Shanghai Lockdown: Officials Install Door Alarms to Prevent Escapes

Shanghai’s government on Thursday began installing electronic door alarms on some residences to prevent people from leaving their homes while the city’s entire populace remains under a state-mandated Chinese coronavirus lockdown, China’s state-run Global Times reported on Friday.

“Those who are required to quarantine at home will have sensors placed on their doors,” Shanghai’s government said on April 21. The stipulation was made in a municipal notice issued late Thursday night that went into immediate effect upon its release.

The BBC on Friday also reported on Shanghai’s newly escalated lockdown measures, noting they would “include placing electronic door alarms to prevent those infected from leaving.”

The door alarms are part of the Shanghai government’s newly tightened rules for the urban center’s ongoing lockdown, which began on April 5 and applies to all of the city’s nearly 26 million residents.

Communist Party officials in charge of Shanghai held a meeting late Friday night in which they “vowed to … take a more forceful approach to implement a zero-COVID [Chinese coronavirus] strategy across all aspects of the battle with the virus,” according to the Global Times.

The newspaper, which is run by China’s ruling Communist Party, provided examples on April 22 of how Shanghai’s lockdown has intensified in recent days, writing:

Shanghai resident Li Cuihua, who lives in a residential community under sealed-off management, meaning she is not supposed and allowed to step out of her door, told the Global Times that her community issued a notice on Thursday night [April 21] that the volunteers will come door to door to do nucleic tests for the residents in the upcoming five days.

Catherin You, a Shanghai resident, told the Global Times that Jingan district, where she lives and residents were previously allowed to walk outside the community, upgraded its restrictions on Thursday [April 21] asking its residents not leave the compound and stay put at home, and only to go downstairs to get food and other life necessities.

Shanghai’s city-wide lockdown began on April 5, though a mass testing initiative for the Chinese coronavirus saw one-half of Shanghai sealed off for five days at a time from March 28 to April 5. The metropolis, which is a global financial and manufacturing hub and home to the world’s busiest shipping container port, has suffered from its latest epidemic of the Chinese coronavirus since early March. Shanghai ordered all schools in the city to shut down on March 11 and then steadily increased restrictions to a total lockdown by early April. The measures have seen residents, regardless of their Chinese coronavirus status (i.e. positive or negative), forcibly quarantined in state-run sites. Asymptomatic people, who made up the majority of Shanghai’s Chinese coronavirus caseload in early April, have been shipped off to state quarantine as well.

Police officers wearing protective gear control access to a tunnel in the direction of Pudong district in lockdown as a measure against the Chinese coronavirus in Shanghai on March 28, 2022. (HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)

“Shanghai’s quarantine policy has been criticised for separating children from parents and putting asymptomatic cases among those with symptoms,” Reuters observed on April 5.

Shanghai’s lockdown has additionally seen the city’s wealthy populace express concern online over dire food shortages.

***By Gabrielle Reyes


4 Replies to “Shanghai Lockdown: Officials Install Door Alarms to Prevent Escapes”

  1. P.S.

    Among other reasons, this is also a lesson for the Chinese to wake up and start asserting their individuality. They’ve been programmed so heavily in collectivism, that individualism seems to have been forgotten. Giving away your individuality entirely for the “good” of the whole is too far in one direction. They need to assert themselves as sovereign beings to bring balance to their society.

    We have the opposite issue in the West, and our trials are teaching us to come together as a collective. We are so individuated, we have forgotten how to work together as a single being.

    The end result will ultimately be balance for the entire planet. There needs to be just the right amount of individualism to claim personal sovereignty, and just the right amount of collectivism to work smoothly together as a civilization.

  2. Harriet

    I agree with Gordon Jackson. Thank you for the article. This article points again to the unrelenting power of the Deep State/Cabal/Illuminati/Khazarian Mafia to ruin everything on their way out.
    How many days/months/years will it take for people to wake up and speak up to get new people into governing positions who will make decisions with benevolent outcomes for Earth’s citizenry and the planet?
    I’m going to look at the Think Tank sites and see if they are even talking about this or even the words Deep State mentioned.
    I bring this up with anyone I feel might be receptive and they act like I’m crazy talking about some movie plot. How can a secret body of men/families run the world their way, and tell kings, presidents, heads of all industries what to do to get richer and more powerful without it being common knowledge? How can anyone not alert the world to this malism even to this day? I could talk for hours about all the nasty things the Archons and Deep State have done in the last 110 years alone and no one wants to hear any of it. It’s just too scary, too evil to listen. I didn’t give it much weight when a girlfriend talked about it, thinking it was fake news, a conspiracy or too implausible. But, then I remembered that President John Kennedy gave 6 speeches to the congress/senate and the world warning of this group he called the New World Order. He was silenced 6 days after his last speech. When I mention that, it puts the idea in their mind that there possibly could be something going on. The little bug of an idea that the degradation of society, continous downfall of every facet of our planet from shipping and education to medicine and finances might be because of a super powerful, greedy, uncaring, threatening monster so terrifying, it had to be kept secret because our world governments are greedy and uncaring too.

    I am so impatient for the full revelation of the Deep State to break open. At least before more catastrophes start happening.

    I don’t want to be unrealistic but prayers do help. Can we all please start saying prayers/intentions to have the Deep State and their offenses fully revealed to the world, let’s say within 2 months, so we can be even more successful in moving ourselves in a positive direction?

    Thank you for your prayers and intentions for a beautiful world. I love you all and want to see you all in the Fifth. Peaceful and happy.

  3. Gordon Jackson

    This is being done to create massive problems around the world with supply chain issues.