The Angels: From First Bloom to Championchip

Change of consciousness,

The days pass and the human race grows to new greatness. Consciousness expands and the days of hopelessness fade away. To an unprecedented degree, you are becoming aware of your strength and power and your missions. This shift in consciousness is awe-inspiring and it is happening NOW. Now you are going through the trials from which you will emerge as masters in the end, and now you are being confronted with life issues that you have chosen and can master.

Never before in the history of mankind has mastery been possible for so many people, and never before will so many people reach the goal of elevation within one earthly lifetime.

Welcome every challenge! Look positively and with joy into the future! Take over the responsibility for your life – fully and completely! However, never take over the fears and worries of people who only want to unload them – even if they are your loved ones:

Stay with yourself, close the door of compassion and open the gate of compassion!

Compassion raises you in vibration, pity lowers your vibration. The energy of compassion opens paths for you and shows solutions, you stay awake, positive and active. The energy of compassion is the sister of powerlessness and the brother of hopelessness.

Never drift into this dense vibration, because only by staying with yourself can you make a valuable contribution to people today.

How can you practice compassion in everyday life and show compassion the door?

Compassion or pity?

Always ask yourself: What does a person really want from you? Does he want to stand on his own two feet or does he want to establish an energetic connection to your heart?

Is someone coming to you for strength or to give you their burdens?

What is the motive? This is the most important question!

After that everything takes its way and it becomes clear who is the giver and who is the taker.

The energies of people begin to show more and more. Today it becomes visible what really drives a person inside. It becomes easier and easier to see what a person really wants from you! The true intentions can no longer be hidden. So you feel and sense very quickly whether someone wants to solve his problems himself or just dump them on you.

Energy thieves

Many people find it difficult to cope with the daily increasing vibration on earth. This Light of Heaven, emanating from the CENTRAL SUN, calls upon people to look at their own issues. However, those who close their minds to this necessity now have great difficulty in still controlling their old lives.

The securities and proven concepts break away. Those who in this phase frantically hold on to the old are only looking for relief in the pain, but do not want to eliminate the causes of it (yet).

This blockade is the main reason why so many people today get sick or, as energy robbers, look for an opportunity to dock everywhere. It is important to recognize this – then you will remain exempt from such assaults and your compassion will remain unaffected by pity.

Like parents who help their children master their challenges without solving the tasks for them, you should be a help to those in need, but not the solution.

Set an example of light and love, of peace and truthfulness. However, always keep in mind: the field must be fertile and the soil well loosened.

Even if man has often failed to do so, the soul knows the place of sowing and the day of the first flowering.

We love you infinitely,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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