Aton: Pole Shift

I AM THAT I AM. I Am Creator God Aton of the One Light of Creation/Creator Source. Many of you know me as Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn from the Phoenix Journals.

At this time, I have summoned Anne to give you a message for these End Times.  I have watched and I love every single soul upon Earth Shan and in the Astral Plane and even the Void.

Because of the work of the Lightworkers of Sananda’s Flock, and asking help from the Lighted Realms, millions of ones on the Astral Plane and even from the Void have been able to graduate!  What is so heart breaking is that so many ones of you great Masters, who reincarnated upon Earth to help her and your great soul growth are still caught and shackled to the material things of 3D dimensional illusion.  You still have not awakened to why you came to Earth, or even remembered the great mission you set for selves. Time is running out to awaken to the Truth!

Earth changes are upon you in an increasing amount and at an exponential rate. Mother Earth is rocking and reeling, and her appointed time for the expected polar shift at the end of the age is upon you.  She has held on way beyond her gradation in order for you to awaken!  At this time, she is breathing heavily, and her time of waiting is ending.  The frequency of threats of a nuclear war are resounding throughout the Cosmos, and are a disturbance to all there is.  If such would happen you can bet your bottom dollar that all hell shall break loose as Mother Earth shall turn on her axis.   Her graduation shall be a cataclysm of horror!  Remember, the great Law of Returns is absolute.  You reap what you sow.

I can tell you now that these evil ones planning and are goading Russia to a battle shall either be uncreated, or they shall spend billions of years in the Void when the great null time occurs, and all of creation is at rest within Creation.  Each day shall seem like an eternity.  It’s called Karma.

You have been told in the Phoenix Journals about evacuation. The whole message of these Journals is to awaken you to the TRUTH one last time. They are not out-of-date. You now have the Talmud of Jmmanuel, as further Word from Sananda. What you do with the Truth is up to you. I have told you over and over in the Journals that Mother Earth at the end of each civilization has tipped on her axis for cleansing and to start another civilization. This has happened again and again and again, such as in the civilizations of Lemuria or Atlantis. We have evacuated many planets, and we shall evacuate this one.

You are now at the end of this last 3rd Dimensional civilization. Mother Earth was granted her birthing right to 5th Dimension in 1987. I do not know the exact moment of her decision to make this shift, but I do know that it is imminent, and could happen even this very day, April 19. 2022. Because of the speeding up of “time”, the end date given of December 21, 2012 WAS when the Dark Ones promised me they would come back to the Light.  It did not happen! As Patrick said, you are on “borrowed time”. The polar shift is that close. Sananda, also, said that he would return like a thief in the night.

You are to be at peace and not fearful. Listen to your heart and know that the time of the end is at hand. Our ships are on Red Alert, and we already have you in our beam. Carry on with your work, but be ready and waiting, for the polar shift is upon you ones.

To all those, who have awakened, including Sananda’s Flock:  clear yourselves of any negative darkness.  Ask for your frequencies to be raised to 169443 so you can be beamed up safely.  STAY CENTERED FOCUSED, BALANCED AND CALM.


**Channel: Anne Bellringer


16 Replies to “Aton: Pole Shift”

  1. david k gates

    GAIA WILL shift her poles but only after everyone is SAFE!!
    NOT BEFORE ! Those moving UP and those staying in 3D will NOT be subjected to a Pole Shift as all move to different realms.

    so dont fall for FEAR, especially DOOMSDAY APOCALYPTIC scenarios such as a Pole Shift

  2. Donovan

    There is a lot of jumping on band wagons and pure speculation of what might happen. There is a lot of spiritual naivety and immaturity around. Get back to spiritual/metaphysical fundamentals that we all accept and above all live in the present. Living in a world of this or that might happen in the future means a level of a feeling of safety has not been reached by the individual despite outward appearances. Concentrate on developing loving, compassionate and kind relationships in the now, which are the keys to 5D and forget the speculation about pole shifts – you’ll only do your head in about all the conjecture and assumptions. Get back to spiritual fyndamentals.

  3. P.S.

    We’ll see. I’m going to continue on with my timeline where a horrific cataclysm does not happen and the transition is relatively smooth for the speed it’s going to go–and those bumps that we encounter we work out by rising to the occasion.

    If the Earth wants to flip her poles, then she’ll flip her poles. Who am I to tell Earth what she can and cannot do?

  4. Harriet

    Perhaps if you say 169443 a Dracon will come after you. Or this could be true in a different respect. A half year ago there was a warning of something like this in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. But it was a warning of sudden magnetic pole reversal that would send us back to a life of the 1800’s. An actual flip of the Earth upside down would end everything and there are two reasons that won’t happen. Cocreators are not going to let Russia or any country shoot off any radiation armaments that can explode, Cocreators will disarm them. The second reason is that the end of humanity is not in our destiny. We aren’t going to wipe us out, so can not Earth. Harmonic Convergence of December 16/17th 1987 guarantees that. WW3 was averted at least 3 times in the last 20 years. My ‘feeling’ is that Earth knows to let us finish this ascension. Everyone out there believes it is and will be successful.
    Thank you for this article. But I do wonder if Anne picked up someone other than a benevolent being.

    1. A lightworker

      “Perhaps if you say 169443 a Dracon will come after you.” — being cautious is indeed good. That said, you can always ask for guidance whether you should say that, and/or ask for protection, and/or say “if it’s in accordance with the highest divine blueprint, then I ask for my frequencies to be raised to169443.” I personally think this message is genuine, is from a good being and the axis flip could happen (not 100% will happen).

      “An actual flip of the Earth upside down would end everything and there are two reasons that won’t happen. Cocreators are not going to let Russia or any country shoot off any radiation armaments that can explode,” Agree that there’s not going to be a nuclear war, but I don’t see how that prevents earth from just flipping on its axis herself. From what I’ve been reading, that’s something that Gaia can just do by herself.

      “The second reason is that the end of humanity is not in our destiny.” Agree but note that this message talks about evacuation. If humanity is beamed up, and then either put on some other planet and/or returned to earth in some safe way after the axis flip, then that’s not the end of humanity.

  5. Nancy Castellvi

    All in Divine Time. I envision a wave of Divine energy that can penetrate the hearts of those who are asleep; that It awaken their codes. For my part I Continue on my mission to send Love and Light to the whole Planet and every human on Earth🙏💛

  6. Holistic

    There is no certainty in any timeline or prediction. This message is a simple reminder of a probable future. Stay awake is all it is saying— and yes, it’s the same message from the 80s humanity has ignored. Too many people are fast asleep … still.

  7. Gordon Jackson

    Ah yes, the old Earth evacuation story. This was very big in 1980 and was supposed to be taking place by Ashtar Command. Their ships were ready to evacuate us all within 5 minutes back then. I guess someone new has read up on that old story and rehashed it for the new generation.

    Google Ashtar Command Earth Evacuation Tuella if you don’t believe me.

    1. A lightworker

      Crazy as this sounds, I have a very good intuition / connection with my guides and they’re saying this could happen. Or it could not, depending on the timeline humanity collectively chooses.

      So don’t live your life like you’ll be beamed up in a month or in a year, but then again that’s also not completely outside the realm of possibilities.

      I don’t doubt that this has been predicted before and hasn’t materialized, but well, no one can predict the future. After all, if someone could, then humanity wouldn’t have free will.

      Probably they thought “humanity is on the path to x, and if x happens then there will be a pole shift + we’ll evacuate earth.” But then humanity changed course, hence the pole shift was delayed, hence the evacuation was delayed.

    2. Diamond Black

      There’s a tsunami of old intel from the 1995/1996 era being regurgitated.
      I’m not really seeing anything new.
      Another day on clown world, the only 2 things that need to happen:
      1. The retarded scourge be cleansed from the planet.
      2. The clown world refuges be sent back to their original planet (if it still exists).
      Purpose of this is to leave us free of interfering idiots that are everywhere. They are not and will not awaken, ever. They are avatars giving archons are piggyback.
      Go out, look, listen. No hope for them.

    1. A lightworker

      No one knows. Some say “any time, it could be tomorrow.” Some say around 2025. I’ve also heard 2030 and somewhere after 2038.

    1. rht smythe

      Married with Children joke
      Overweight customer speaking to Al, “Im going to go out on a limb and say you’ve never been employee of the month, have you?”
      Al, “No I havent ……but if I were YOU, I wouldnt be going out on any limbs!”