Merging with the Cosmic Mind and Resurrecting Our Krystal Avatar Self

WOW these three M-class Solar Flares from earlier on that went on for almost four hours, literally burned a massive layer of distortions from our and the planetary field. What a different energy this Good Friday carries, I hope you can all feel this amazing yet challenging shift in the Consciousness unfolding through us all!

We have had constant solar flares for the past 36 hrs with each a 1.6, 2.2 and 1.9 M-class flares! We also have had geomagnetic storms and instabilities for the past two days on and off as well as solar wind storms and Schuhmann Resonance spikes. All supporting this massive Paradigm Shift within the Collective Consciousness from distorted Polarity and victim-victimizer, to God Source/ Unity Consciousness.

A perfect now to SACRIFICE & DIE UPON OUR EGO, our last death, on behalf of ALL to merge with the Godhead, the Heart & Mind of Source. BE atONE WITH THE COSMIC MIND!


Taking it easy, hydrate, rest, meditate, spend much time in nature and connecting with Solaris where possible, will support. Drop into the no-thingness and BE atONE WITH ALL THAT IS! These are super amazing energies that can help us drop further into the Zero Point Field to anchor the One True Organic Ascension Reality for ALL willing Hearts! Dissolve into the ONEness that you are!


To do this we must die upon our old, false, artificial Self to truly discover our True Self, resurrecting our Kryst-All Avatar Self and merge with Source and ALL life everywhere. So we can be the vessel that allows for the highest Consciousness and Frequency to flow, and reveal all new world’s and dreams through us now!

LET IT ALL GO, all remaining delusions and illusions of separation, for the Truth to be revealed, no-thing to hold onto but a dream, an illusion of what we thought was real. As we anchor and hold this Frequency of the new Realities and Cosmic Consciousness, it will become available to all as all is re-born through us now in its highest perfection and ORIGINAL INNOCENCE as we dissolve the old through holding the Zero Point Field of Divine Love, Neutrality, in NO-TIME.

Beautiful Divine Union energies can be felt as well as expanded states of Consciousness and bliss. At the other end it may also bring up anything left unresolved within the psyche, any pathologies, distorted and inverted thought forms and beliefs, grief, anger, shame, guilt, deeper insights into one’s life and hard truths are revealed from within as part of Disclosure and us Awakening to the Truth, as all is being unvealed.

Can you feel this shift in the Consciousness and perceptions?!

Powerful Aqua Blue Plasma Light from the Aquaelle Mother and Daughter of Christ Codes and energies are flooding the planet and assisting with the ancestral bloodline clearing and karmic releases, surrounding us in the most beautiful Divine Love Frequencies from The Divine Mother. They also assist with the anchoring Divine Union and bringing forth the Diamond Sun Body keys and codes.

Many of us have been or are being triggered right left and centre in order to let it all go and allow Healing for ALL. Every time we lose resistance and judgement towards something we dissolve the distortions within the Consciousness!

Cords, hooks, psychic spears, shackles and attachments have been cleared at Collective level allowing unhealthy connections and karmic bonds to come to their natural ending supporting new healthy relationships based in unconditional love and inter-dependency.

Victim-victimizer programming is being fully cleared and overwritten with the new ‘Sovereignty Software’, including inverted beliefs and thought forms that align with the Law of One and God Source Consciousness.

The Super Empath is here to heal the narcissistic, co-dependent and victim-victimizer archetype as many can not face their own psychosis, shame and guilt as many are stuck in Polarity Consciousness and judgement that doesn’t allow them for honest self reflection as it is just too much to bare. We aid their Healing by being the compassionate and neutral Observer, transcending our own judgements and resistance which heals these pathologies within the Collective Consciousness!

The instructions and Source Coordinates are for us to die upon our false, artificial ego self to merge with the Cosmic Mind, the Godhead, the Heart and Mind of God to become the vessels for Source to call in the final Event and Collective Awakening from the dream of forgetfulness and illusion of separation, already in progress.

The full release of the Collective karma and dissolution of the false Matrix can only occur if we can let go of all of our ATTACHMENTS to the material world and our old false ego self, dissolving the past, WHICH IS US DELETING & OVERWRITING AI & BIRTHING THE ORGANIC CREATRIX!

I’m sharing more in my latest COSMIC ENERGY UPDATE to clarify a few things as well as some important Coordinates to help us navigate our final ascend out of this artificial Matrix hologram. Link is in the comments below, as well as to a Quantum Healing and Ascension Activation happening this Easter Sunday at 10pm UTC, where we will deepen into and stabilize the Zero Point Field to merge with the Cosmic Mind and Godhead for us to be the vessels for Source to work through us, and help be the anchor for the Event to unfold. We will be ‘RESURRECTING OUR KRYST-ALL AVATAR SELF’ and anchor these powerful Plasma Waves and Ascension Codes on behalf of ALL!


Eternal Love & Blessings,

**By Ramona