth’s inherent, ever-growing Light is nearly unrecognizable from what it was even one year ago.

Humanity itself has taken on a whole higher vibrational hue, and we are full of joyful appreciation for what this has meant in terms of your physical bodies, as well as your inner life.

Your very cells are “upgrading” and moving into a new and higher form of expression.

As they do so, your thoughts are also taking on a higher form of expression—untangling from the lower order of life that they had taken on for so long.

That condition was partly due to dark programming, and due to the fact that Earth Herself could only hold so much Light in third dimensional terms, on Her old timeline.

Much has changed!

Though the same old games are being played by the former powers-that-were, humanity is continuing to gain in inner sight, so as to see through the pretenses, energy traps, and false messaging.

You are also gaining in the inner strength and individuation needed to use your collective voice, and to stand your ground as you increasingly relate to the higher Light, and increasingly disengage from your previous forms of living.

You have not as a species experienced such individuation and feelings of empowerment for millennia.

Be aware that your Star families are seeing this shift and realizing what it means not only for your individual soul progressions and expansion, but for the group experience of humanity itself.

It is the path that leads directly to your seeing, knowing, and convening with them.

They will no longer be a mysterious, nearly ghostly presence that is “out there somewhere,” yet not part of your everyday life.

Being a visible, positive, active part of your life is their main interest at the moment, along with assisting you in establishing permanent Peace, free energy, and a complete healing of the planet.

Your healing is also vital to them, and they stand ready to assist on all levels, with healing technologies that are both physical and etheric.

Many even now go into meditations where they image that they are in a crystal healing chamber, whether onboard a ship, in Inner Earth, or in the etheric.

They are inwardly seeing forward to a time when anyone can seek healing, or a realignment of their life energies to a more balanced and enlightened level.

Of course, the path of becoming your higher self will continue to unfold as you direct—there will be no complete shortcut to that rebirthing.

Yet you will be then, as you are now, assisted by mentors, guides, and the higher energies of your Sun, as well as the movements of the stars and planets who also seek a higher level of consciousness.

Each has a heart and a soul, and these cry out to know a more refined, more beautiful reflection of Galactic Center, and Universal Center, Creator Source.

And they are finding such.

We do not doubt them or their path, and we do not doubt yours, dear ones!

You may doubt your path at times, or on days when it feel that the old shock and trauma of many Earth lives has come up to the surface, and it all feels to be too much to bear.

You may feel that the sadness, anger, or listlessness—the “This isn’t my Home” feeling that so many of you have felt since childhood—is a heavier weight than you wish to carry.

And you may chastise yourself for “not being spiritual enough” as some would say, that you are not automatically clear of all dense thoughts and energies to begin with.

Yet that is only so much nonsense!

It is a very old lie you must release now, en route to accepting your Galactic and intrinsically Divine nature.

It is so that many have been feeling the weight of their other lives, triggered often by events and situations in their current Earth life that make them feel less than the Divinely made Beings that they are.

You are defined by that which is endless, in beauty and in Light, in Truth, and in Divine Justice.,, when you doubt you will ever completely heal or release all that has taken you out of your higher expression, remember that you are defined by None of this.

You are defined by that which is endless, in beauty and in Light, in Truth and in Divine Justice.

You are not here to appear to be automatically perfect, fully aligned, or fully Ascended.

You came for the imperfection, and the misalignment, to discover Who you might be during and after the process of returning to pure Light and higher Love.

And so, respect that decision, friends!

So many call this time of year a time of Resurrection and Rebirth.

And so—accept such, without recrimination for yourself and the density you chose to wade through.

All higher forms of renewal and revitalization reach out to you now—open arms wide within your heart to accept this!

Know that we are always by your side, and that none of us judges you for your chosen journey to become a Being who is well-traveled in this Universe.

A Being who has developed great strength and expansiveness on a soul level, due to that which all sentient beings crave—the Truth behind Experience, wherever it may lie.

We are aware that some may not feel the power or presence or relevance of our words. This is in part why our Messages hold energies designed to align with the aims of your higher self, and all the assistance they constantly flow to you.

We likewise, dear ones, send those energetic forms of higher Love that best assist you now. And we give Thanks for all you are experiencing on your path to realizing your true Nature—which, once forgotten while in human form, can only grow all the more powerful, as it is rediscovered.

We send the highest Light to you now, friends! Your journey has taken an upward turn, and nothing can delay your arrival now.

Namaste, friends! In all of this, you are never alone.

**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan


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