Earth Day And The Cosmic Blasts

Today, Friday, April 22nd, 2022, is the annual honoring of EARTH DAY which began with the famous book, SILENT SPRING, written by Rachel Carson in 1962. It became a NEW YORK TIMES best-seller and sold more than 500,000 copies in 24 countries.

Carson’s book discussed the ravages of pollution that mankind was doing to our water, soil, and air which would subsequently have dire consequences to humanity.

Students on college campuses who had already been protesting the Viet Nam War, who were disgusted with racism, and who also were already concerned about environmental pollution praised Carson’s work, and it became “must” reading throughout the world.

By January of 1969, Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin and others who had seen the massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, further encouraged student protests and developed the idea of a “Teach-In” regarding the environmental situation on our planet.

The first official EARTH DAY was on April 22nd, 1970.

Interestingly, before the first EARTH DAY, it was in 1961 that several world scientists began to publish research on their growing concern about how our planet was being impacted by cosmic events which were building in strength.

They noticed that solar energies were performing differently than what they were used to observing and what they were taught about in their university educations.

They saw a connection between cosmic events (strong solar flares, CMEs, etc.), Schumann Resonance levels, and collective human consciousness.

All together, these created “Energy Waves” or unmistakable patterns of intertwining events.

For example, reaching back over previous decades of history, they realized that each time warfare erupted or increased racial conflict occurred or religious hegemony proliferated, and more disharmony, the cosmos exploded with powerful events which elevated planetary activations relative to strong quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc. just as had been taught in the ancient Vedic scriptures which many had begun to respect as not just a rendering of sacred principles but as also a very amazing teaching of scientific concepts.

Spiritual teachers from Bharata (India), many of whom had come to the Western world in earlier decades, were sought out to deliver lectures at universities, to organizations, and to community groups.

Even before their teachings, however, such Yogis as Hazrat Inayat Khan, Paramahansa Yogananda, and others, had planted spiritual roots for a huge world-wide tree of Divine knowledge.

Thus, SOURCE seems to have set the stage for consciousness-transfer.

There have been many powerful mid-strength “C-Class” flares, strong “M-Class” flares, and dynamic “X-Class” flares in previous weeks.

Today at 13:25 UT (Universal Time), there was an “M.3-Class” solar flare, and a large sunspot has been detected which shows a possibility of even more “M-Class” flares this afternoon or this evening. Solar winds are slightly above normal (447.9 km/s).

“Comet Thatcher” reaches its peak in meteor showers today, and the magnetosphere is building in plasma pressure at the far side of our planet, and yet, that pressure is slowly moving towards the Sun-facing side building in density.

The “Power” level (Schumann Resonance) has been rated at “60”, and a black-out is occurring which is indicative that activations to Earth/Gaia are actually more pronounced than technologically indicated.

As cosmic events have increased towards EARTH DAY, and since solar flares and CMEs sweep-away unnecessary energetic frequencies, it is as if we are being shown that we too must seek to shed the atrocities of recent history which continue to plague our planet.

Mankind must cease its tendency towards seemingly being stimulated by war, political intrigue, murder and mayhem, racism, the lives of entertainers—all signs of a very low frequency of consciousness seeking to travel lower as if “Disharmony” is the theme of the planet illustrating that the “Age of Chaos” is still unfortunately in vogue.

Venturing into the science of “Swara Yoga”, we are taught about the consequences of polluting our elements.

Mankind’s disturbances of the earth element cause mental ailments.

Disturbances of the water element cause emotional disorders.

Disturbances of the fire element cause anger, stomach ailments, lethargy, and swellings.

Disturbances in the air element cause hypertension, stress, diseases of the nervous system, and skin problems.

Disturbances of the akasha cause fear, lack of faith, lack of power, and lack of joy.

Are these not all sad happenings on our planet to many?

Yet, there are those who render ancient teachings as superstitions or “fairy tales” even when they prove to be true in our so-called “modern” era.

“What fools these mortals be!” (one of my favorite of Shakespeare’s lines from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”).

Ancestral sacred attunements have set the stage for us.

The ancient Sankofa bird of West Africa also has a vital message in its symbolism.

It is depicted as a bird that is walking into the future, but its head is turned to the past to remember from whence it has come.

We can rise higher, and many are doing so.

The gift of EARTH DAY is another opportunity to focus on what is good on our planet such as organizations which are giving food and shelter to the needy, charitable institutions such as Saint Jude’s Hospital for Children which charges no fees to patients or their family for services, individuals who are unknown but who in their own way help others in their cities and neighborhoods to thrive, etc.

These are merely a sparse few examples of the wonderful actions being taken daily by those of a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

EARTH DAY is also when we can clean-up our ponds and lakes, plant trees and flowers, take inventory of how we are contributing to the wellness of our planetary home by refusing to participate in the further polluting of water, soil, and air as well as the human mind.

For pollution to be happening, this shows that human mindsets are polluted.

Here is a scriptural verse to ponder: “The senses are powerful, but greater and more powerful is the MIND” (BAGHAVAD GITA).

Here is another: “You have the MIND of Christ” (HOLY BIBLE).

Yeshua certainly did not pollute the environment.

He sought to enrich humanity’s knowledge of the DIVINE which he taught was located within us.

Think of when he said: “Know ye not that ye are the temples of the LIVING GOD?!”

The HOLY QU’RAN says the same thing: “God is closer than your jugular vein.”

As those who follow my lessons know, I honor all sacred traditions.

Yes, I have been initiated into a specific path, but this does not hinder my acceptance and respect for others.

If we really believe that there is one SOURCE/GOD/INFINITE PRESENCE/DIVINE ABSOLUTE, can we not come together in PEACE and LOVE?

What will it take to awaken the majority of our planet’s inhabitants to our “ONENESS”?

The ABSOLUTE pervades all things.

Let us take a look at another Quranic verse which is very enlightening: “I made you different so that you would know one another, not despise one another.”

Humanity must cease misuse of its free will.

Earth/Gaia is receiving increasing doses of LIGHT and a faster vibrational “spin”—which has been discussed in earlier documentations—and we too are being given more LIGHT encodements and faster molecular vibrations.

It cannot be otherwise if we are to engage in continual activations of our individual and collective “God Particle” (also known as the “God Cell”) between the right and left hemispheres of our brains. Earth/Gaia has a “God Particle” too.

Deep within “Her” core are crystallizations with immense magnetic or attracting resonances—the “main office” of LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION.

“She” transmits to us, and we transmit to “Her”.

“She” receives LIGHT and SOUND frequencies from within and beyond this galaxy and from the Great Central Sun.

“She” then proceeds to “deliver” the “messages” to “Her” planetary “residents”, and this includes those of us who cherish our planetary home—one of many which we have inhabited in various dimensional existences.

Do something uniquely special today as gratefulness to SOURCE for our beautiful planet and as a gift to Earh/Gaia for “Her” constant care for us so that we are always in reception of the LIGHT for our greater good.


**By Dr Schavi M Ali