Archangel Michael: Embracing Earth

Dear beautiful friend I am Archangel Michael.

I will now talk about the present, and the future.

You already know about your past, and so do I.

It does not matter what you have done in the past.

It was the perfect scenery for you to learn from.

Do not be horriefied about my way of explaining.

I call it scenery because it was your learning landscape.

But I could also call it a world where you evolve through your own experiences.

If you take an onion as an example, every layer of you have given you a specific code of expertise.

You are now your own master. And as you read this you have found your inner core.

You have diligently worked with all of your layers, and it means a very hard work. Half of it is a work in complete darkness and it is here you discover your own light.

A lightworker works where it is dark, and now you have evolved into an enlightened being and beloved soul of the Universe.

You know who you are now. And you know that this knowing is the ascension. The ascension is not about climbing a ladder up to heaven and leaving earth.

True ascension is all about embracing earth, knowing all about her, and getting to know her. True ascension is to comunicate with her – your Mother and digging your feet into her green grass and soil.

The ascension itself is the awakened senses, and it is the 13 chakras working together.

You might find that you have a Mammuth as a spirit animal, or a dinosaur, or a another extinct animal.

And how is this possible? All the exctinct animals are evolved beings today. They left earth, to live in higher dimensions. So they never did die. And you can not die either. Your soul is eternal, it lives in different bodies from time to time.

The present is a gift, please cherish it. Love this moment exactly where you are now and love what you are doing.

The future we will shape together because you are certainly not alone.

When you feel it in your heart that peace, love and understanding is what you think is important, you will intune yourself with me and my crew, and we will move forward together!

I love you


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


5 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Embracing Earth”

  1. Mustang

    It is my understanding only humans have souls that never die. How to souls differ from spirits then?

  2. Denise

    Thank you so much! This fits in so perfectly with what happened with my weekend!
    I ended up developing a new life philosophy for myself, in those instances where I would be compelled by outter situations to ask “Why ME???” I instead now ask myself, “Why NOT Me???” What is there in this situation that I need to learn from?
    I then thought about how annoying the trash along the side of the road is by my house, hurricanes wash it out, been there forever!
    Nobody was ever going to clean it up so I grabbed a garbage bag and went to filling because, Why NOT me?
    Maybe that will plant a seed for someone else to help their community in some way, maybe it won’t but at the end of the day that trash was all cleaned up!😁

  3. Eunice Daniel

    I am grateful to you ARCHANGEL MICHAE, thank you. “True ascension is all about embracing the Earth, knowing all about her and getting to know her. True ascension is to communicate with her- your MOTHER….” Thanks for this explanation, once again, I am grateful.