We Rise

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak I am Kejraj!

You are an integral part of the greatest show in the Universe. You have the most vast audience ever. Cheering you on, and shining their light on you. Rise, as you have proven yourselves, with an outstanding performance.

The time has arrived, for the Collective’s wounded heart to be healed. For all the pains and sorrows to be transmuted into light.

We rise, my friends. We rise, for the days of the old are very soon to end. It is time for a new beginning, one of peace, prosperity, and love for all.

You have done what you came to do on Earth. Clearing and transmuting the lower frequency energies. Guiding and helping humanity by being an example of the higher light.

Your mission continues in the new reality, on the New Earth. The building of the Light Communities, this is to be started by you, the lightworkers.

You are to make great contributions to the New World. All the wisdom from previous lifetimes, and your current lifetime, you are to use it in bringing about the new way of life on Earth. And all have something unique to offer.

You stand now on the precipice of this immense change over, for the light has taken over the world.

Each moment the dark dissolves and loses its grip on the matrix and the Collective, as the two have decided to part ways.

The old cannot be held together any longer. For it is not supported by the higher energies entering Earth.

The Dark fears this, they know it is the end of their rule. They cannot stop the light from bringing about the shift of the ages.

This process of evolution on Earth is not just about humanity. It is about the Earth, and all of her kingdoms, and the Galaxy as a whole. The process can no longer be stalled because some humans refuse change, and fail to see what is right in front of them. It is alright. Perhaps it simply isn’t their time, it is their Soul’s choice to experience ascension in a different lifetime, on another planet.

For those who have chosen to ascend with the Earth, Earth has made the announcement, communicated with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Source, on the decision to accelerate the shift. She has waited, patiently for millions of years for this moment, and is ready to release the old. There are to be no more delays.

The Ancient Guru within you has been reawakened, from a long rest. All of your gifts and talents are beginning to come forth.

It is truly time to readjust focus, and choose love over and over again, until you are totally immersed in it, and you realize that you have been this divine light love all along. It is your very essence. It is time for a higher realization, and rise like a sun, allowing your light to shine brighter than ever before.

We rise, into the new realm of light.

I am Kejraj!


17 Replies to “We Rise”

  1. Satnayama

    Hello KejRej,

    Is it possible for you to find out if donating/fundraising via GiveSendGo is an option for you? Paypal is excruciatingly expensive, and I personally prefer for my money to go to you, and not partially to an intermediary.

    Thank you for this website and all the work put in.

  2. Tammy

    Lovely and inspiring message. Many of us can feel a build up of energy bringing down this age old system in divine timing for the greatest good.

  3. Mitch

    What most of the “nea-sayers” don’t understand with these messages is that spirit/guides/higher selves etc. tell us what we need to hear & not necessarily the “truth” as said “truth” is unique to each individual in each individual time line.
    Thank you EOL!!

  4. Oscar

    Thank you Kej Raj! Your blessings have helped me through dark nights of the soul and have helped uplift countless other souls to the divinity within I’m sure! Victory to Source’s light and unconditional love!

  5. Linda Rosa

    Kejraj, this is a beautiful and uplifting message. The Holy Bible says we cannot know the date or the time for the event and that not even Jesus the Christos knows – only God The Father. I am sensing a change in the hearts of many people and always appreciate your words. Many thanks to you and your beautiful heart !!

  6. John

    Regarding asking for money in an above post Kejraj asks for help with running cost but never ever demands it

  7. John

    Thank you Kejraj A unique message for this time the end of times i feel all within my heart and i am filled with joy in this moment and for all eternity and all within devine timing i have learned everything within is your truth love to all.

  8. Kirk Stmoritz

    Heard it all before and nothing changes.

    You sir are a very poor hack. You take the channelling of people who have written the same message over and over for years and then write the same thing as them as though you yourself are the purveyor of these good tidings.

    Why is it that you and the others never admit when you are wrong? You never apologise for making these announcements, announcements that something incredible is just about to happen and it doesn’t, it never does. Instead you make another announcement that things are about to change.

    Funny isn’t it that you decided to make this post full of promise of imminent change just at the same time as you are asking for money from the readers.

    No, that’s not suspicious at all.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Hi Kirk,

      I’ve made many posts before without asking for support. When I do make a new post I usually do it for a Sunday.

      I do not force anyone. I simply ask. If you do not wish to support, that is alright.

      When I write a message, it is an “at once task”, meaning it is one try and I do not proof read it, it is more so what some have referred to as automatic writing, when one is tuned into the light within.

      Enjoy your weekend!

    2. Maud Neal

      Kirk is right: so called higher beings dupe and exploit our confusion. They leave everyone hanging on threads of untruths and repeat what others have “ channelled” to create more misdirection.
      Let us learn to see and think for ourselves and turn up our own multidimensional intuition.

      1. P.S.

        I don’t see anyone forcing you to believe or think anything. Let yourself think for yourself. No one is stopping you. No one is making you believe these messages.

        You are the only one here. You are the one in control. This is your life. If you find these messages unhelpful, then EXERT YOUR FREE WILL and stop reading them!

        It’s not rocket surgery guys.

  9. The Cosmic Spectacularis Superforce

    Well said KejRaj! Also, many thanks to you for creating and sharing this truly unique, beautiful, and empowering portal of light with us all, for such is appreciated more than you will ever really know, here!

    Three cheers to the Great Awakening! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Douglas A James

    Perfect update thank you!! It is time to shift yes .. time to leave the old matrix behind …unity Consciousness.