The Good News About Karma

Karma is very different from what most people think it is. There is no mysterious accountant in the sky keeping track of your karmic balance. The Law of Karma is created by a combination of two of the three underlying primary universal laws of Creation.

Each of us has a karmic pattern, which is like a tapestry filled with a variety of cross-linked energies – really a collection of created thought patterns – contained in your aura. These patterns in your aura magnetically attract people of like mind and also circumstances that resonate to the patterns.

Each individual pattern was created by your action, whether it was physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Typically, a pattern begins with an intention and, with the addition of feeling, grows from there.

A pattern can also be created at a soul level in order to attract circumstances related to your life plan. Part of the human experience is to forget your life plan once you incarnate into a new body with a new brain but, at your soul level of consciousness, you remember your plan exactly and continually maintain and modify it as needed.

Bad karma is experienced in a case where a person has acted badly to others and, at a soul level, they feel the need to learn by being the recipient of such behavior. Through that, they gain a sense of balance but, more importantly, they gain compassion for those who suffer in such a way and are less likely to act out such imbalance in the future.

So, karma is not so much an act of the universe reflecting your actions like a mirror. Rather, it is a set of attractors that exist in your aura. These attractors exist as long as you feel the need for them. After their purpose has been explored, you typically lose interest in that type of experience and the pattern fades away.

**By Owen Waters