FBI Warns of Targeted Cyber Attacks On Food Plants After Mysterious Rash Of Fires

The FBI’s Cyber Division published a notice this past week warning about increased cyber-attack threats on agricultural cooperatives, which comes at a time when a curious string of fires and explosions damage major food processing plants across the country.

“Ransomware actors may be more likely to attack agricultural cooperatives during critical planting and harvest seasons, disrupting operations, causing financial loss, and negatively impacting the food supply chain,” the notice read, adding 2021 and early 2022 ransomware attacks on farming co-ops could affect the current planting season “by disrupting the supply of seeds and fertilizer.”

The agency warned, “A significant disruption of grain production could impact the entire food chain, since grain is not only consumed by humans but also used for animal feed … In addition, a significant disruption of grain and corn production could impact commodities trading and stocks. “

The FBI’s warning comes as “nearly two dozen food processing facilities across Canada and the US” have experienced a “string of fires, plane crashes and explosions,” according to The Western Standard.

The most recent incidents were fires at two Oregon-based food processing plants. The first, on Monday night, a fire destroyed Azure Standard’s joint headquarters and warehouse facilities. The second was an explosion on Tuesday at a Shearer’s Foods plant.

Internet sleuths pieced together a compilation of headlines showing a spate of fires at food processing plants across the country in the last year or so.

One sleuth highlights recent warehouse fires affecting food supply chains in a series of tweets.

This is all happening as the Ukraine-Russian conflict has disrupted the global food supply chain. Food prices are at record highs, and the Rockefeller Foundation just released their timeframe of when a “massive, immediate food crisis” may begin — they say, “in the next six months.”

**By Tyler Durden


One Reply to “FBI Warns of Targeted Cyber Attacks On Food Plants After Mysterious Rash Of Fires”

  1. Linda Rosa

    So, the fbi is warning about attacks to major food suppliers by the Dark Side (DS), which means it is a warning that people involved in cooperative farming to obtain fresh, good vegetables and fruit for our families will be targeted. The DS never does anything to us without first warning us what it to come. They live with contracts and rituals. (Look at the Georgia Guidestones to see the DS world-warning about what might potentially be coming, unless of course Father God intervenes…which, of course HE WILL.

    So, here we are once again – sitting ducks for the DS to have their way with us. What a supreme crock of audacity on their part to think they have more power than the GOD WHO CREATED ALL THAT IS. You see, the DS believes in the powers of God more than we earthlings do. We are manipulated, groomed at birth to follow the way of the world (the broad road), rather than the narrow path that leads to the Kingdom of God. It isn’t our fault we sinned, we were programmed to. Some families tried to protect their children from the world madness, while some just went along with it.

    This is turning into a rant, which has been a long time coming. The DS (aka satanists) despise Jesus Christ because they know that Jesus indeed IS the Son of our Creator. They know what Jesus accomplished with His blood sacrifice on Calvary and how HE rose from the dead to accomplish the Plan of God for saving humanity from the DS. God knows all about the DS – but He is no friend of the DS.

    God gave His only begotten Son as a blood ransom for all of humanity so that all who believe in the Name of Jesus Christ and believe He is God incarnate and died for our sins, then rose from the dead — shall never have to give their own blood to pay for our sins on this earth. Jesus did that for us if we will come down from our high horses and accept that amazing Gift from Father God and the Realm of Light

    If we carefully read the Book of Revelations written by St. John, you can clearly see that the apocalypse written about is the way for God to clean up this earth from the DS, negative, harmful thinking, ongoing blood rituals by the DS (which is WHY the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ makes the DS CRAZY).

    The evil DS will be removed and bound in chains for 1,000 years. Then, God will once again permit them to be let out of their chains at the end of those 1,000 years and see how many humans might still be left on earth which secretly still worship the satanic principle in their hearts. And, yes, there will still be humans around whose dna might have been severely impacted by the hatred, lust, gory blood practices and oaths of the DS – and God will have another earth cleansing to finally end the realm of darkness that might still be lingering on this earth. Then, we will have Glory on earth FOREVER !!!!

    Revelations writes that the man of sin (aka antichrist) will be revealed, the believers in Christ will be swept off the earth with the sounds of trumpets and call of Jesus, the dead in Christ will arise first, and then those who are left who truly have the heart of Christ will then meet Him in their air (at a very high, amazing harmonious and beautiful frequency, my mind tells me…)

    And then, once His heart-people are removed, the end will come. The apocalypse will come, the georgia guidestones will begin to be implemented. Yes, I know it’s a horrifying thought, but I guarantee you, it cost some DS group a half a million dollars to set up those inscribed three blocks of granite to let the world know what’s coming.

    I mean, the DS does these things to warn us and we still don’t get it? What the heck is wrong with us? It isn’t like God isn’t on our side, showing us the utter, lust-filled madness of the DS and wanting us to make a decision about how to live our lives. God WANTS us to live, prosper, be happy, live in abundance with our neighbors, but first and foremost He wants us to WORSHIP HIM and not the DS or things of the earth.

    This is getting way to long. I am sorry to have gone on and on, but had to have my say about all of this. It’s written in the Holy Bible, it will happen just as it is written, not a jot of an “i” or cross of a “t” will be left out of the Plan of God.

    Sending love, peace and joy to all who read this. Don’t be fearful – choose the Way of protection and Light – Who is Jesus Christ.

    And one more thing – the DS sincerely believe that with all of their hi-tek capabilities and silicon valley withcraft that they can outsmart God? Really? Really??? The God who knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end??? The God who created elements and how they combine and interact one with the other and what element combinations are good and which are harmful????? I guarantee you the DS only uses the harming combinations of elements against humanity. It’s their forte’, their thing, their inane capability. Yet, they are no comparison to our Creator God and His Son Jesus Christ.