Twin Flame Ascension Report: Ascension Corridor

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity.

The energies are intensifying exponentially at the moment. And as many of you will testify, we have just come through the most extraordinary ascension corridor of our incarnation thus far.

So many people in the community were experiencing very powerful ascension symptoms, such as dehydration, headaches and breathlessness.

There has been a little bit of confusion in the community about whether these symptoms are connected with the nefarious 5G technology that is being implemented at the moment.

There are some people that are vulnerable to the effects of the 5G frequencies, and they are the people that do not have sovereignty over their own spiritual vibration.

Our individual vibrational blueprint was designed and created by God, and so therefore it rests at a naturally high level, however all of the toxins in our environment have been designed specifically to lower our vibration, however we must always remember that our consciousness is encoded to trump all nefarious external factors.

I am reminded of a story of a great Indian guru many years ago in the sixties. A young student of his arrived and offered the guru a bottle of very, very strong liquid acid. The student warned the guru of how strong the acid is, but the guru just laughed and said, “Give me the whole bottle.” The usual dosage was one drop maximum. However, the guru decided to pour the whole entire bottle into his mouth. He sat there and absolutely nothing happened. This proved to him and to everyone that is privileged to hear the story that consciousness is far superior to any external toxin that is implemented into our environment or consciousness.

But we have to have sovereignty over our consciousness to be able to dis-attach it from the nefarious toxic timeline.

So therefore there are many on the ascension path that are not being affected by the 5G energies, as they have taken sovereignty over their spiritual vibration and have communicated to their vibration to vibrate at a frequency whereby it is not affected by 5G and such like.

And so therefore there are many people in the community that are purely experiencing ascension symptoms due to this ascension corridor that we are now in.

I am pleased to announce that we have actually come through this ascension corridor. And this is deeply connected to the dispensation of photonic light from Galactic Central. As we move closer and closer to the ascension threshold event, which is known as Samvatica or the Solar Flash Event, we will experience an intensity in the dispensation of the photonic light that spews forth from Galactic Central.

We’ve just come through one of these extraordinary ascension corridors, and many of us have felt the effects. This has had a huge effect on the Twin Flame Community and is profoundly connected to the auspicious astrology at the moment.

The astrology at the moment, particularly Jupiter and Neptune, is ensuring the eradication of all lower frequency relationships. These lower karmic frequency relationships are not going to be able to be sustained in the new vibrational frequency set point that the earth is anchoring. And this is causing a huge disruption in many of these relationships. There is a huge amount of irritation, exasperation, and simply a feeling of people have truly, truly had enough. This is a very good sign for people in Twin Flame relationships, as many of these karmics partners are going to be set free in this ascension gateway.

The energies are now building up towards Beltane.

Beltane is one of the most powerful and potent ceremonies in the pagan calendar and marks the profound sacred union of the Green Man and the Goddess. Please know that I will be hosting a 5/5 Beltane ceremony. And in the Beltane ceremony, we will be working with the Green Man and the Goddess. We will be activating a profound divine love dispensation throughout the planetary grid. And we will be ensuring that the hieros gamos, which is essentially God’s stamp, is implemented and grounded deeply into the sacred sites, and indeed within our own ancestral lineages.

We will also be working to entirely collapse the new world order agenda at its root. And we will be working to empower the angelic realm that is deeply supporting humanity at the moment.

There are other aspects to the transmission which will be revealed in due course.

Please see below for all the details on how to book onto the Beltane 5/5 transmission.

Please know it is my absolute deepest honour to gather with you all, and I deeply look forward to gathering with you all for the 5/5 Beltane ceremony.

Please be sure to check my Facebook wall as I am still currently restricted for a few more weeks. And the only way you’ll see my posts is if you actually go to my wall to see them.

Thank you for sharing my post and thank you for supporting me at this challenging time.

In love and eternal light, Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.


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