Cases of Elves, Gnomes, and Fairies on Camera

Natural spirits and subtle beings are here with us, sometimes they materialize in our dimension and sometimes they even get caught on camera.

In today’s article, I will show you some interesting cases where a small mysterious character was captured on camera. How is that actually possible? After all, fairies, elves and other natural beings reside in another dimension and do not have a physical form, so how could it be possible to film them on camera?

It works similarly to ghosts. The ghost does not have a fixed form, but it can – if it so decides and if it has enough energy to do so – it can “compress” its form for a short time and thus become captivable for the cameras. In a partially condensed form, it also has the ability to interact with objects. In this form, no intangible being lasts long, so recordings of any ghosts have only a few seconds and then the revelation disappears.

Some species of fairies and elves have even been shown to have the ability to pass from their dimension to ours, through various portals. This means that if a natural being decides to do so, he may allow you to see him or even make a film.

Case 1: The Gnome in the Garden

Have you ever wondered what the elves actually look like and whether the statues of the garden dwarves (also called “gnomes”) correspond to reality? In that case, the following video will excite you. Garden elves with pointed caps are not pure human imagination, their image corresponds to reality. Apparently, in the past, some clairvoyant people shared their experiences of nature, these experiences were transferred to art, fairy tales and later films. These elves are different, the caps sometimes have red, blue, green, or brown. Depending on the type of elf. The elf who controls the flower bed in the video is white.

Case 2: Little forest elf

Erwin Saunders lives in Britain and loves fairies. He goes to nature and tries to make friends with them. He takes a camera with him so that he can shoot one if it shows up. Natural spirits love people with constructive energies and a clean character that they sometimes show. Erwin probably went through a selection process because he allegedly managed to shoot an elf who looks at him curiously from a rock and then hides.

It’s caused a minor crackdown on the Internet, people speculate if the recording is real or if it’s fiction. It’s probably really animation. But I have a photo at home that the reader brought me years ago. She was in Šumava in a secret place that is healing, and this creature appeared there. Her head is visible in the photo and she looks the same. In addition, the photo is really amazing energy. Even though I didn’t take the picture, it’s my treasure and proof that the forest elves are real and can appear to good people. So if there is a video animation, it is certain that Erwin probably sees the fairies, because the character in the film corresponds to what is really moving in the woods.

Here is Erwin’s famous video. He goes into the woods, turns on the camera and waits for the elves. At 4:10 , he says he saw one and sets the camera in that direction. He says that the elf hid there, that he needed to be quiet and wait that he might return. Then at 5:20 Erwin sharpens the camera behind him and says that the elf is looking at him from above the rock.

Exactly at 5:50 the elf peeks out briefly, can only see a piece of the head and hides. We must then wait until 6:10 for the complete revelation , when the elf will actually come out and be seen in its entirety.

Erwin has it caught up, like a real fairy researcher. At the end of the video, he prepares bait to attract the fairies. In the place where he assumes that the fairies are moving, he would like to put the seeds of zucchini and carrots, which do not grow in the forest, and the fairies are said to fascinate these seeds. But then he decides to put sweets there. He says that these sweets are filled with “sherbet” (basically a mixture of sugar and fruit) and that the fairies are completely crazy about him. He stabs a candy cane into the stick and it stabs the dirt to make sure the fairies see him, then checks to see if they have taken him.

Case 3: Insect Fairy

This video is from 2008 and was shot in the UK. Not much is known about the case, because comments are turned off below it. After that, the author in question released another video that is not thematically related to the first, but a few people write comments on it. One woman there wrote in 2020 that she had seen the same creature in Canada a few years ago and if anything had been found out about the creature… No answer. The author did not add or write anything for 13 years. Some say it’s a scam. But I wonder what the possibilities were of falsifying a video on a poor quality camera in 2008? 

The creature is on video at 1:35

Case 4: Orcs

Only good fairies and elves do not enter our dimension. Occasionally we may come across orcs that are small and ugly. Whoever sees them almost fears in his pants.

Do you believe in fairies, elves and have direct experience with them? Or is everything just a fairy tale and animation for you? Write in the comments.

**By Alue Loskotova


7 Replies to “Cases of Elves, Gnomes, and Fairies on Camera”

  1. world+peace

    Early 4.00am summer on a Cornish cliff I witnessed a fairy hiding in the bushes however like a dose of amnesiac fairy dust as soon as I looked away I could not even reform the image in my mind.It was VERY real although it may have been a salt water dragonfly.A dragonfly would not explain me having no mental recollection though.I cannot even draw what I witnessed though could probably describe it under hypnosis

  2. Harriet

    I haven’t seen them in remembrance but I have seen ghosts, ETs, and air ripples from fairies when they fly by twice. I’ve also taken photos that had a spirit in them, in an Orb shape. I had read fairies appreciate gifts like small hard coated candies like those tiny jelly beans, small jewels like professionally cut and polished topaz, sphene, tourmaline, peridot, garnet, opal, and the more expensive ones like ruby or Emerald if you can afford it. I’d imagine they would also appreciate uncut stones if they are pretty. I also read they like tiny or small houses we can build or purchase for them, set away in a secluded place in nature.
    Thank you for this article. This topic is fascinating.

  3. Mon

    I don’t believe in these nature beings. I know them and there are several civilizations of them in mother nature.

  4. XtraTrstrL

    I like the topic and article, but the Erwin Saunders one is not real. He’s a 3d artist/animator, and though his work is top notch and enjoyable, if you have a keen eye for 3d animation, it’s clear the pixies aren’t real. Some of the other mystical creatures he has in his videos are harder to decipher from reality. His works are very good.

  5. A Light Sister

    Yes, Nature spirits are very real! I had numerous adventures with them when tending the 6 acres around my little cottage in southern NH years ago, then flower gardening at a meditation center further north for many years afterward.

    They love interacting with humans who care about Nature, even if you don’t “see” them! Gardening, walks in the woods and mountains, strolling by the sea – whenever we venture lovingly into their domain, they bless us with healing and delight.

    All we have to do is care!

  6. Nancy

    I believe in fairies. A few summers ago it was night time and I decided to go my deck lay on my hammock and watch the I walked out I felt something fly toward me I looked up I screamed there was a beautiful fairy a few inches tall with long reddish/auburn hair that covered most of body she wore what looked like a green dress which I think may have been made by leaves though I am not sure she stopped mid air screamed as she looked at me startled and flew into a trumpet vine. She was only about 2 feet away from me. It seemed as if she had been dancing and singing as she flew..her wings flapping.The lights from my kitchen were on so I saw her this day I cannot get over that incredible encounter. It was certainly a magical night.

    1. A lightworker

      Thanks for sharing <3

      I've telepathically sensed nature spirits too, several times.