Akatu: The Bridge Collapse

Friends Of Earth!

As Everything Is Changing, Even Those That Were Hard-Wired In Belief Systems Are Finding Every Bridge Created By Human Thinking, To Be Collapsing.

Indeed, Without Spirit, The Bridge Is An Illusion!

To Maneuver The Pathways Of Chaos, There Must Be A Shift In Awareness!

This Shift Is Inward For All Beings!

As Long As You Believe The Outer World Will Set You Free, Not Only Will The Bridge Collapse Under You, But You Will Find Yourself In Deep Water Beneath!

Not To Worry!

I Will Throw A Rope To All Who Will Receive It!

This Rope Is Powerful And Unbreakable!

It Will Bring You To Light!

Surrender Your Concepts And Answers Set In Stone, To The Universal Mind Of God!

This Source Is Unnamable But Knowing The Presence As β€˜I Am’ Is Your Greatest Power!

his Will Bring You To The Beginning As You Understand Fully, There Was Never An End!

How One Chooses To Perceive And Make Peace With All That Is Happening On The Planet, Will Either Separate You Further Or Draw You Together As ONE.

As You Learn To Transcend The Differences In Cultures, Colors And Opinions, You Will Feel Within Your Being That You Are Of The Same Sacred Essence.

You Will Understand That All Are Struggling To Know And Understand What Seems To Change In The Moment They Grasp It As Truth!

Those Who Are Able To Transcend The Difference Will Be At A Vantage Point To Understand All Things Are Possible.

In Covering Your Being With The Light Carried Within, Your Inner World Becomes Strong!

You Will Discover It Is Entirely Possible To Live As The Light Of Your Soul!

You Arrived As Your Soul.

You Will Leave As Your Soul.

Nothing Matters But Light!

You Are The Light Of One, Breathing As Many!

Rest In This Truth!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


3 Replies to “Akatu: The Bridge Collapse”

  1. Denise

    Thank you SO much!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    As I started to read I had a sudden realization, sort of 😁, I have noted a few times in the past how articles on this page rather often cover things that I had started thinking on within the few previous days, sometimes longer, and it suddenly hit me that it’s NOT a coincidence somehow!πŸ˜‚
    So I AM amazingly Grateful to ALL of You Brothers & Sisters! Namaste!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™