IF JUST 10 PEOPLE reading this did [ THIS ONE THING ] DAILY, our world would change EXTREMELY quickly!  

It’s REALLY not MUCH: Starting today, whenever you get, say, even as much as 5 minutes of free time throughout your day, just spend a few moments (yes, literally a few moments) to send out prayers of Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Abundance and Wellbeing for ALL people of Planet Earth. You can either send Prayers, or Blessings, or just powerfully state your INTENTION (either verbally or non-verbally) that you’d want this planet to be filled up (or blessed) with more Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Abundance, and great Health and Wellbeing for ALL. For example, you can just INTENTION-ALLY STATE something as quick and easy as : “I wish that ALL upon this planet find perfect Health, Joy, Peace, Love and Prosperity.” And that’s IT. That’s ALL you even need to do, here. For those who prefer imagining or visualizing such a world, they can even do just THAT. Or just send pure Love, Light, Joy and Peace into the Skies, the Ground, the Waters, and to ALL Living Beings! Whatever combination of things appeals to you the MOST!

Do this SINCERELY and DEDICATEDLY at EVERY FREE CHANCE that you so get THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY, even if just a couple free MOMENTS here at best here and there! Make it into a HABIT, hell, make it into an ADDICTION if you so have to. Much like some people habitually (and unconsciously) find their fingers logging on to Social Media every 5 minutes or so without even really thinking about such CONSCIOUSLY), RE-PROGRAM your very MINDS to achieve this end if you so have to, quite so similar to what I’d taught you all last week through that whole TOP SECRET Self-Hypnosis Trick thingy!

Do it. DO IT. And keep on DOING IT. Non-stop. WITHOUT FAIL. And for AS LONG as it even really TAKES to truly help change and uplift our very WORLD. (And even BETTER if you can combine that initiative with THIS INCREDIBLE APPROACH TO LIFE right here!)

If even JUST 10 PEOPLE reading this article choose to do so with a “vengeance” — with each passing day, you’re all going to well start seeing some extremely rapid developments (of the uplifting kind), not just in YOUR very CITY, but also within your very WORLD here as well.

And deep down somewhere, ALL OF YOU reading this ALREADY KNOW that this shit WORKS. So why not actually go DO IT???

Increase that number to 20, 30, 50 or 100 people and you’ll soon start seeing entire f***ing MIRACLES.

And if ALL READERS ON HERE took it upon THEMSELVES to do this EN MASSE, let me just say that “waiting for good things to happen” would SOON become a THING OF THE PAST. Coz we’d then just be CELEBRATING all day long, here. After all, but a tiny few numbers of us or so have ALREADY teamed up to help derail the cabal’s WORLD WAR THREE plans or so from here, already!For such is indeed, by FAR the very FASTEST way to truly ACCELERATE the Great AWAKENING.

DO SPREAD THE WORD AROUND through your Social Medias, your Conversations (with loved ones), your Online and Offline Groups and Communities etc. and absolutely ANY OTHER means that you can so think of. BEFORE you go to sleep every time, just state an INTENTION that you’ll SHARE THIS VERY IDEA with EVERYONE that you so meet in the ASTRAL PLANES. Or just help TRANSLATE IT or MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE to all those folks out there who have any challenges at all in either reading or accessing this — or simply go convert this into BLOGPOSTS, PODCASTS, VIDEOS, or what-else-have-you!

The GREATER the sheer NUMBERS of people that we can so get ONBOARD for this glorious little INITIATIVE of ours, the FASTER does our world change for the BETTER!!!

You are LOVED.

– Don Spectacularis

9 Replies to “IF JUST 10 PEOPLE reading this did [ THIS ONE THING ] DAILY, our world would change EXTREMELY quickly!  ”

  1. Jennifer Murphy

    Dear Don, this is the second time in the past week that I have been drawn to your message. First thank you for being a voice of heartfelt reason in these “interesting” times we are experiencing. I think you caught me out here about social media addiction. Lol. I have just recently discovered alternative sites like era of light and UNIFYD that connect me with others interested in spirituality. So have been immersing my self in them. And so much of what I have encountered is polarizing and/or has a ring of exclusivity to it. I do have my prayers based on older St. Germain readings for humanity that I oftentimes say, but thought they were really only for my benefit as they provide peace and hope to me. And was doubtful that my prayers could reach others… What I want to say to you is through the years since the early 90’s when I frequented Body Mind Spirit Expos and had a great thirst for all things Spiritual, there always seemed to be a catch. Either very expensive to pursue, or a method of teachings that were far to dry and cerebral to touch my heart and sing to my soul. Or the people in certain arenas were too caught up in their own egos. Which is puzzling to encounter in the spiritual area. Sorry to get off track…. What I really wanted to say is I so APPRECIATE how you sincerely want to help make this world a better, more beautiful place. And you don’t have Strings Attached. And I feel no Self-Centeredness emanating from You. Just a desire to truly help. And how you cut through the bullsh*# and give us SIMPLE ideas/ steps to Implement in our lives to assist us in this quest. Thinking I really need to reread your last article and your informative and kind reply to me. And add this prayer to my others. And keep it Basic, like you said before… Don’t know where I got this idea that something must require tons of study or time to effectively work… Or that it requires other people to guide me. ( Probably self-doubt, which I am working through.) Again, I made this about me. And got away from the reason I reached out. I read this and your other article and was drawn to your desire to cut through the extraneous and get to the heart of the matter; helping humanity. And both times I had no idea who the author was until I finished reading. So Thank YOU for your messages as they have been a buoy in this Sea of misinformation and information overload. Know you said you probably wouldn’t write much more. But, I am hoping that you do. As you seem to be on my wavelength conveying the messages I need to hear and understand. Wishing You much Joy, Peace, good health, abundance, Live, Light, and whatever brings You the greatest Bliss!!! Thanks, Jennifer Murphy from Boise Idaho

    1. The Spectacularis Supercelestial

      Well first of all dearest Jennifer, THANK YOU (SO MUCH!!!) for that most BEAUTIFUL response! Not sure even I have enough words here today to describe as to what all of THAT appreciation even MEANS to ME.

      It is PERFECTLY FINE to make this about you, by the way, because SELF-LOVE and SELF-APPRECIATION and SELF-ACCEPTANCE is the MASTER-KEY to ascension. Because there IS, ultimately, NO DISTINCTION between that which is the “self” and that which is the “other.” So, when you truly, DEEPLY begin to LOVE and ACCEPT and APPRECIATE and EMPOWER your-own-SELF, at some point, ALL of the above energies begin to OVERFLOW through you out into the collective, of which YOU are not only a PART, but also the WHOLE.

      Personally, I feel that ALL that I could have said has now been fully said, and that there are numerous other INCREDIBLE teachers out there such as Ann Albers, Jennifer Crokaert, Bentinho Massaro, Taryn Crimi, Peggy Black, Ron Head, Sophia Love and Daniel Scranton (to name a few), who, I personally feel are doing an ABSOLUTELY STELLAR job at spreading higher and higher and EVER HIGHER levels of LOVE and LIGHT. And that they’ve been delivering, in my honest opinion at least, ABSOLUTELY CONSISTENTLY with regards to the levels of LOVE, LIGHT, EMPOWERMENT and WISDOM (as I feel EMANATING THROUGH from their respective messages, at this time). In other words, consider this an ENDORSEMENT of these ones if you so have to, and I RARELY endorse anyone lol (because if I’m wrong about these ones AT ALL, then I’M the one risking piling up on that negative Karma for care-lessly recommending these ones lol). So that’s that. As for me, I shall now focus my attention SOUL-LY on assisting humanity ENERGETICALLY, as THAT, I feel, is not only far FASTER and far more POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE — but also is it THAT very much NEEDED, at this time, above ALL ELSE even, perhaps.

      And I COMPLETELY agree to what you’ve pointed out regarding the right brain-left brain imbalance (OR the masculine/feminine imbalance OR the logical/intuitive imbalance OR the mind/heart imbalance), that we see SO VERY PREVALENT within the spiritual communities, at this time. And I’m trying to do my level best to help resolve it through my OWN messages on here, although of course, I MYSELF may NOT always be PERFECT in that regard, here. That being said, what I FEEL as being the appropriate course of action here is to always take the course that makes sense BOTH logically AS WELL AS intuitively, as THAT is FAR MORE LIKELY to be the RIGHT WAY UP. Furthermore, and OBSERVER perspective (with an added dash of HUMOUR) always, always, ALWAYS SERVES the very highest WISDOM! Above all, the GOLDEN ADVICE here is to always, always, ALWAYS to follow one’s highest JOY! Another thing I use to stay balanced is to always make sure that ALL aspects of me are being THOROUGHLY NOURISHED at ANY GIVEN TIME, namely, nourishing the BODY through fresh, nutritious, (and blessed!) Food, Water, and Exercise; nourishing the MIND through that which EXPANDS MY PERSPECTIVES and ADDS TO MY KNOWLEDGE/WISDOM; and finally, nourishing my SPIRIT through THAT which brings me the MOST amounts of JOY, EXCITEMENT, WONDER and GRATITUDE / APPRECIATION in ANY GIVEN MOMENT!

      Finally, one of the GREATEST way to serve humanity at this time is by evolving ONE’S OWN SELF by dropping any and all LIMITING BELIEFS, following one’s HIGHEST PASSION / EXCITEMENT, and in general bringing more and MORE JOY and WISDOM to yourself, AND to the rest of the WORLD wherever such is POSSIBLE at ALL! In other words, when you help YOUR-SELF progress further and further along that evolutionary ladder, you AUTOMATICALLY ASSIST all OTHERS too, by being the TRAIL-BLAZER for them and LIGHTING UP the WAY FORWARD! So FEEL FREE HERE to simply SERVE, UP-LIFT, CARE FOR, LOVE, INSPIRE, APPRECIATE, GROW, EXPAND, and even PAMPER YOUR OWN SELF here…and you’ll ANYWAYS assist all OTHERS (without even having to TRY!) through that EXACT SAME process! And then, whenever such is POSSIBLE (and you’re CALLED TO DO such), share what you’re guided to, and (only!) AS MUCH AS you’re guided to with the REST of humanity, whenever you feel truly CALLED to do such!

      So, to keep it simple as always, my short and sweet advice for the moment would be: Follow your highest excitement / passion at any and ALL given moments (i.e. whatever excites you or calls out to you in THAT moment, go do just THAT). Get CREATIVE, RE-CONNECT more with Mother NATURE, and work on dropping any / all remaining NEGATIVE BELIEFS that stand in the way of you becoming a full-fledged CREATOR GOD to the LEVEL BEST of your ability. And finally, JUST HAVE FUN and SHARE YOUR WAYS (of doing all of the above) with WHOMEVER you feel so guided to, WHENEVER you feel so guided to!

      Love, Forgive, Accept, Appreciate, Connect, Celebrate, Be Kind, Be Grateful, and Have FUN! That’s ALL there even really is to the very BASICS of Ascension! Call it Ascension 101!!! 🙂

      You are Loved 💖💖💖

    2. Gerry

      This is either day 4 or 5 oafter discovering this site. I want to say thank you. I’m still not clear on all the details yet but I do resonate with these written tidbits of “advice”.
      I must admit that it’s difficult to wrap my mind around much of it. I’m sure my understanding will grow in time.
      I get confused when I see some “teachings” talking about chkras, 3rd eye, etc… and then I see conflicting teachings claiming those to still be an earthly construct “prison” karma wheel designed by a lower demi-god and that we are to rise above even him.
      I’m not here to argue or be negative. My intentions are good and holy in nature. I’m only trying to find the real truth so I can confidently assist others along the way.
      On that reality it would seem that right now there is no real champion to turn to. I would submit that all current leadership white or black hats are still operating under the wheel of karma thereby just continuing a more enlightened but still slave-bound 3d existence. It’s frustrating and confusing.

      Meditation is not as easy as I thought it would be. I’m on too many big pharma meds to simply stop them. (I’m weening off of the ones I can replacing with homeopathic options when possible) so I know my body is super toxic. Eating healthy is a challenge at the moment obviously, soI now raise a small flock of chickens as organically as I can afford in order to feed my village. Yes i said village.(I’m not really huge on eggs) and I’m not farmer but I’m trying to grow some crops too.

      In the mean time I think I’ve tried all the audio-visual “tricks” I.E. special music (mostly streaming from a service). You say there are no short cuts but I hope you’re wrong there. I can feel something … and it feels almost as if we are out of time to make up our minds and I sure don’t want to start over AGAIN.
      I deeply desire to truly know who and what I am.

      1. The Spectacularis Supercelestial

        MOST glad to assist. What we basically are, is a race of Creator GODS. Living in a SELF-created DREAM world. And THAT, is the simple REALITY of things. Hence the incredible miracles done by ancient masters, and even things as “normal” as what modern day Guinness Book of World Records holders and Wim Hof types even really do. Because when we are in control of our MINDS, EMOTIONS and INTENTIONS (i.e. when we put out Thoughts, Words, Actions and Intentions out CONSCIOUSLY), there is NOTHING that is “out there” that can EVER really stop us, control us, or hold us down.

        I can assist you in saving your time and your energy somewhat by giving you names of certain individuals who can help you get “there” quickly — MINUS all of the COMPLICATIONS and COMPLEXITIES, hopefully. The very FIRST one that I can think of here is the one known as Bentinho Massaro. Look up his YouTube channel, as also a website known as TrinfinityAcademy wherein he’s made available most of his core teachings for 100% FREE. The second name that I can give you here is that of Ann Albers, because BY GOD this woman totally, and I mean TOTALLY “gets it”. Same goes for the one known as Taryn Crimi, who has both a blog (defunct now?) and a YouTube channel as well. Then there is she who is known as Jennifer Crokaert. And a guy who goes by the name of Ron Head. As also one who is known as Peggy Black. There is also one who goes by the name of Sophia Love. And yet another one that goes by the name of Daniel Scranton.

        These names should assist you MORE THAN enough for now. Find these ones out, and look through what they ultimately have to even OFFER you. And if absolutely ANY of these feel too very COMPLEX or TRICKY or COMPLICATED or CHALLENGING for you, just MOVE ON and find someone who keeps it SIMPLE, and whose advice actually WORKS — as also RESONATES as the HIGHEST possible TRUTH or WISDOM. Because the BEST spiritual knowledge isn’t one that makes your life HARDER or gives your mind MORE tangles to un-knot, but instead, simply SIMPLIFIES it ALL for you. And actually EMPOWERS you, and makes your life HAPPIER whilst also BRINGING OUT your TRUE NATURE and TRUE POWER as a living, breathing, CREATOR GOD. And that is ALL there even IS to it. Ideally, at this point, I would personally advise you to straight up SKIP anyone and ANYTHING that makes you feel or believe otherwise (in things such as lack, impossibility, victimhood, and similar such things), but THAT, my dear friend, I leave upto you and YOU ALONE. Whether to be a GOD or a VICTIM is YOUR choice to make at the end of the day, and not MINE or anyone ELSE’S! Hope this helps.

        Finally, if nothing else, just find some of MY posts right from THIS very blog, under either the names ‘Don Spectacularis’ OR ‘Aseim’, without the quotes. Should help you out here somewhat, for they do indeed cover some of the basics as I see them, here.

        EASY does it, literally. And if something is just WAY too complex or incomprehensible for you to understand, just LEAVE IT. And MOVE ON to something that actually, practically, WORKS.

        Hope this helps! 🙂

        1. redbarnmanor

          Thank you so much, Don Spectacularis, for sharing this information. I, like Gerry, am just beginning and hope to benefit from you advice as well. Right now I do believe keeping things simple will help me greatly. Clearly out the cobwebs of Mormon indoctrination for a lifetime is a process and I’m finding wonderful thoughts and instructions to replace those cobwebs. You have brought more hope and joy to me today, and I so appreciate you! Sending much love, joy and appreciation to you.

      2. redbarnmanor

        Gerry, your words are my words. Thank you for putting them in print. I am recovering from a lifetime in a controlling religion, finally coming into the light. So I’m a beginner here as well, for 4 or 5 days. I’m like a sponge trying to soak up all I can that rings true to me. Already my soul is feeling more free of control and fear and able to learn and enjoy this newfound freedom. Much love, light and understanding to you in your journey!

        1. The Spectacularis Supercelestial

          Here’s wishing you all the very best on this all-new ‘soul-o’ journey of yours (back to source), redbarnmanor! Cheers! 🥂 * clink! clink!! * 🙂 🙂

      3. Susan

        Hi Gerry, I’d be careful on your awakening journey of those working through a “messiah complex” and their cults. Twice now, Don has promoted this Bentinho dude. Everything that glitters is not gold as the saying goes, and by reports of people who were once close to Bentinho, he may be more of a hindrance than a help. A lot of times this “free” information is a hook, a marketing ploy, to make you think you need to pay for more. You can google this and decide for yourself. Not that he doesn’t dispense some truths, however, anyone asking you to give up large sums of cash for enlightenment is a huge red flag. Anyone making it complicated so you need to pay them to untangle it for you, same. I’d be more likely to recommend Eckhart Tolle. “The Power of Now” or Donald Neal Walsh, “Conversations with God.” Google “The Little Soul and the Sun,” a short read online, and you have the cliff notes version of “A Course in Miracles,” which is brilliant; however it could take you a million years to work through the obtuse way of explaining concepts. At least for me. I like to keep things simple and straightforward. No matter, the journey is different for each of us, and we gravitate to what serves us best.

        And I think many of us go through that stage of trying to figure it out, what’s true, what’s false, how it all works. It’s just ego trying to stay relevant as you pry its grip away from running you. Ego wants to know everything. This just keeps one going in endless circles leading nowhere. This endless mental hamster on a wheel, or monkey mind as some call it, is just a symtom of the belief in separation (this from Tom Barry in Sedona). We are all One. There is no separation.

        “Clarity does provide answers; it dissolves questions.” Sounds like you are doing just fine due to your desire to be of service to others. It’s simple. BE LOVE. Connect with the Creator, God, Source, Spirit, whatever you want to call it, everyday. Ask for the ability to hear guidance and act on it. Be mindful of any tendencies to judge, fear or project, shame or blame. Love, accept, forgive everyone and everything, especially that which makes you fear, judge, shame or blame. You will learn all you need to find 5D. May the Universe conspire to shower you in blessings! Namaste

        Also beware of jumping down rabbit holes and staying there too long. Just another way ego distracts us into fearful states. Sure, take a look, be aware, but always remind yourself, “Love wins anyway.” (Matt Kahn)