The Great Quantum Transition: Galacom Update 17 April 2022

On April 17, 2022, at 10:40 AM CET, Galactic Committee transmitted a message, a summary of which is given below.

On the Subtle and physical plane, the fierce war between Light and Dark Forces continues.

The old 3D Matrix of Earth is increasingly experiencing failures at the system level, although Darks are trying their best to preserve and use it as before according to previous scenarios.

It’s a futile effort. These scenarios are immediately blocked and disabled, that creates new gaps in the restored 3D construction.

Karma Lords and Galacom decided to minimize the time between the causes and their consequences. This applies not only to people but most of all to 3D Matrix.

So, the Earth’s Curators in the Local Universe, the Galaxy, and the Karmic Council intercept the control of 3D Matrix to disrupt the scenarios of wars and negative energies, launched by it.

The action of the old 3D Matrix cannot be simply canceled. For a long time, it saturated the entire Earth system with its programs. Some are no longer relevant. Others have disintegrated on their own.

The thirds are dosed to be implemented so that the scenarios of wars and strife, the effects on the feelings, minds, DNA and RNA of people, and the entire Nature of the three-dimensional Earth are no longer repeated.

Such an impact is reduced to the most minimized level. It takes place under the very strict control of constructive forces, Karma Lords, the Galactic Committee and friendly space races.

Higher Light Forces take an active part in this battle, trying to observe the Cosmic Laws of interference and non-interference, and widely apply Pleroma’s energies with the help of their performers and contacts on the planet.

The activated new 5D Matrix of Earth works extremely carefully so that its energies don’t burn and harm unready men. It gradually replaces the system nodes, points, and communication channels after their purification from the old 3D energies.

In some cases, 5D Matrix squeezes out negativity and its carriers, transforms them according to the Cosmic Laws or sends them to those worlds where they will have to rehabilitate themselves or work out their karma in more difficult conditions.

There are many means and methods in the arsenal of the Light Forces, and they act clearly and purposefully, fulfilling the Highest Laws and observing them.

The 5D Matrix is built from the newest quantum energies that are already being manifested on 3D Earth and in its inhabitants.

Unwilling or unable to accept it, the 5D Matrix does not hold. A corridor is open to them, and their future fate will be decided by the corresponding forces of the Universe.

Take your time. Everything goes in its own order. After a harsh winter, autumn, generous with its gifts, cannot immediately come, bypassing the flowering and ripening of fruits-energies.

Live according to your conscience; bring good times closer by your activity. Help, and embed your pure intentions-energies into the best scenario of life on Earth, with which you are still firmly tied.

We strictly control the situation so that it does not go beyond the Karma Laws and not only. The consequences of Evil actions will get everyone who participated in them not only in this life, as well in many others. Therefore, do not be surprised that the karma of war is being fulfilled and, one way or another falls on many standing on different sides of the barricades.

Glory and Praise to the heroes who sacrifice their lives and strength to fulfill their duty for the prosperity of Earth and humanity.

All the forces acting in a constructive direction are united by the Light Hierarchy. Countries are tested for the strength of the Spirit to enter the new world morally perfect, and not just for only theirs well-being and the Golden Calf.

We cut off those who can betray. We look through everyone from cause to effect to completely avoid repeating the old 3D Matrix scenarios.

The 3D Earth will not remain deserted.

Other beings will live on it, which through your experience will reform and advance faster, improving in their worlds.

Your planet is multidimensional and majestic.

There are students and teachers on it, not only spiritual but also earthly.

The main thing is not to hinder Gaia’s evolutionary development.

**By Lev


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