Easter 2022

This Easter opens another magical doorway of the Heart escorting us into a place that reveals ‘Hope’ for the Future and ‘Healing for the Past’. A place where all that is Light meets itself in a mirror image. A Holy Gathering of all that is sacred to the Universe. Easter is a time of corrections in the cycle of rebirth and resurrection. The Easter star-gate holds a great power for all religions and sacred beliefs. Enter this place as a holy vessel that is filled with the promise of the Creator and the future. You hold a powerful piece of the puzzle of Light for Earth. Your stay here is precious to the Universe and paramount to the Earths Healing. Never take yourself for granted. For granite you already are as the very healing protective mountains of Earth. You are totally loved, have a Blessed Easter.

This Easter brings a different kind of holiness. An internal holiness holiness that seeks to be seen and touched, a holiness that seeks to be experienced and loved. A holiness that has never lost sight of itself in all the chaos and the mists of deception. A holiness that goes beyond teachings and beliefs. A holiness that has survived the storms of self and the storms of Earth holding tight to what it knows to be divine truth. This holiness bubbles to the surface in this time of resurrection and ascension Showing itself as a well-Spring of healing, a well Spring of purity and Hope.

In this time of great shift it is exhausting to try and be more as one Teeter’s on the edge of a slippery cliff of the old Self Holding on for dear life to the roots of the past. Christ himself sits on the edge of time On the edge of his seat of light applauding and Cheering on the children of light; Urging their souls to go past the limitations of Earth time and circumstance. Like a cosmic coach the Christ light gives you the hand signals for the plays to come. The cosmic coach must sit on the sidelines and assist from a distance like a commander of light giving instructs and insights into what each soul desires to become and do.

The terror the fear the devastation around the world is being fanned by that which is Unholy in intent and action, Magnified to the nth degree as it tries to enter the cells of humanity. Earth has been globally anxious for several years now; afraid of the past, afraid of the future and afraid of what is unwritten. The molecules of fear have nestled in to the bodies of what is earthen of nature, like A parasite that suckles upon the life force of humanity.

No matter what religion or belief this time of year announces the very memory of resurrection and ascension live within the DNA of all mankind. It has been carved deeply upon the time lines of Earth. This Easter beckons us to enter the Sangraal of our Souls. That holy place within that brings with it cleansing, purification and release from that which tries to suckle upon your soul

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