An Urgent Call For Help From The Peoples Of India

Dear Ones!

The following is A CALL for IMMEDIATE HELP AND ASSISTANCE — as required by all of your BROTHERS AND SISTERS from INDIA.

In that, it is a message of TREMENDOUS importance, criticality, and IMPACT at this time — and also is it rather TIME SENSITIVE, here, too. In that as you all know (all too well here) by now, India recently refused to comply with the Deep State Cabal’s demands (i.e. threats) for taking a strong stance against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — and chose to stay all neutral and untouchable on the matter instead. This stance, therefore, has obviously not gone down ALL THAT WELL with those of the Deep State Cabal ones, here. And to make things worse (as if the elimination of Cabal-run Biolabs and Trafficking operations within Ukraine by those of the positive ones wasn’t really making matters much, much worse for these ones); India also decided to take its own strong stance against (child and human) trafficking. Something, that you all can all too easily see in here, and in here, and also all the way in here no less!!! Just look up the word “trafficking” (without the quotes) within any of these articles; and you’ll get the full picture perfectly, here.

So they now want to go right ahead and punish India and all innocent Indians (for their blatant insubordination here) with violent riots and senseless manslaughter, as ever expected from these ones, anyways. Well, you know, their usual.tactics of “making an example” out of all those who dare to disobey them or whatever.
Unfortunately (for them), WE (STILL) continue to EXIST.
And it is ABOUT TIME that we showed them ALL the TRUE and utterly INCREDIBLE POWER of true, Divine, and Un-conditional LOVE here instead.
So I therefore humbly request ONE AND ALL IN HERE reading this message to spend (at the very least!) THE NEXT 7 DAYS – i.e. up until the 8th of May, 2022 – in sending ALL OF INDIA their Prayers, their Blessings, their Positive and Loving Thoughts, their calming Visualizations, their blissful Energies, and their very strongest INTENTIONS — for EVER GREATER amounts of LOVE, LIGHT, UNITY, HEALING, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION to descend upon these targeted areas (and more). Whilst also bringing in tremendous amounts of PEACE and WELLBEING in here within these targeted areas as well, whenever and wherever they so even CAN!!!
Also, wherever and whenever such is even really possible; PLEASE DO REQUEST DIVINE ASSISTANCE AND INTERVENTION (upon this critical matter) from your own side here as well. And then, simply TRUST THAT it will indeed be GIVEN, here. One can also – prior to their falling asleep – set an intention that they will take THIS VERY MESSAGE (that you’re busy reading right now at this exact moment) back to all of HUMANKIND ITSELF (in SOME way, shape, or form here)…all during their Astral Travels, Ethereal Adventures, and Spirit Journeys (i.e. what the world knows as its sleeping “Dreams!”)
Also, please remember to SPECIALLY AND SPECIFICALLY SEND IN those Prayers, Energies, Thoughts, Words, Feelings, Emotions, Intentions and Blessings to this particular Indian State (called as “Maharashtra”). For indeed has this state been designed and decided of as being the “trigger point” (or the “epicenter”) of it all, here. That being said, DO ALSO FEEL FREE TO send those Thoughts, Words, Energies and Intentions towards the rest-of-India in here as well; as well as towards the rest-of-the-world here, too. For the Deep State ones are indeed, (losing and) desperate enough to do such things all over our very beloved PLANET – at this time – essentially.
Too bad (for them that) such (shady AF!) shenanigans of theirs will neither be ALLOWED, nor even be TOLERATED by us all (for even as much as a SINGLE DIVINE MOMENT), here.
So, let us ALL now try and get AT THE VERY LEAST 2-5 minutes of each day to LOVE-BOMB these places in UNISON. And also do the same MULTIPLE TIMES EACH DAY — if such is even really POSSIBLE (for you) AT ALL, here!!!
Finally, and in case you too feel so guided, DO JOIN IN in the MASS MEDITATIONS and GROUP PRAYERS for PEACE and WELLBEING (ESPECIALLY as it pertains to these Targeted Areas) at both – 11:11 AM G.M.T as well as 11:11 PM G.M.T. for the next 7 days; here. i.e. until the 8th of May, 2022 (at the very minimum!!!) Also feel free to organize your VERY OWN Group Prayer and Mass Meditation sessions in your own HOME; your very LOCALITY and your NEIGHBOURHOOD; as also your Groups and Clubs and Spiritual Groups and Communities (be they Online or Offline), or even just with your Friends, your Neighbours, your (willing to expand) Office Colleagues, and also all of your other Loved Ones, here, too. And then, just go MAXIMIZE the sheer IMPACT of it ALL, right away!
For sure, we may just be BUT A HANDFUL (of people) in here. But, with the power of GOD on our side, we will prove to be (TONS MORE THAN) A “HANDFUL” for all those of the negative-type and variety. A variety of entities that only and ONLY wish to bring great harm to us all upon this incredible planet of ours. For indeed, are these the ones to (wish or bring) great harm our innocent and beloved brothers and sisters (and anti-child-traffickers) and also children from across the pond. So are they bigly into doing the exact same thing to our very PLANET and HOME here as well!
So now, let’s go show these ignorant ones as to what REAL POWER even really looks like.
So PLEASE DO SHARE THIS MESSAGE URGENTLY wherever such is possible, and, if possible at all, DO ASK all of your (willing-to-assist) loved ones to join within these Group Prayers (and Mass Meditations.) As also, go check out if YOU TOO can organize some Group Prayer Sessions or Group Mass Meditation Sessions of your VERY OWN in here as well!
Finally, THANK YOU ALL SO. VERY. MUCH. for your most precious TIME, here! For your help here (in protecting innocent lives and children) is MORE APPRECIATED than mere words can ever even HOPE TO convey, here! For indeed are you appreciated by people and lives that you don’t even KNOW that you have (either touched or) helped save here through it ALL — all too likely in some interesting AF ways, shapes, and forms here!
In INFINITE Love and Light,

28 Replies to “An Urgent Call For Help From The Peoples Of India”

  1. Kim

    Thanks for the heads up…prayers forthcoming. Deep love to you and our precious India! ✨♥️✨

    1. The Spectacularis Superforce

      Thank you for your prayers Kim! 🙂 They are much ❤d and appreciated!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. The forest of white light

    Let the ultraviloet shine and cleanse the earth of rhe darkness. My dedication to stay positive and know love, and dedication to understand will sustain humanity and become one with our creator. Blessed be the skyd have been so beautiful this month the sun is working i our favor. The universe truly is welcoming to our species. It’s time we welcome the abundance given naturally by her and live in peace. We can do this. World peace is possible. We need to work together one love from Canada. Shine bright

    1. The Spectacularis Superforce

      World peace is possible indeed, and together, we 100% WILL achieve such!!!

  3. Douglas A James

    Event now enough of this by the dark ones Source please send the event wave to earth now no more waiting it’s been too long already. Send it please.

    1. The Spectacularis Superforce

      Do not worry. The dark ones’ reign is now over. These are the final few cleansings being done, in order to give our children a brighter one. So have hope, my friend! 🙂

      P.S. The Light has (conclusively!) WON!!!

  4. azanazoo

    I am a language teacher and often become annoyed by flaws in grammar or expression , but the heart and content of this post is so much more important and loving than any petty annoyance about the use of capital letters that I hardly even noticed . Further to that, my personal opinion is that the capitals are used in completely appropriate places here and considering the gravity of the plight of India at the hands of the dark cults, I feel it is quite ridiculous to focus on style or presentation of any plea for prayer for India..or indeed for anyone . I myself will be engaging in deep prayer for the peoples of India during this time .

    1. The Spectacularis Superforce

      Thank you so much for your understanding! And also for your support to the peoples of India! 🙂 🙂

  5. Englishman

    Peace and blessings to all of India and a swift introduction to Lord Yama for the traffickers

    1. The Spectacularis Superforce

      We’ll soon be within a 100% trafficking-free world. These are their last and final hideouts (that are currently being taken down by the positive ones). Cheers! 🙂 🙂

  6. John Robbins


    Prayers for Maharashtra from an Indian born soul.🙏🦋🦋🙏

      1. Tricia

        At your service 🙏💖❤️🇮🇳 I don’t give an F about the grammar it is the INTENT behind it that speaks 1000000 above the grammar

  7. Preyesh Malde

    Is it possible to just write something without sticking random words in capitals and in bold?

    I stopped reading after the first paragraph because it was like trying to read something written by a woke 15 year old.

      1. Preyesh Malde

        I know what it’s done for, it’s basic and infantile. Maybe you should expand your consciousness a little rather than condescend to people.

  8. Gem Ascending

    Sending infinite Love and Light to the entire continent of India and all of it’s inhabitants. Stay strong and know that not only are you doing the right thing by not succumbing to the ways of darkness, but you will be blessed for it. One 💖