From 3D To 4D And 5D: Solar Carnage

Solar storms running in a continuous series work like a giant cosmic mincing machine that mercilessly grinds everything that belongs to 3D.

Two huge swarms of sunspots have appeared on the surface of the Sun, hinting at an increase in the likelihood of bright auroras and potentially destructive Solar Flares in the coming months.

Some of the sunspots are so gigantic that they can swallow the Earth whole. The energy of the active regions released in the form of radiation and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) which are super-hot plasma balls.

Known as “active regions” 2993 and 2994 (AR2993 and AR2994), the new sunspot groups appear to be following a third sunspot group – still hidden behind the northeast limb (or visible edge) of the Sun – which caused a powerful flare that did not hit Earth a few days ago.

On April 21, at 01:57 UT, satellites in Earth orbit recorded a powerful solar flare of class M9.6.

The source was the AR2993-94 sunspot complex, facing directly to Earth. To round it up, it was an X-flash.

Its radiation caused a strong shutdown of radio frequencies below 30 MHz in Southeast Asia and Australia. It is noteworthy that for the second day in a row, radio communications were disconnected in the same region. This happened after an even stronger flash of X2.2. They damaged the electronics of the satellites and heated the gases of the upper atmosphere that led to an increase in resistance in low orbits.

Just these days, a series of meetings within the G-20 is taking place here, in Indonesia, where once again the actors of the theater, which is burning in all corners, are performing their guignol. The play is still the same: what else can be patched up, who else can be bent to leave everything on the planet as before.

Behind the scenes, the Black egregores are waging their war of annihilation and complete subjugation.

Blows are inflicted through the population of entire countries, depriving them, through their completely submissive leadership, of resources – financial, raw materials, commodity, human, moral, mental.

Feast of predators.

La Grande Abbuffata on a Subtle Plane.

Archons and their Drakos and Reptiloids do not want to give up without a fight, despite all the efforts of the Light Forces both on the Subtle and on the physical plane.

The unfavorable development of events was also caused by the unwillingness of the collective consciousness of humanity to sudden and unexpected changes for it.

Most of the world’s population at the most crucial moment was under the influence of the shadow global government. People couldn’t or didn’t want to see a trick either in the imposed pseudo-pandemic, or in the confrontation of individual countries created by the planet’s rulers.

On the physical plane, they managed to outplay people thanks to centuries of experience in controlling their consciousness. They used all their tools to run people’s minds, stopping at nothing. As long as this works, Archons remain relatively safe.

Their System will stop at nothing to arrange a real concentration camp for the earthlings, depriving them not only of physical freedom, but also of the right to live.

This situation has shown that in reality, where a bunch of inhumans has all power and “legal” structures, Galacom will not be able to negotiate with them.

Any attempts to call them for a dialogue in a peaceful way are perceived as weakness and are brutally suppressed, so Co-Creators and Galacom have no choice but to clench their fists.

They see perfectly well that earthlings are still led by beings that are at an immeasurably low level of development, completely devoid of Love, and Compassion.

Unfortunately, the possibilities of intervention of Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchy in the mankind life are very limited due to Cosmic Laws and the understanding that each civilization must pass its own lessons, having drunk the cup of trials and maturation to the end.

All that Galacom and friendly space races can do is to protect humanity from death, not letting it perish as a species. Everything else is in the hands of earthlings.

Earth is not only beautiful, but also unique. There is no other planet in the Local Universe that has such a variety of animal and plant life, not to mention a man whose genetic code bears traces of many highly developed civilizations. Therefore, it is under the protection of Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs.

The successful outcome of events is already a foregone conclusion. Earth and its best representatives are already moving to a new level of evolution in 4D/5D, despite the desperate attempts of Archons and their Dark retinue to derail the Transition.

Solar carnage acts ruthlessly, though mercifully. If there is at least one quantum of Light left in the Souls, Co-Creators will fight for this Soul to the last. This determines the fate of each person, the speed of change and the transition to 5D as a whole.

Multiple Portals, large and small, are open over the countries. The dirty-colored energy of malice, lies, and disbelief flows through them. In the most dangerous points, the cleansing flame of the red energy plasma blazes. The blue energy of the new, 5D Intelligence is breaking through it with sparks.

Above the Bermuda Triangle, the space is filled with the Love energy GREMO. After ejection, it adapts and spreads all over the planet, through its communication channels and underground glazed tunnels, filling and transmuting the worlds of third and fourth density.

The Quasitron has become wider, its vibrational waves and pulse frequencies has changed. Radiant energy of the new collective Intelligence is emitted. The system works stably under the full control of Galacom.

Streams of swamp-colored energy (lies, greed, lust for power, hatred) beat powerfully into the atmosphere. A lot of spheroids of friendly space races collect and carry it off the planet. The Siriusians’ Lunar quantum converter operates at high frequencies, constantly annihilating negative and waste energy.

At the South and North Poles, the polar disks are shifted due to perturbation overstrain. They are separators that emit concentrated 5D plasma from the inner worlds to the surface through a Quasitron formed by the Devil’s Sea, the Mediterranean and the Bermuda Triangle.

The planet is also cleansed through increased tectonic activity. On April 21, 2022, around the world, in 24 hours, there was: one earthquake of magnitude 6.0 and the second – 6.7 in the North Pacific Ocean; 3 earthquakes of magnitude 5+; 52 earthquakes of magnitude 4+; 123 earthquakes of magnitude 3+; and 208 earthquakes of magnitude 2+. There are also 481 small earthquakes with a magnitude of less than 2.0, which people usually do not feel.

The power of the energy directed through the Sun is very large. The process of rocking the planet continues.

An overabundance of energy, as well as a lack, many people tolerate poorly. A lot of energy is fatigue, heaviness inside, and unwillingness to do anything.

When the quantum flow goes through the body unhindered, it is quickly filled with Light. If this energy is not spent anywhere, and a person still, out of habit, sits at home, communicates little, does not want interactions, then the flow begins to burst and crush him. He becomes ill, braking occurs; the flow is forced to decrease in order not to kill the recipient at all.

Everyone has to be ready for a large flow of 5D energy. A person needs a constant energy exchange, being open to the world, to move more, to rebuild, and not to live according to the routine. For those who realize his creative potential in profession, help people, it is easier to give and share their energy. But other difficulties arise here – reactions to people, which bring distortions in the fields, and it is important to quickly remove them.

In the large cities, bio-fields are compressed so as not to touch each other, and electromagnetic radiation is strong. In nature, on the contrary, bio-fields expand and recover. Therefore, the feeling of an overabundance of energy is subjective for everyone, as is its lack.

Caught up in the maelstrom of carnage, TV news and opinions, many become their prisoners. To escape from a pit, we should create our independent opinion aimed at creating the future, the reality that we want to see, and not follow the programmed course of events of those who want to keep the entire Earth’s population under their iron heel.

We can neutralize the imposed destructive “public” opinion, redirect the vector of events, giving it a life-affirming course, and putting it on the path most favorable for the highest good.

To do this, it is only necessary to imagine more often that people stop fighting with each other and, combining their efforts, drive the inhumans away from Earth, and build a new society based on Higher Cosmic Laws.

The public opinion energy has a strong impact on the overall vibrational component of collective consciousness. This is especially noticeable now, when the fierce confrontation of Light and Dark Forces on the physical plane has intensified.

The paradigm shift takes place in three stages.

On the first, doubt about the veracity of information received from official sources.

On the second, search for truth through the alternative sources begins.

On the third, making up independent opinion about the events taking place on Earth.

As a result, a person joints to like-minded people who form public opinion, radically different from the generally accepted, official one. It carries completely different vibrations inherent in the energies of freedom and the search for truth.

These energies, pouring into the collective consciousness, balance it, since each awakened person is worth hundreds and even thousands of unawaken ones.

Such is the power of the high-vibration energies of the Source. And that is why every awakened person is so valuable.

A huge army of Lightwarriors has already appeared on Earth, whose operations are described by Disclosure News.

Each Warrior transforms the energy of space and the consciousness of the people around him, even by his mere presence next to them.

Under their influence, the collective consciousness began to raise its vibes, displacing from its space the low-vibration energies of the Archons’ three-dimensional world.

Thanks to Solar storms and the energy shake-up of the planet, the transformation affects everyone.

It is already impossible to stop this process.

The streams of new high-vibration energies wash out all the dirt from Souls, leaving in its energy space only that pure and bright that it has.

Negative energies will not be able to withstand the pressure of incoming high vibes and will dissolve in them, disappearing from Earth forever.

And what will happen to those in whom there is nothing pure and bright?

They will dissolve, utterly and completely through physical death from disease, but in fact due to inability to “digest” new high-vibration energies.

Those who have pure energies prevail will feel an incredible spiritual uplift: unconditional Love for everything in the world pouring over the edge, boundless happiness and joy.

It will happen because their pure energies, having received an additional charge of high vibes, will displace all the remnants of negativity and three-dimensional programs from them.

As a result, these people will find their original Divine integrity and purity, which will allow them to move gently, smoothly and painlessly into the world of the fifth dimension, where they will be met by new friends – those who have chosen their mission to help humanity during the Transition.

And among them there will be many who are assisting us now, preventing the Dark Forces attempts, before their imminent defeat, to destroy millions of people on Earth.

**By Lev


4 Replies to “From 3D To 4D And 5D: Solar Carnage”

  1. John Neptunia

    I love this message which resonates. The joke is now on the ‘business as usual’ and ‘fun and games’ 3D sheeple folks. Keep pumping up the Vibrational volume. I will Never look at the (Saviour) Sun the same way again. Thank You.

  2. alan

    Thank you Lev.;)))
    Everything is controlled by the Mass Consciousness of this planet so as the people go so goes the Planet, so why not change it to Creations of Love and peace and thoughts of prosperity and non Judgement, Forgiveness using Unconditional Love.????
    Always Love. Grandfather.;;)))