Unity Consciousness

We are stepping into unity consciousness now, where all separation has ended.

I was made intensely aware of this in these last few days, when the animals, birds and mother earth, and the Ancient Ones, were working in unison with us, to show us the way, to where we needed to go to, in order to do the energy work.

First the birds would appear, especially the African Loerie, and show the way. Thenthe impala. Next would be the Zebra, who one day, when we did not see the stone circle they were showing us, patiently waited, not moving one inch, until we finally returned from a detour and saw it. Once we saw it, they all trotted away. This opened the multi dimensional seeing of what we needed to see and take note of, plus download.

The next came the Elephants, who watched over us, as they hold the matriarchial Divine Feminine power and wisdom and they constantly walk the old elephant paths, to keep the energy lines open.

The giraffe, who work with the third eye, acted as the messengers to open our inner seeing more.

The rocks indeed hold the earth records and record everything and are living beings. We found that koppies and mountains acted as guardians and always followed the energy lines and held them intact.

Every time we entered a sacred site, the eagles would appear, circling above.

The living waters hold it all together and the outer earth waters, reflect that of the inner earth. As above, so below.

The trees feed the whole eco system, the birds, the animals, humans, insects and hold the wisdom and communicate via their roots. The ancient Boababs knit the energy lines together and hold the sacred earth.

Nothing is just randomly there. All is placed exactly where it needs to be and where it needs to slot in. As above, so below.

The more that is revealed to me, the more humble I become.

We know so little, because we were lost and we were blind.

Now we will finally see again, and are returning to unity and oneness with all of creation.

The greatest moment today, intense heat we had to content with in the last few days, standing at a beautiful and serene spot by the river, watching the elephants on the other side, to have the Intergalactic spacecraft of my beloved showing itself over us. They have been with us all the time, but today it was the first time so visible and for so long. Immense energy was beamed into the earth lifting all into the New Golden Age as the New Earths energy grids were fully activated.

All is one.



All created in love, with love.

All is one.

Just tears of gratitude.

We are back in the intergalactic fold, where in truth we belong.

All is one.

**By Judith Kusel


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