Yeshua: Light is Overcoming the Darkness

I am your brother, Yeshua. I come at this time, in these moments, these moments of great cheer, because the Spring has come. The renewal of all of life is here now in these moments.

This day, which you call Easter, is not about what you have been told many, many times over, and over, and over. It’s not about that at all. It is about the renewal. It is about the new Spring coming forward. All of life coming back alive. It’s about not my resurrection, but ascension. It is all about ascension. Not my ascension, but all of our ascension. Ascension has humanity together, as one, moving into higher space of vibration in dimensional frequency.

This day, just like all of your other holidays, regardless of where they come from, regardless of the origins of these days. Know that these days bring people together. The love springs forth once again. For your Christmas, your Thanksgiving, your Easter, even your Fourth of July, and all of those other holidays around the planet in all of the different countries where you come together as one together in love. Feeling the happiness. Feeling the joy. That is what this day is about, is joy.

Not about my death, although I did not die at that time. Just as many of you have come to understand. You are finally learning the truth. But whether you know I did or I did not die at that time matters not. It only matters that I lived.

Just as you are all living today, and all moving toward your own ascension. All moving toward eternal life. For eternal life is just that, eternal. It never ends. You never end! That is what, in those times, I came to show everyone. To show it with my action; not just words, but action, that all is about love. All is about being connected to each other. All is about brotherhood and sisterhood. And again, being in joy, in the moment.

For each and every day you continue on in this lifetime, it is about the joy in every moment. Find that joy in every moment. If you do that, and continually do that, you will find your own resurrection, your own ascension.

I came to show the way. Others before me also did the same. I was not the only one. I was not the only one that became the Christ. And each and every one of you are here to take on the Christ Consciousness as well. For that comes with your ascension–all of you. Each and every one of you that moves through the ascension process and completes that ascension, each and every one of you will then have that Christ Consciousness. You could all be called the Christ, then.

That, again, is not what it is about either. It is about all coming together as one. Being one. Being The One together more, and more, and more. It is time for you to trust each other. Trust in each other. Because you are all moving through this together. Not separate, as those of the forces of darkness would want to do, to continue to separate you as they have been attempting to do. But more and more of you are saying, “No more!” That is not the way of love. That is the way of fear, and that cannot be! Where you cannot have a planet of Light when there is such fear. And those of the forces of darkness have known this for so long and have attempted to hold on to that darkness by spreading fear everywhere they could. But Light has come.

Light is here on this planet once again. And it is overcoming all of the darkness. And you, those of you, are here to show the way to those that are still steeped in that darkness, that are still finding themselves asleep, asleep to the truth and following the falsehood that they are programmed to believe. No more! I say, no more!

It is time. It is time to rise above all of the illusions of the past. It is time to once again take on the mantle of who you are and what you are fully to become. To become the Christ. The Christ Consciousness walking here upon the Earth in each and every one of you. So that the consciousness of Light reigns forth.

You are all that Consciousness of Light. Light is indeed returning to Earth, returning to Gaia. Just as the Christ Consciousness is returning within you.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. I am Yeshua. And I am not your savior. Never have been, never could be. I am your brother. Your brother in oneness together for all time.

**Channel: James McConnell

**Source 1 2

4 Replies to “Yeshua: Light is Overcoming the Darkness”

  1. Douglas A James

    It all makes sense so the satanists can kill yeshua each Sunday and drink his blood and eat his flesh..

  2. Elaine M. Hoffman

    Why are you exposing this now! All of a sudden, why now? I know about the Vatican hiding ancient truths from us in the Bible. How do we know this is accurate? I was warned about this from Mark Taylor back in 2016-17 when he did the Trump prophecies. He said All Roads Lead to Rome in a prophecy that you can download from his website: He said what the Vatican had underneath in the tunnels would rock the Christian world. Is this what he was referring to? We need to see more proof, please!!!

    1. Theresa

      Go to Click SPIRITUAL. Find HATONN & SANANDA. Anne Bellringer, who runs the site with her husband, Patrick, is the daughter of Sananda, who is who you call JESUS. God ATON / HATONN & ‘JESUS’ SANANDA send us messages almost daily now as we are reaching the GRADUATION of our planet Earth.

      Have you read pages 33-38 of PHOENIX JOURNAL 5? It explains this GRADUATION.

      Also, PHOENIX JOURNAL 2 gives the answers to all your above questions.

  3. Paulo Urbina

    Solo quería aprovechar el espacio para promocionar mi última canción, gracias por su atención

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