The Collective: Conjunction

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today. This is a very powerful day [April 12], as many of you know, with Jupiter and Neptune in conjunction in Pisces, as you are now in the time of Pisces. It’s easy to feel sometimes that the incredible energies pouring in are just a bit tiring, and that you just wish all the change would stop—all the ongoing shifts. You would love for things to get simpler!

This very understandable, because you’ve all basically been through it at this point. You’ve been feeling so much change occurring, and you yourselves have been enacting so much change on the planet, that you may wonder how much more is required for NESARA, for the fifth dimension, to finally be birthed.

For those who are willing to Ascend, you are wondering how much more is required. Because rather than things getting better on the planet, things appear to be getting worse!

And so you carry the heaviness of that burden, of feeling, “We’ve already been through a lot on this planet! We’ve had hundreds and hundreds of lives, so many of us, that have been very difficult, very trying. We looked forward to this time as being one of Ascension. “Then what happens, but we’re again being plagued with so much that is frustrating! “So much that only brings up old trauma and sadness, that only makes us, in all of our Light Bringer empathy and compassion, angrier and feeling more isolated. “And some days, even a bit hopeless. Because it looks as if this world is on fire. “Am I only meant to be the firefighter? Can’t I be the one who celebrates?”

And so all of this upset, all of this feeling of, “I don’t know what way to turn anymore. This is getting ridiculous! Why aren’t things getting better?” All of that builds up into a tumult inside of you. And so we thought to bring out this beautiful little song [“

”]. So joyful! It’s got a bouncy, easygoing rhythm to it.

One of the songwriters is the gentleman who is singing, along with his backup singers—Jon Batiste is his name. He won a Grammy—you probably heard—”Album of the Year” for the album “We Are,” and this song is on it. He’s a powerful spiritual presence, even though he speaks from within the structure of a very dark industry, which is the popular music industry, and from within mainstream television. These are two areas where the old powers-that-were have set their footprint quite deeply and are desperate to exert whatever influence still remains to them—for one, to bring people’s energies down. For another, to tell them there won’t be any Ascension, which of course, is enough to make one chuckle! And for another, just to keep you quiet. To keep you doing as you are told.

None of that is working. This gentleman’s music—Jon Batiste’s work—is emblematic of the Light that is pouring forth, and the higher solutions that are coming forward now.

And so he admits their moment, he and his fellow songwriters—the Light, and the Divine solutions pouring in now, just as he is “on the verge of crying” and “doesn’t feel like trying.” Instead, he says, “I’ll sing! But instead, I’ll sing!”

When I’m done with worries
And no one’s around me
Don’t you know, I’ll sing.
Oh, I love to sing!

When I can’t find the words
And everything starts to hurt
I’m done with this heavy heart
I let all my burdens off

And I sing . . .

When I’m cold and tired
And so uninspired
Don’t you know, I’ll sing, yeah!
Let it out and sing

When I’m down, and I feel like giving up,
Even the easy things feel rough
Don’t you know, I’ll sing?
Don’t you know, I’ll sing?

When I feel down and out
Up under a heavy cloud
When I don’t want to talk
I lay my burdens off
I sing! (let it out and sing)

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Autumn Rowe / Eric Frederic / Jon Batiste / Zachary Cooper / Victor Dimotsis

SING lyrics © Rich Water, Zach Cooper Music, Vincenzo Diesarelli Sound Syndicate, Mae Jesse And Ried Music, Alvarado And Sunset Music, Hipgnosis Notes

Absolutely wonderful! [And note the lovely name “Hip-Gnosis” above!]

We’ve spoken before about how Joy is probably the greatest act of defiance that you could take part in at this time. It’s probably the biggest act of rebellion.

And this gentleman, Mr. Batiste, has recently married his beloved of the past 8 years, just as she has been again diagnosed with leukemia. He was being interviewed recently, and the interviewer wanted to know if the marriage was an act of faith, or an act of Love, or what have you.

And Batiste answered, “Yes.” And then added, “It’s an act of defiance.”

How perfect! How brilliant to see the joyful celebration of a wedding, and the joyful celebration of anything you can name. Could be eating an apple! Could be taking a brisk, happy walk down the street, or smiling at a stranger. How perfect, to use that as your way to ground Joy into the planet! Perfect rebellion!

It’s the perfect, seemingly nonsensical response. It’s not the trained, Pavlovian response that all of you have been programmed in. You’re supposed to be watching television all the time, or glued to the internet, and taking in one bit of bad advice and uninteresting trivia after another, and desperately annoying, difficult news, and traumatic images.

You’re supposed to be absorbing all of that every minute! You’re supposed to be fearful about—well, pick one: the economy, the environment, depopulation, the health of the masses . . . You’re supposed to be horrified right now! And what’s probably one of the more confusing and bizarre things about your day, is that instead of being upset, you find great reason to celebrate! You find great reason to be cheerful!

That’s because you are more powerfully wedded and integrated with this incredible Light—this plasma, this pure, sacred Divine energy coming onto the planet, making itself at home in your very cellular structure—than you are to the energetic pitfalls laid by the powers-that-were. None of that happens by accident, dear ones! You’ve planned it this way.

Yes, even in the midst of what most would call absolute madness, you planned to be here, absorbing Light as if there were no red lights flashing all around you. You planned to be here, holding and reflecting that Light in the most Joyful ways, reveling in whatever spring you can find under the flood waters or the snow, or the sudden heat, then the sudden cold. Whatever it is—paying taxes once again, even though you know this is a foul and corrupt system. Going through the workday, and realizing, “Actually, my work is purely energetic.

“This job is something I do with my day as I wear my everyday costume as an Earth being, when in fact I know I belong to the stars.

“And I don’t take the outer life too seriously! I don’t take the bills too seriously. I just take care of things as I need to. “I don’t take other people’s opinions and ideas too seriously. Heaven forbid they should take me too seriously! “Everything just flows, because everything has the glow of the sacred about it now. “As if this planet were in some beautiful Angel’s hands.” Then one day, you wake up and you realize, “Maybe all of us are that Angel. Maybe all of my Lightworker friends and I—maybe we’re the ones holding the planet up.”

And the first thing you’ve ever heard about Angels, is that they sing beautifully.

So we wanted to share this lovely little tune with you, which doesn’t seem to be terribly important, doesn’t seem to hold a lot of weight. It doesn’t announce itself as a powerful anthem. It’s not orchestral. It’s not something you’re going to plunk down $100 for. But it is still very, very powerful!

Because these dear ones are reminding us on this song: You’re not here to react to appearanceYou’re here to remember Who you are, and to relate to the higher realms. And where are those higher realms? They’re exactly right here, right where you are. Even if your eyes don’t always physically take them in, your whole spirit body is constantly interacting with higher beings, with your beloved twin flame, with your soul family, with the power and beauty of Nature. No one you love is far away. Even if they were once in a physical body, and they’re gone now physically, they’re not at all far away, because the beauty and power of the higher realms is right here.

What does that mean? It means your higher self is constantly with you. It means the power of your soul is constantly with you. And just develop a little motion, if you want, so that you don’t even have to use words—just a little wave of the hand, such as you do when you’re waving someone over to talk to you. Just get into that habit, whenever you want your soul to shine more power into you. Whenever you want your higher self to step in and take over.

Come up with some little signal, so you don’t even have to think a special prayer. That one symbolic gesture does it all. Some people will put their hand on their heart. Some people will open their hands and hold them, palms up.

All you have to feel in that moment, whether you think the words or not, is just feel, “Yes, I’m open to higher Light. I’m open to higher direction. It’s a little difficult, what I’m going through right now”—whether that’s a mental, emotional, or physical challenge, or all of that. “A little bit of a rougher ride than I was planning on consciously. Some more Light, more assistance, please! “And give me an outlet! Show me, what is my beautiful creative outlet? If it’s not singing, then what is it?”

Because in those moments, dear ones, when you’re drawing, or painting, or singing, or dancing, or practicing yoga, or talking to your lovely little cat or dog, or reading a book to a child—in that moment, you’re releasing pent-up energy that can’t release otherwise.

Words aren’t going to do it.

This is why many people have found talk therapy to be helpful on some levels, but not quite so helpful on other levels. Because it doesn’t answer to everything. It can help tremendously, but there’s a lot that just has to come out straight from the heart, and in a symbolic manner.

Are you willing to give yourself that, dear ones? And are you willing to rest a bit more, to relax a bit more, not fill every day with movement, or fill every moment with responsibility, where you’re constantly playing a role, or constantly on your off moments, seeking distraction?

Are you willing to give yourself even 10 minutes under that bodhi tree, swearing you won’t get up until you understand what’s happening as the Buddha did? You will be surprised! You will be shocked to see how much the Universe comes towards you in those moments, dear ones.

So let’s call in all the higher selves of everyone listening to or reading this— Calling the higher selves forward . . . Greetings, dear ones!

We’re asking them to please lend their insight on what is most helpful for all of you now . . . [Listening]

Beautiful! What they’re offering, is in the moment when things get difficult—you’ve seen something dreadful in the news, even though you’re trying to avoid the news, understandably, as it brings one’s energy down. Or perhaps someone you love, or someone you work with, is being particularly difficult. Or there’s just some situation that doesn’t seem like it wants to budge, even though you feel it should. You’re going to just look at that. You’re not going to take on the energy of it. And you’re going to respond with, “Even though I do consider this to have some real density,” or however you want to put it—“even though this feels hard for me: “I Am STILL a god,” or for women, “I Am STILL a goddess, and I declare my power in this situation now!”

How would that be, dear ones, if even a million people around the world—not 10 [million], not 100 million, just one million people—started to recall their power from whatever it is they feel had disempowered them. Yes, the world would shift overnight. Yes!

You don’t have to wait for that moment. Offer yourself this now. Say it right now. Think of an issue. “Yes, this is hard for me. This one has me stumped. I’m not sure the way forward.

“I Am still a goddess! I Am still a god. And I reclaim my power from this situation now.” Wonderful! Absolutely beautiful.

We are so honored to be amongst you, dear ones! And so we give thanks, and we send, as always, so much Love. And more support than you will be immediately aware of in these days, when so much is being asked of you. Yet it is there. Though unseen or unfelt, it is there. And so we send much Love. Remember that you are never alone. Namaste!

**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan