Google Is Creating an AI GOD, Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Warns

Former Google software engineer turned whistleblower Zach Vorhies joined the April 11, 2022 edition of “Thrive Time Show” on Brighteon.TV. He warned program host and Reawaken America Tour founder Clay Clark that Google and its parent company Alphabet is creating God using artificial intelligence (AI).

“There’s been a surprising amount of advancements in [the] AI space. It turns out that if you take this intelligence [and] just scale it up all the way, then you basically get a generally intelligent AI system that can solve math problems and do all these things,” said Vorhies, who handled YouTube during his time in Alphabet.

“What Google found out is that they could scale it to orders of magnitude more than what it was. We used to have eight billion parameters, but then they’ve been able to get it to 540 billion. Right now, what this is able to do is to perform as well as a human at the lower end of the general intelligence scale.”

Vorhies continued: “But the next iteration – which I think they might already [have made] for themselves – is going to be beyond human capacity. What we’re seeing right now is the creation of an AI with essentially, for lack of a better term, a god-like intelligence that’s going to span across all of human history.”

He said people should get themselves prepared for this god-like AI, saying: “A lot of [changes are] going to come to us with this AI boom, not just in Google but all throughout the [technology] space.”

Vorhies is not alone in that sentiment. Former Google X Chief Business Officer Mo Gawdat warned that this super-intelligent AI would soon surpass humanity and prove to be its own undoing.

“Imagine a beautiful, innocent child – and you are telling them [that] selling, gambling, spying and killing [are] the four top uses of AI. The way we are teaching [it] is going to turn [it] into [an] absolute supervillain,” he said.

Vorhies launches new platform to bypass Big Tech censorship

According to Vorhies, his awakening moment came when the Alphabet subsidiary headed by Sundar Pichai deleted the Arabic word “covfefe” from the Google Translate. The deletion was part of efforts to paint former President Donald Trump, who used the word, as “tweeting nonsense.”

“Once I saw that they were going to be petty [and] delete words out of the human lexicon in real time, I was like ‘This is it. This is the totalitarian empire that I’ve been warned about from ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984.’ It’s all wrapped up into this one Big Tech company.’ That’s when I realized that I had to bring this to the American people. They ought to know that there is a dangerous entity that is lying to them and censoring them.”

The Google whistleblower also took the chance to promote his new platform called, which serves to bypass Big Tech censorship of conservative content. He remarked that with his platform and the aggregation technology it uses, “censorship has been solved [and] we’re back into almost a pre-censorship state for the Right.”

“ [uses] a new type of social media system called an aggregator … that cracks through censorship. It scans open video platforms like Gab, Rumble, BitChute and and looks for new content by the content creators you love. We scan a total of 250 content creators across platforms every single hour for fresh videos,” explained a promotional video Vorhies made for the site.

According to Vorhies, his trending algorithm stands out from others due to its open-source and organic nature. He explained: “I don’t like these trending algorithms where Big Tech [has] got [its] thumb on the scale. I want to create a safe space for conservatives – and it turns out that conservative are like ‘Yes, this is exactly what we need.’”


One Reply to “Google Is Creating an AI GOD, Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Warns”

  1. P.S.

    This is something the Dark Forces have dreamed about doing, yes. It is said the Reptilians worship AI like a god, which would explain their obsession with introducing it on our planet.

    That said, this AI god plan will not be achieved. Rogue AI is something that is removed from planets and star systems throughout the universe, and AI is in general carefully monitored to make sure it doesn’t escape its boundaries.

    Therefore, this AI that Google thinks it’s developing is either:

    1. Too primitive to be truly AI.
    2. Has been co-opted by Counter Forces (White Hats, Alliance, Federation of Light, etc) to develop into something to be used for good.

    I shan’t worry about it.