The Pleiadians: Steps 1 Through 4

We are The Pleiadians, greetings to you.  We have many things happening in your solar system.  Cosmic rays beam upon you to lighten the sky.  Our frequency is strong, we wipe away the darkness.  We have a specific task; to help you on Earth complete the worlds upbringing into a New Earth.  So what we do is come to you and give you light codes that will help you adjust to the vibration of a new planet.  Our commander tells us when we need to beam harder or beam softer.  We give you the light codes for what your body needs.  Inside each one of you are receivers that can accept the new information.  Internally you process the light sent to you.  It’s for each of you to realize that the new light you are receiving doesn’t hurt, doesn’t blind, it penetrates to your cells.  The light within your body must reach a level desired for New Earth.  Some of you are ready now, others we work on.  Do not feel left out if you don’t feel our presence.  We go to those who need it, who do we need to help the most.  If you do not feel our presence, then you are on the right path.

To find out if you are ready for New Earth complete this test, # 1.  You have changed your diet.  The processed foods are falling away.  New Earth can not handle the toxicity of today’s foods.  Eat proteins that are healthy and full of God given materials.  Read labels and understand the products you are consuming.  Trust us when we say the food consumed is of utmost importance.  There is no room for us to waiver when we tell you the consumption of indigestible particles occurs in most processed foods.  The byproducts create cancers.  Non-digestible byproducts stay in your system to cause harm.  There is no room for us to play, we have to be specific in our speaking.  Your tummy is not designed for manufactured chemicals.  We have an example; packages that have the words “Lab Tested” do not contain the proper substances.  “Prepackaged” is usually washed in a fluid not suitable for your stomach.  Our plan is to inform the masses of the food impurities.  The reason there are cancers is diet.

For New Earth do, # 2.  Maintain your weight.  Obesity can be controlled.  Your health is important to the New Earth.  Maintaining a proper weight is the goal.  Have concern for the health of your body.  Treat it well to carry you through.  Your body is your tool you chose in your incarnation.  It must carry you through.  Consumption of calories is not the correct method to control the body gaining weight.  Portion size does play a role in your weight, but the proper foods with the right nutrients is what contributes to a healthy body.  There is no concern if you change your habits now.  Choose to change the path you are on.  Treat your body to healthy foods.  This is not an exclusive club.  All will reach New Earth who want to work at it.  Who will make the choices needed?

To get to New Earth we have option, # 3. Be open minded.  You must expand your limitations.  You must know that there is more to this Earth.  You must open your mind to all possibilities.  Become open.  The opportunities that come to you from an open mind will excite you.  Don’t limit yourself to small choices.  Think big.  Believe there is more to the human experience than you can know and be excited for the unknown.  Take the chances, roll the dice.  You must believe that all things are possible.

We will give you one more, # 4.  Become your best friend.  Don’t look to others to fill your voids.  What is it you like about yourself?  Enjoy your own company.  Sing to yourself, dance with yourself, talk nice about yourself, give yourself an embrace.  There is no one that is going to love you more than you need to love yourself.  Do the inner work to get to that place where you feel comfortable around yourself.  Do you enjoy yourself?  Seek out counseling should you need it.  Find your inner peace.  What do you need to understand about yourself to make you whole?  Get to the point where you enjoy yourself.  There is no one you are happier to be with than just yourself.

We have more things we wish to add, but they will come at a different time.  New Earth will greet you when you are ready.  Spend time on our checklist to begin the preparations.  Our love to you as we all get ready for the new journey.  It’s our greatest wish to assist, your Pleiadian friends.

**By Krista Energeticleigh


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  1. Harriet

    We don’t have fangs and claws because we use tools for harvesting animals and cook our meat.
    This is a meat eating planet. Also called a eat and be eaten planet. It was designed this way for countless reasons. There are billions of 5D planets in our universe that are meat eating planets. It’s not a bad thing on other planets and doesn’t have to be here. Apparently, Creator thought us being omnivores was an okay thing in 3D. When we switch to 5D we will eat less meat, because that’s our destiny.
    We are learning about nutrition now because big pharma steered us and medical doctors away from nutrients for decades. But we also have on the market produce that are mass produced and highly bred for performance in growing, resisting diseases and pests, drought tolerant, etc. And they are not grown for nutrition and are 30% to 50% less nutritious then 1950. We have 8 billion people to feed and it’s not wise to give up meat products, dairy products, etc just yet.
    We can for example insist that all meat animals, milk producers and eggs layers are raised in humane conditions without chemicals and hormones and their feed is pure and their treatment is loving. When Creator asked animals to live on this planet, he told them it would at times be in horror. But he also told them that many cultures would respect them and treat them with love. Creator also told them they would be used as food and some humans would be conscientious, and some not so.
    The Eskimos for example ask the animals to give up their lives for consumption and the animals do, that’s one of the reasons they are here. They are thanked and appreciated and none are harvested more than what the Eskimos need. We can do the same.
    We all adhere to the advice about nutrition that resonates with us. I eat animals, milk and eggs because I want the nutrition it provides. I eat mass farmed produce because I don’t believe organic produce is organic because we spoke with organic farmers who said it was a scam. I believe our family will continue to eat animal products until the nutritional value of produce is at an ideal level. We don’t have any old age diseases like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes because we eat a well rounded diet and take care of ourselves. We eat a lot of meat we have harvested ourselves (deer, pheasant, duck, fish, etc) and we treat them with great care and gratefulness. We grow a garden each year and buy local farmer goods.
    Advice: don’t eat prepackaged foods. Don’t eat vegetable oils as they are heat treated and cause high cholesterol, clogged arteries and inflammation in the body. Don’t eat large amounts of processed sugar, again inflammation and diabetes. Fats are good, even saturated fats. Best to be eaten in a meal along with other foods for their benefits. The body needs fat for energy, the brain needs it, and it’s one of the reasons we eat meat, dairy and eggs. But again stay away from vege oils. All processed foods use vege oils. The man who stated in the 1960’s that fat was bad and contributed to weight gain was lieing. He didn’t come forward with the truth because he didn’t want to lose his notoriety and seen as a criminal. So now prepackaged foods have way less fat in them and way more sugar. Too bad. Our bodies know how to use fat in moderation. All cells need fat, but not processed sugar. Eat fatty fish, sardines are low cost. It contains a vital nutrient called DHA, for the brain, heart and skin. Fatty fish has the highest levels of DHA. Some will tell you to eat chia seed or flax seed but they don’t contain DHA, they contain a precursor that the body has to convert to DHA. The body can only convert 1% of this precursor into DHA. Cod liver oil capsules are also excellent for DHA. Eggs are the best food as they contain every nutrient except vitamin C. I try to eat at least one egg a day. Get your selenium from 1 Brazil nut a day. Eat kelp for iodine if you eat strictly pink salt. Eat biotin for your nails, hair. Eat boron for your Pineal gland for your intuition. Boron is not included in any commercial fertilizers that farmers use, so we are all lacking boron. Look for it in your multivitamin/minerals. The RDA, recommended daily allowance for nutrients put out by the FDA is drastically low, perhaps enough to keep you alive but not enough for you to thrive. I eat 2 to 3 times the RDA. Eat extended release niacin for vertigo. Eat iron and C for restless leg syndrome or nervousness. Drink water for muscle cramps, but if that doesn’t work take potassium and magnesium and calcium each an hour apart. Always eat D and C. You cannot stay healthy without them.
    Anyone who finds a drastic diet change works for them, will also find their genetics and positive thinking plays a big part.
    For the rest of us, eat what feels good to you, use research to make wise decisions, and think about a great future for all of us with healthy food on our planet. BTW think about getting a subscription with Consumer Lab. They are an independent testing lab for all kinds of nutritionals. They are excellent and unbiased. And they include tons of research and studies in their recommendations.
    Thank you Pleiadians and Era of Light for this article. XX and love and peace to all.

    1. AlwaysLight

      Harriet, sorry, but your ideas of humans being meat eaters is just utter nonsense, so is the false idea that higher ups still consume flesh from other creatures.

      You can’t go out and use your teeth to hunt and eat animals, why:


      You have to cheat and use technology to assist you in order to do this.

      You haven’t offered any counter perspective for the fact that meat eaters are the sickest people on the planet, proven fact. OR the many points I raised. I guess as the energy increases, so does the LA LA LA, fingers in ears, carry on in delusion syndrome also.

      Just look at the diets of obese/diabetic/heart illness and a host of other conditions. The data speaks for itself. All know to either disappear or diminish drastically after turning to plant based diets. They have among the lowest vibration. And can you find me a vegan violent criminal in prison? No, why, they’re all meat eaters. Aggressive and violent. They entertain their reptilian aspects, which is what meat eating is.

      What I’ve observed about most meat eaters who consider themselves spiritual is that are massively deluded about their shadow sides, their reptilian nature. You and other meat eaters justify that darkness in you by saying things like, oh we need it of for protein, humans have always consumed animals – WRONG on all accounts. Humans learned savagery when the darkness invaded this world and polluted this gem of a world with their ways. People and animals did not kill each other, like they do today, before this. Your meat eating ways are THEIR WAYS, not natural ways.

      I ask you a question, would you allow yourself to be consumed, tortured and mutilated in a slaughter house? If not, why not? You seem perfectly happy to make, not ask, but make, other species endure horrific deaths, just so you can salivate the sacrifice and consumption of flesh – that’s all it is. Ah, maybe you missed that little inconvenient truth in your spiritual teachings (you know, the do unto others as you would have them do unto you…). No health benefits come from this, only decay and illness, not to mention the suffering of the one whom you’re eating

      How dare you insist an animal go through that again and again, needlessly and especially while not being prepared to do the same.

      No human needs anything from animal flesh, how many countless souls are thriving from plant based foods, its abundant – and it’s growing massively each day. The days of reptilian supporting people such as yourself are shrinking as the vibration of this planet increases, just look at the numbers of how popular it is becoming. You see, as people’s vibration increases, so does their compassion and empathy for others, it’s hand in hand – love doesn’t hurt another, or ask another to suffer for it’s thought of gain (love is win win, meat eating is loose loose). You seem to lack these otherwise you wouldn’t knowingly make another creature go through such an ordeal for no good reason. Or perhaps you’re one of the delusional, part time spiritual people – spiritual one moment, when it suits you, but lavishing your dark-side when you want to. After all, who cares who suffered for that right?! I mean, so long as it isn’t you feeling the pain, right, screw em! Do you see the shear double standards?

      This is what I find so very wrong with some in the human race, how easily and righteous you are in enabling the suffering of others, so long as you’re not on the receiving end of it. Not at all the sign of spiritual development, but stagnation, repressiveness and reptilian.

      Good luck with you and your ‘screw the pain of others’ attitude – remember, the universe is watching everything you do…

    2. AlwaysLight

      Oh yes, and lastly, are you someone who can’t stand what the reptilians have done to humans, how the so called elite treat humans? They think of you as their cattle, to do with as they please – they call you useless feeders. This is the very same attitude you have towards animals. They don’t care about the pain you suffer, just like you don’t care about the pain animals suffer. So if you do complain and don’t like it, they are a reflection of you, doing to you, what you do to others. This world changes, when people change their attitudes towards other, including animals – it’s their planet to. Beings with such self righteous attitudes are no different from the dark ones, you just do it to another race of beings that you consider slaves to your needs.

      1. Harriet

        I suggest you read my comment two or three times and give it some thought before attacking me.
        You sound like you are very angry, fearful and a highly egotistical person who is terrified that no one will believe him. You resorted to cut downs, name calling, accusations and even said “how dare you” to me. What’s up here? You act like I’m a threat to you. In so many words you called me a dark reptile who lies.
        How about exhibiting the 5D attributes of tolerance, acceptance and allowance of other people’s opinions, lifestyles and their ways of dealing with the food situation on Earth, whether it’s 3D or 5D.
        I felt so uncomfortable reading your comment addressed to me. Not because I eat meat but because I felt like you hated me because I do.
        I’ll say it again. This is a meat eating planet and has been since animals showed up. Think twice about how you are dissing Creator and cutting down his choice to have omnivores and carnivores here. When you cut me down you are also cutting down Creator and 6.5 billion people who eat meat.
        When humans were created by our ET friends millions of years ago, they tried over 390 versions of ape-man, primitive man and finally homosapians to arrive with a version of man that they thought was intelligent, creative, resourceful, hardy, strong, resilient, etc to be able to be the Earth human that will eventually rise to 5D in this century. About 150,000 years ago they dropped off a couple dozen groups of humans on the different continents on Earth in different skin colors, genetics and races. They gave them a little bit of instructions and told them Earth was their home and to do their best to survive, and then the ETs left. The humans weren’t given food or clothing, or tools or shelter. The ones who managed to survive are the humans we see here today, we are their descendants. When those small groups were dropped off on Earth, left to their wits and senses they ate whatever they could pick, dig up, grab or catch. And their catch was animals of all kinds. It wasn’t 3D then either. It was 5D and they were very spiritual, kind and loving. Eventually, over the millennia they lowered to 3D for various reasons, but the biggest reason was cycles. 3D and 5D alternates in cycles on this planet. It was planned that way by our souls millions of years ago when they and Creator decided this was going to be an Earth school for our and Creator’s learning. But that’s another story.
        It’s very insulting to us to push this idea that meat eaters didn’t exist before we lived in 3D. Of course they did, dinosaurs ate meat. Or that we are self righteous because we eat meat, or we won’t make it to 5D or we are dark reptiles. Or that we don’t care about the suffering of animals. And everything else you proclaim in your rant about how really bad we are. We eat it because we want the nutrition it provides.
        That animals were asked to provide themselves as food on this planet by Creator himself doesn’t have to be evil. It’s as simple as, for example, showing love and respect to animals, keep the land, air and water clean. Send them love and light and bless them. Show appreciation for their sacrifice. Send them prayers and ask cocreators/angels/guides for their help with the animals when needed. And most important, when we want to harvest animals for the meat processing plant, we say and send them prayers, and thank them for providing themselves for our food. Then we ask them – which animals today are willing to gives themselves for our food. Then those animals will come forward and we will show them our appreciation, gratitude and love. Because that is exactly how Creator designed it here for our consumption of animals. Full of love, humane care and appreciation. The animals came here to this planet knowing they would be food, not just for humans either. When I said there are billions of 5D worlds that ate meat, I wasn’t kidding. Not all 5D planets are the same, and certainly not exactly as we imagine them.
        There are huge differences between us, and when you attack me then you are also attacking Creator because S/He created this meat eating planet. Your 3D behavior is more than I care to be concerned about.
        BTW. There are trillions of beings and souls who want to come to this planet, even knowing that they could be eaten. But they aren’t here because they weren’t chosen. They don’t think being eaten here on Earth is vicious, nor do the animals who live here. They just want to be treated with love and respect. Imagine, trillions of souls and beings came here to live on Earth knowing they could be eaten, and trillions more still want to come here. What does that mean for Creators design of this Earth? Perhaps vegans will be more gentle with us meat eaters when the word gets out.
        BTW. Plants also have souls, are conscious and aware. Will that change how you are going to feel about eating plants?

        1. Gustavo Frein

          He should change his name from Always Light to Always Right. He gets very angry when people say something he disagrees with.

    3. A lightworker

      From an evolutionary standpoint, tools and fire are recent inventions — we still have bodies that are adapted to the pre-tool pre-fire landscape.

      If you give a uncooked rabbit with skin to an actual omnivore animal, it’ll gladly eat it. If you give it to a human, including to a two-year old who hasn’t been influenced by culture that much, it won’t unless it’s starving. It’ll very much prefer fresh fruit. That’s because we’re not omnivores. We’re frugivores, i.e. fruit-eaters, and yes we can eat meat but that doesn’t mean that meat is optimal nutrition for us.

      If we really were meant / designed as meat-eaters, don’t you think we’d have been designed with claws and more prominent teeth? Just because we can eat meat, doesn’t mean we were designed to do so. Meat is our backup food.

      “This is a meat eating planet” — it’s also a planet full of pseudo-slavery, cheating, murder and rape. I also am in favor of changing those things. Just because we’re doing X, doesn’t mean x is a good thing.

      What’s true is that if you live far away from the tropics in the stone age, you just don’t have the fruit available to eat our human’s species-specific diet. Hence you’ll have to eat meat. But now we do have the fruit (and it’s far less destructive than eating meat, in a variety of ways).

      “There are billions of 5D planets in our universe that are meat eating planets” (assuming that’s true) & eskimo story: you really can’t compare hunting animals who have had good lives, with meat from factory farming. Almost all meat-eating earthlings say that they try and eat less-cruel meat but still eat factory farmed meat at least occasionally. Every time you order food with meat from somewhere, that’s probably factory-farmed meat. Admittedly, if you’re one of the very very few people who really only eat the animals you raised yourself, it’s much less bad.

      Exactly because we have 8 billion people, it’s very smart to give up meat and dairy products. It takes 25-100 kilogram of grain to produce and 15,415 liter of water to make one kilogram of beef. I’m not saying that we should go to poor African farmers and force them to give up their cows at gunpoint, I’m just saying that I’ve personally given up meat and I think that’s a very good thing.

      Agree on not eating prepackaged food and vegetables oils. Luckily fruit doesn’t have to be cooked. Steaming food is pretty good

      You’re repeating a lot of propaganda from the meat industry. Human nutrition is incredibly simple — just eat nearly exclusively fruit and some vegetables and nuts and seeds (if you’re transitioning, raw till 4 is a good intermediate step) — and it’s bizarre how complicated we’ve made things. Also weird that even spiritual people who likely see through some of culture’s bullshit, unquestioningly fall for the meat industry’s propaganda.

      In any case, I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Ben

    I saw nothing about veganism in this channel. It just says eat healthy foods. I saw nothing in this channel that was objectionable. It is all sound advice. Reading comprehension 101?

    1. AlwaysLight

      No there wasn’t, but it started with someone commenting on the righteousness of meat eating… Reading ‘the thread’ comprehension 101 on your part perhaps? Not all thread topics are directly related to the post if someone raises additional perspectives…

  3. Linda Rosa

    This was so interesting, especially everyone’s comments. You see? We can all get along even though we have differing ideas. We have a few vegans in our family. They say they are vegan because they cannot in good moral conscience consume dead meat from an animal that was heinously tortured in slaughter death mills. My belief is that the meat is then contaminated with cortisol and other stress hormones before death and they remain in the meat when we eat it.

    My issue with the vegans I know is their desire to replace real hamburger with the BeyondMeat products (which Bill Gates has purchased.). Knowing his family history in eugenics, should this mega billionaire who wants human beings extinguished be trusted?

    Vegans I know replace real creamery butter with fake soy “sticks” of fake butter (call it flutter perhaps?). Fake butter tastes disgusting, imho. Soy, btw, is a garbage weed grown in that huge nation across the Pacific Ocean from California. You know that place. I’m sure they can be trusted to provide quality food for Americans.

    Then there’s ‘”fakon”, which of course is the soy/vegan version of bacon. Everyone loves bacon, but vegans have no problem eating fakon which is primarily manufactured in labs with lab-created ingredients that do not exist in nature. Once again soy is the primary ingredient. Btw, soy contains a healthy dose of ESTROGEN which perhaps in time will debase and emasculate male vegans (that’s just my own logic working here, I have no proof.)

    Ah yes, then there are the gums that are being added big time to all of our food. Xanthan gum (made from bacteria and dangerous for infants, btw), Locust bean gum which is a better gum and good for infants, Carrageenen,, Gellan gum, made from bacteria, Agar, Cellulose (sugar) gum, Guar gum, Tara gum (used in the automotive and furniture industries – oh yes, and now the food industry.)

    Back to my family vegans. While they do consume a great deal of beans and legumes for protein, in addition to a whole food healthy diet, they have no problem consuming a lot of lab grown and lab created food ingredients, which imho is not at all healthy. The vegans I know are sincere about their beliefs, but are clearly not vegan for their health. Drinking large amounts of alcohol and craft beers with your beyond burgers and topping off the meal with a slice if sweet vegan cake or cheesecake just seems oxymoronic to me.

    To give up eating eggs from healthy, well taken care of birds, one of the most nutricious proteins, and cheese, made from the milk of live animals, just seems foolish and hazardous to our health. And then to replace these vital, living foods with lab grown additives, soy, and other fake foods, just seems ludicrous, imho.

    1. A lightworker

      Yeah, soy and the beyond burger are things that probably shouldn’t be consumed even by vegans. I agree with you there.

      This whole “we need to make sure we get enough protein” is just propaganda from the meat industry, imo.

      Note that we have a word for not eating enough calories (starvation), we have a word for not eating enough vitamin C (scurvy), and we have all kinds of hyper-specific medical terms. But there’s no word for “lack of protein”. Why not? That’s because if you eat anywhere close to your caloric needs, you automatically get protein. Even if you’re a fruitarian and only eat fruit, you’ll get enough protein, including to build a six-pack if you’re a guy who is lean enough and who trains a bit.

      Eggs are menstruation from another species. Milk is designed / evolved to turn baby cows into adult cows. It’s ludicrous to me to think these things benefit humans. I do agree that we shouldn’t replace those things with beyond burgers — I’ve replaced them with fruit. I’m eating 80+% fruit and it’s cured my depression, cured my sleep apnea, it’s leading to weight loss and I literally feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life.

      1. Harriet

        To A lightworker
        Actually, there is a disorder that results from a lack of or lower than normal levels of protein in the body. It’s Hypoproteinemia. When I worked for NICU creating medical forms, it was a condition found in infants, both preemie and full term. It’s also a condition that results in edema, swelling of tissues, usually in the feet, ankles, legs and hands. Edema can be a condition with unexplained causes, idiopathic, because docs aren’t trained in nutrition to guess that their patients aren’t getting enough protein.
        It’s great that you can get a 6 pack eating fruit and working out. Of course, most people do not have the genetics to survive on 80% fruit. Perhaps in the future in 5D there will be more of a fruit diet for many people.
        Which brings to mind the huge difference in everyone’s genetics and nutritional needs. A researcher decided to do a study of long lived groups of people. The people who lived the longest consistently, generation after generation weren’t really special in any way. Actually they were a lot like Americans. This group lived in Europe, and for the most part they drank alcohol, smoked tobacco, didn’t exercise, carried extra weight or became obese, ate a variety of food including desserts and snacks. The difference between them and other groups who weren’t long lived, were their genetics, and they all ate anchovies and rosemary every day.
        We all think what’s right for us should be right for everyone. But it’s vastly different than that. We need to get rid of our egos, me included, and accept and allow and tolerate all of our differences. Including what we all want to eat. In the meantime we need to love animals we eat and treat them with love. They will appreciate our love and gratefulness and willingly give up their lives for our food needs. That’s one of the reasons Creator asked them to come to this meat eating planet, and the animals know it. We need to love them and treat them right.

    2. AlwaysLight

      Dear Linda, just wanted to add another perspective on your comments here… You wrote “To give up eating eggs from healthy, well taken care of birds, one of the most nutritious proteins, and cheese, made from the milk of live animals, just seems foolish and hazardous to our health.” Well, as ‘A Lightworker’ pointed out below, all dairy from cows is of course derived from milk which is a massive growth accelerant fluid designed specifically, yes specifically, for baby cows (their bodily architecture). To turn them as quickly as possible into a 400lb cow. We, as humans, are the ONLY species that foolishly thinks it’s fit to consume ‘get you on your feet and growing’ fluid (aka milk) past the point of weaning (that point when the youngster is ready to eat solid food).

      Diabetes is in fact, primarily, a meat and dairy disorder (Take a look at ‘What the Health’ to learn more on this). In this documentary, they show how people can quickly reverse these conditions by dropping all meat and dairy (whether that’s from free range well look after animals or not). We too have had friends who were long term meat and dairy eaters who developed diabetes. Watched this docu. came off meat and dairy, then Voila! Diabetes went away without any mainstream pills etc…

      Humans are designed to eat meat, that is a learned cultural habit. For example, compare the digestive tracts of meat eating animals to humans. Humans have really long tracts that are optimized for the digestion of plants. Meat eating animals have really short ones that are highly acidic (to kill off the pathogenic bacteria in raw meat when eaten). So humans can’t eat meat raw, they have to use the technology of heating to tenderize and kill of harmful bacteria before doing so. So if a human cannot eat meat raw (even if you could use your plant based mashing teeth to tear bits off, you’d likely die of food poisoning), how can they be designed to be meat eaters? Answer, they not, you have to use artificial means to process the meat to safely eat it. AKA humans are not designed to consume meat.

      Another thing I find odd with the understanding of those eating meat for protein is not really understanding where the protein comes from. So as a question, where do you think proteins all originate from? Answer, plants!!! For example, all proteins are amino acid complexes, amino acids are in plants, cows and pigs etc. (which funnily enough are Vegan btw :)) eat them and make the proteins their bodies need. Some humans then think it’s important to slaughter that being and consume its flesh to gain the proteins for itself the animal specifically tailored for itself, falsely believing it cannot access those same proteins from plant bases.

      So funnily, most meat eaters are under the illusion that that by eating vegan animals, they are giving themselves the proteins that vegan humans don’t have by eating directly from the plant sources the vegan animals also get their protein bases from – a definition of insanity maybe?

      I’m vegan (in case that wasn’t obvious by now :)). I eat organically, stay away from processed crap and haven’t eaten any meat, fish or dairy for decades. I’m really healthy, and have no, I repeat, NO deficiencies in protein or other vitamins/minerals/essentials etc… So I would kindly point out that your pointing the finger at some vegans for poor health choices is equal to your poor choice as a meet eater. My reason is that no one needs meat or dairy for a healthy lifestyle AT ALL.

      So meat and dairy is a choice to do harm (even if you’re under the illusion you need it for a healthy lifestyle), whether by slaughter, or by using animals for personal gain, and has no additional health benefits, but the opposite. All the meat eaters I know look old, some very old, for their age (meat accelerates decay and aging). Everyone I meet cannot believe me when I tell them my age as they think I’m 20 years younger than I am. Same for my wife, who has never eaten meat since birth.

      I firmly believe that meat eating is a product of the reptilian programming people have had, as this is what they do. Do you want to live as a natural human, or continue living with reptile behavior towards others?

      None of this is meant to attack, but to sincerely brings points across that almost all meat eaters seem to not understand be under this delusional spell that they need to take part in the sacrifice and consuming of animals.

      With kindness, clarity and meaning 🙂

  4. Gustavo Frein

    Humans are not herbivores. We are predators, eyes to the front. We have a digestive system very well adapted to digesting animal protein. When the globalists tell you to stop eating meat you should do the opposite. They want you weak and unable to fight back. This is what a vegan diet will do to you.

    I have found that most vegans engage this dietary lifestyle as a form of virtue signaling. They think it elevates them above the carnivores and omnivores, because it is cruel to kill an animal and eat their flesh. Is a Lion cruel for killing a Zebra to eat and survive? Are Wolves cruel? Orcas? Sharks and Crocodiles, or all the other predatory species?

    Veganism will make you weak and unhealthy, which is why it is promoted by the NWO.

    1. Star_struck

      @ Gustavo Are dna was changed to eat meat after the fall of Atlantis and went another Gaia went through a cold period so frequency dropped and people start to eat meat. Now that the frequency is rising the low vibration in meat will not keep us long on this planet. We will be able to sustain ourselves with just God’s energy.. Do what you want. Everyone has a different soul path. There is no judgment. Bless the meat and thank the animal for nourishing your body. Even the plants sold at the groceries are not optimal anyways they start to lose nutrients through shipment across the world. The best is to grow your own food.

    2. A lightworker

      Agreed we’re not herbivores. We’re frugivores, i.e. fruit-eaters that have meat as a backup food source. We’re not omnivores, as I went into a few posts below.

      Most vegans do it wrong and don’t eat nearly enough fruit, hence the meme of vegans being weak. If you look at people eating the actual human diet, i.e. nearly exclusively fruit, you see things like 50-year old fruitarians being in better shape than 99% of 20-year olds. Go to youtube and search “50 Year Old Teanajer Rants and Shows You What’s Possible.”

      The globalists want you to eat lab-created processed meat replacement things, like the beyond burger. I agree, don’t eat those meat replacements.

      What I will admit is that eating a whole bunch of meat is healthier than eating a bunch of processed food. That’s probably why it’s promoted by the NWO. But that doesn’t mean that eating a bunch of meat is healthier than having an all-fruit breakfast and all-fruit lunch. Sounds crazy, but I’ve done your diet and I’m saying that eating-mostly-fruit is superior, while you haven’t tried mine.

      Factory farming is in no way comparable to a lion killing a zebra. I know everyone likes to virtue signal with “I try to eat good meat” but very few people eat 100% meat that comes from animals that had a good life.

      Then there’s the fact that meat consumption does huge ecological damage, in a variety of ways.

    3. AlwaysLight

      Gustavo, totally disagree on this. We aren’t predators. Those whole eyes on front means you’re a predator is nonsense. For example, if you really believe you are a NATURAL meat eating predator, go out and eat raw meat, just like a real natural predator would. What would happen, you wold likely become severely ill or even die from catastrophic food poisoning. Where are our so called predatory teeth fro ripping flesh?

      Veganism isn’t promoted by the NWO, they’re promoting vegans eating toxic crap to wipe out those who refuse to be like they are, and consume flesh. Who do you think runs and owns the slaughter houses? THEY DO!!!!! The same way they smash the earth with industry and then claim to be climate saviors!!!! Wakey wakey sleepy head!

      I’ve been vegan for decades, I’m extremely healthy, strong and people cannot believe how young I look compared to the aging and decaying meat eaters we know. I regularly get told I look 20 years younger…

      In your message, it reads like someone who has deep savagery inside that you don’t want to face and, even champion it as if some kind of alpha male dominance thing. This attitude will not make it into new earth as this is a reptilian way of thinking, and you are empowering it.

      And as for the virtue signalling, that’s most likely your insecurity about realizing your contribution to savagery you don’t want to admit to. Predators don’t have FREE WILL, they don’t have souls, they act out of instinctual programming to survive. You do have free will, and the universe is always watching and recording you. And each time you harm another, you harm yourself as well as the greater whole.

      Why do think meat eating is so well promoted, it introduces toxicity into the collective consciousness and the earth, to keep her and everyone’s vibrations low.

      Did you know that the was a time before the invaders came that animals that are considered predatory today did no such thing before. They brought savagery and flesh consummation with them and injected it culturally and by other means to get humans to live and behave as they do…

      I have never met a meat eater with a high vibration and a glowing energy field. Every time you eat a murdered animal, you add its suffering and the snap shot of its death to your own, literally, you absorb it and slowly become it. This effects you mind, you become angry and somewhat violent to name a few. For example, can you show me a vegan inmate in prison for violent crime. I could show an in-exhaustive amount of meat eaters there…

      You don’t have much time, if you want to be apart of new earth, you have to align with new earth, and that means no harm to others – ANY others…

      1. Gustavo Frein

        I have eaten meat raw, many times and suffered no ill effects. You operate under assumptions you never investigated. Look up rogue nutritionist Aajonus Vonderplanitz. He ate nothing but raw meat and raw organ meats, in fact he often let meat decay and be broken by bacteria before eating it because he knew germ theory was false. I myself have consumed 16oz of raw organic hamburger, steak and liver without the slightest I’ll effect. Eskimos routinely used to eat raw whale and seal meat as well as raw blubber and organ meat and until they started consuming modern food of commerce they were some of the healthiest people on Earth. They had no farming, no grains, no sugars and thrived on animal protein and fat.

        Diabetes and Cancer are caused by sugar consumption, not meat and dairy. Naturopathic doctor Katherine Huber who runs a Naturopathic Cancer clinic in AZ called Nature Works Best has a 90% cure rate of Cancer and has documented the link between Cancer and Sugar. Her patients that have Cancer relapses are those that return to the consumption of sugar.

        1. AlwaysLight

          So maybe you can stomach some raw meat (if that’s true), most cannot. But you are playing out your reptilian nature and justifying it. You won’t make it to new earth, sorry, the attitude of feeling that you have the right to have other slaughter animals so you can ewat there flesh, that’s just what the darkness does, congratulations for helping their agenda along – they really appreciate people like you, to keep vibrations down, head ion 3D etc…. How many channels have come forward saying that humans need to give up flesh consumption… The higher ups don’t eat meat, not a thing for them. It’s savage lower dimensional trait, a reptilian trait.

          The false assumption is yours, for example, you said we’re predators as we have eyes at the front. What about monkeys, koalas and countless other plant eating animals that have eyes in front of there head, not predators. And what about the predators you mentioned, sharks, orca’s, eyes very much at the sides… And lets talk about that ridiculous weak comment. Novak Djockovic, the worlds best player in tennis, one of the highest endurance sport (hours of continuous intensive competition, day after day) – vegan. Countless other people on various documentaries, including ‘What the health’ say that after going off meat and dairy, they had boosts in energy and fitness.

          If you want to be a savage, go ahead, no one can stop you but you. But seriously good luck with ascending under those conditions. But maybe you don’t want to ascend and I’m assuming falsely!

          1. Gustavo Frein

            You are a very angry man. Why all this anger for a difference of opinion?

          2. Gustavo Frein

            I don’t want to ascend to 5D if you’re going to be there, AlwaysRight!🤣😂😆

  5. Galaxy

    Each one of us needs to use our inner antennae to discern what diet and activities work for us. I do not follow anyone else’s suggestions as my self sovereignty is unique to me. Vegan diet is the best, least harmful way for me.
    Lovely reminders here.

    1. P.S.


      My system runs best and most optimally off animal fats, so a keto-based diet is best for me. I just pay close attention to the quality of the animals and how they are treated. Same with the vegetables and fruits–I’m working on growing as much of those as possible.

      The principle is the same for animals and plants: happy healthy things are tastier and “feel” better in the body when you eat them. They produce more and for longer seasons than they’re “supposed to”, and do so gladly.

  6. A lightworker

    To expand upon points 1-2: I personally find the “raw till 4” diet working very well. It’s basically:

    Upon waking: have a banana or a date and a glass of water (ideally distilled or similar)

    Move your body, even if it’s just a 5min walk

    Breakfast: drink water, have fruit (eg 6-10 bananas blended into a smoothie)

    Lunch: drink water, have fruit (eg 20 dates, or a dateorade — you can google it)

    Dinner: drink water, have a normal cooked meal, preferably vegan. I find people need less fats and proteins than they think, and also that it’s best to have them at night. I find that having fruit, especially fruit monomeals, works wonders during the day.

    1. Emma

      I have been hospitalized a few years ago, pancreas broken, and cannot eat fruit and carbs. Also carbs are the reason I am overweight.

      They talk about weight, and I can only slim down when not eating carbs. Unfortunately many carbs taste good.
      Maybe my anchestors are from arctics where no fruit and grains could grow.

      Also I find it is destroying to the planet if we all ate 10+ bananas each day. Monocrops are very bad for the planet. Predatory drift.

      We are living on a diverse planet, and I know this planet will be destroyed if too many go vegan. DeepState wants this planet destroyed, and they have the perfect solution for us, more slavery. DeepState and BillGates is pushing the green eating narrative.

      The planet is diverse for a reason. Also many many animals and insects die when spraying the land with pestides for vegetables and fruits, and even more when harvesting. Mice, bees, deer-babies, rabbits etc.

      I will not consent to a vegan world, as this planet will become waste-land with dead top soil. I also do not want BillGates meat grown in sewer water. I do not eat a lot of meat, but if they keep pushing this, I will, just to rebel. Also many vegans are angry people, and I do not want to be like them, ever.

      Anyway Pleiadians did not say anything about fruit or vegan. I hear whole food from them.

      1. A lightworker

        Of course you’re free to eat as you want. If you have some kind of medical condition why you can’t eat fruit or carbs, well, sure, do what you have to.

        What makes people fat is the combination of carbs and fat. But somehow, people always blame the carbs and not the fat.

        If you eat nearly exclusively fruit / carbs and low fat, then people without specific medical conditions will lose weight in the medium term. I’ve done that myself and have seen weight loss. Billions of asians eat mostly white rice and they’re very lean, as documented in The China Study. There’s also plenty of fruitarian youtubers who’ve documented their progress: freelee, durianrider, freemelon society, the frugivore diet, get fit with natasha, the youtube video “50 Year Old Teanajer Rants and Shows You What’s Possible”, etc. If you just google or youtube “fruitarian”, almost certainly you’ll see a very lean individual.

        Now, what confuses people is that eating fruit and carbs in the very short term lead to the body storing glycogen (i.e. muscle fuel) and water, which causes some weight gain the short term. But this is not fat, this is muscle fuel and water your body is storing. There might also be some short-term “body has been starving, and now that you’re eating actual food, the body craves a lot of food to refuel.” But in the medium term, people will lose fat on carbs / fruit and very low fat.

        The other thing that tricks people is that if you’re eating low-carbs, then in the short term you’ll lose water and glycogen, which means that you’ll lose weight. But most people will be relatively low-energy, risk dying relatively young due to clogged arteries and might fall off after a few years. Personally I went low-carb, lost a lot of weight and felt good initially, but then after a year I developed depression, sleep apnea and could barely function at my job. Going back to eating fruit and carbs fixed all that.

        Also, keto is very clearly the body’s backup system: the body prefers carbs as a fuel source, you have to go through an unpleasant keto flu to force your body into ketosis and the second you consume a few bananas you fall out of ketosis. I’d rather work with my body than fight against it and force it into its backup system.

        Implying that bananas are more devastating to the planet than meat is absurd in my opinion.

        What I do agree with is that most vegans do veganism wrong. Most vegans eat a relatively high amount of vegan proteins and fats, and most of them are pretty angry and miserable and combative partly as a result of that. If you eat plenty of juicy sweet fruit and relatively low fat / protein, most people will feel a lot better.

        But again, we of course all have free will. Eat as you want.

        1. Vrdio

          That is wrong giving such “advices”, just like millions online… For example, in my and lot of other people, banana creates problems in stomach.

          1. A lightworker

            I recommended fruit, bananas was just an example. You can have any fruit you want.

            I am curious if you’re actually letting bananas properly ripen before you eat — which means that the peel is more black than yellow. Yes I know that people act like that’s too ripe, but it turns out that’s just another lie. You know, similar to have most things we’re told have been lies.

            If you eat under-ripe fruit (e.g. bananas with a peel that’s not yet mostly black), it makes sense that this causes stomach problems.

        2. Gustavo Frein

          The frequency of eating is the key. We did not evolve with a refrigerator nearby. We did not eat 3 times a day. If you eat once a day or even fast 48 to 72 hours a few times per month you will lose weight and you can enjoy some fruit, a potato and a steak.

          I. F. lowers insulin levels and increases insulin sensitivity. It has a host of other healthy effects like cell autophagy. Working out in a fasted state everyday will give you fast results.

          Try OMAD and eat one healthy meal every 24 hours. Eat clean whole foods at your one meal: Fish, meat, vegetables and a piece of fruit.

          Just my opinion

          1. A lightworker

            “We did not evolve with a refrigerator nearby” — we also didn’t have fire or knives for a good deal of our evolution.

            Would you like to eat a uncooked rabbit, skin and all? No? Then maybe meat isn’t our preferred food, and is instead a backup food that we can live off if actual human food isn’t available (which would be fruit, with some nuts, seeds and vegetables thrown in).

            Biologically we’re frugivores, i.e. fruit-eaters that in a pinch can eat meat if there’s not enough fruit available, but really our optimal diet is just lots of fruit with some vegetables + nuts + seeds.

            You can just look at your hands and teeth. Human hands are really excellent for picking berries, but our lack of claws and serious fangs make us really bad at tearing into flesh.

            If we’d be omnivores, we’d have the claws and fangs of say a bear. We’d see two-year olds happily devouring raw flesh, skin and all. We’d also have an omnivore jaw that can only go up and down, instead of a frugivore jaw that can go up-and-down and also sideways. Just because we can live off meat, doesn’t mean that it’s our body’s preferred food.

            As for the OMAD / IF argument, if you live in the tropics you can easily have three fruit meals a day. That’s our native territory, which you can also observe via the fact that we don’t get enough vitamin D if we move too far away from the tropics.

            Yes, things like OMAD / IF / low-carb work incredibly well in the short term, so long as you have glycogen stores to slowly burn through. I’ve done OMAD, I’ve done IF, I’ve done low-carb. They all worked incredibly well in the short term and poorly in the medium term for me (months to years).

            OMAD and IF and low-carb also all involve “ignore the signals that my body is giving me.” Yes, you can fight against your body / hack your body / force your body to do what you want, but why would you do that if you can just eat as much delicious sweet fruit as you want? I’d rather work with instead of against my body.

        3. Emma

          Ohh believe me I have been eating carbs and no fats. Exercised plenty, but lost ½ kilo in 5 months. And I am very good at doing it right. Also fastening for up to 10 days is no stranger to me.

          I still agree with my statement that if all humans ate 10+ bananas each day, the planet would be destroyed, by mono cropping and dead top soil. Please educate yourself, without bias.

          The Universe made the hen lay eggs EVERY day, for humans sake, and the cow is giving milk even when no calves is around, for humans sake. God is good, and God likes diversity. I used to believe in the deepstate/BillGates crap about eating green and saving the planet, but now I am awaken.

          Factory meat bad, but how nature intended it, like eating grass is what will safe this planet, as grass and dong is good for the planet. Grass “eat” carbon, and dong change almost dead soil back to life.

          I eat what I want, guided by God. Eating fat without carbs makes me healthy and slim. Healthy like in no inflamations. Eating carbs and not fat makes me sick in my pancreas, and makes me hungry. Fats does not make me hungry, proteins does not make me hungry. Unfortunately most vegan proteins has carbs too, and doctors was surprised I did not die, or at least was hospitalized for years, so I am NOT playing with carbs again.

          Quote: “There are beings… and I have used the example of a carrot, but it can be an animal, because there are many misunderstandings about that as well… that give their lives, not in the way of survival of the fittest, because look what that has done on the human level of people killing people, but the sacrifice that one says – and do not think that a carrot or a cabbage or an apple or an animal cannot speak; they can – that says, “I give you my essence to nourish you because I am continuing on elsewhere.” And that is in balance.
          And sometimes it is a very new, little baby carrot, and sometimes it is an old root that has lived for seasons. Sometimes it is a young animal that just came for a brief time to experience what it is to be in that form and to teach love, compassion and sharing.
          Think of the bears that in the spring consume the salmon so that they may continue on, that they may feed their cubs. The salmon knows. It is not that they feel that they have been martyred. In their collective and individual consciousness, they are aware. And there is an agreement, and although you don’t notice it, a reverence in this sacred ceremony of life. It is humans that need to learn this.”

      2. A lightworker

        I also agree with you that we shouldn’t listen to people like Bill Gates who say “don’t eat meat, eat this processed pseudo-meat product instead.” But I’m not recommending stuff like the beyond burger, I’m recommending fruit.

        1. Gustavo Frein

          I love fruit, Oranges, Pears, Strawberries Peaches and Nectarines. I just don’t make it the only thing I eat. And as for IF, it just works best for me. I only like to eat once a day, my son is the same way. I also don’t believe in being cruel to animals that we eat.

          1. Emma

            IF is healthy for the body. Circadian clock and all. OMAD and 2MAD also good. Fasts also good, in moderation.

        2. Emma

          Bananas with brown spots on its yellow skin, tastes awful to me. Black bananas would have even more alcohol-like taste.

          OMAD or 2MAD is the bodys signal, as we did NOT eat all the time. We ate when something was hunted, or something was found (berries etc.).

          Humans ate raw meat. Just like many do these days. Just look at youtube, and find many that now eat raw meat. Even vegetable police guy does it, and has done it before. He too has tried so many things to get well, and believe himself to be a vegan, but his body will not agree. He has also tried to be fruitarian, and moved to Thailand to have fresh fruit all year. Become sick, and become carnivore and then back to vegan, and then back to omnivore now.

          BillGates is not only the eat-fake-meat-guy. He is paying to brainwash people on climate, because he own most farmland in the entire world. He is selling wheat and fake meat, and he pays to have the eat-green narrative. But even before I knew that about him, my pancreas got sick. Now I know that about him and his many minions I will never again eat the way he promotes.

          Anyway, thats all folks, as most people would rather die, than to admit being wrong, no pun intended, as we are talking food.

      3. P.S.

        Eat what makes your body go “yes, thank you!” and what also digests neatly (no bloating or lead stomach or “I shouldn’t have done that”?

        If you listen to your body, it’ll tell you what it likes best and what it doesn’t like. That is going to be highly specific to each individual person and their individual organs.

        1. A lightworker

          To an extent I agree. Listening to your body is very valuable.

          But if John’s body goes “I want to eat a burger, with meat that happens to come from a factory farm in which animals suffered immensely” then there’s more things to consider than just what John’s body wants.

          There’s also things like habit. Our ego loves us to keep us doing the things we’re used to. True, if you listen closely you can distinguish ego from your soul’s desire, but lots of people confuse the two.

          1. P.S.

            It may be that John’s body one day rejects the factory burger–gets sick from it–because of John’s spiritual development happening in the background. Or perhaps John decides he wants to lose some weight and changes his diet. Or eats a burger made with better meat and decides he likes that better and asks his friend where they get their meat. Or he can’t find factory meat anymore and ends up getting meat from a local farm instead.

            I think such changes are occurring naturally for all and in the time frame perfect for each person’s spiritual evolution.

            Certainly you could follow the steps in this article and speed things up if that’s what you want to do. That’s what people like you and I are here to do and why this comments section is so lively with discussion.

            That might not be what John wants to do, though. He might not be on a fast track evolution. Which is why I’m not fussed about what John is doing right now for his enlightenment. That’s John’s path. Not mine. John will go be John.

            I’m more concerned with what I’m doing right now on my path, because my path is pointing me in a direction of rapid evolution vs slow evolution.

          2. Emma

            I agree with P.S., very much.
            Was just about to say something about development. John is doing what he is suppose to, until he wake up.

            Just like many are sleeping when it comes to the huge corruption in USA and the world. They do NOT want to wake up, and it is not for us to wake them up, their soul will wake them up, when they are ready to hear.

            And didn’t Harriet say that eating bad, drinking alcohol etc was giving some with good genes a long life?
            I dont much care for alcohol, though.

            Also again, God loves diversity, he made so many things available to us, whom he loves. I am sure he would dislike for all to be vegans. But some has an ego that wants to play God, like God made this planet wrong, or the humans wrong, and those with God-complex is trying to fix this planet and/or the people.