Archangel Michael: Divine Harmony

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We send you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now Moment, and we invite you to open your heart to our message for you…

As you are moving through your experience, your reality is either filled with Divine Perfection or it is not.

By Divine Perfection we mean Divine Harmony, Divine Love, Divine Peace, Divine Wellbeing, Divine Abundance, Divine Beauty, Divine Creativity and so forth…

This experience is absolutely possible for you, Dear One.

You might have had glimpses of it and your ascension process includes the constant experience of it.

You came here into this lifetime to bring Divine Perfection through you into this world and to experience your own ascension.

When a person ascends it has a profound effect on the planet.

Can you imagine, if large numbers of human beings ascend, what kind of an impact that creates in your world?

The raising of your vibrational frequencies and the full embodiment of your I AM Presence is radiating outward and is being felt in the entire Universe!

That’s how profound your ascension process is!

Every day that you are accomplishing a thought, word, feeling and action that is getting closer to Divine Perfection is a reason for celebration for us.

Every time you align your thoughts, words, feelings and actions with your Divine I AM Presence (Your Individualized Aspect of God) you are getting closer to the reality of Divine Perfection.

So, how do you accomplish this alignment?

Before you start your day, throughout the day and before going to sleep, say and visualize the following:

“Beloved I AM Presence, take command of my thoughts!”

Visualize a golden light entering your head.

“Beloved I AM Presence, take command of my word and how I’ll say them!”

Visualize a golden light entering your throat.

“Beloved I AM Presence, take command of my feelings!”

Visualize a golden light entering your heart.

“Beloved I AM Presence, take command of my physical body!”

Visualize a golden light entering your entire body.

“I AM the only commanding presence in my being and world!”

Visualize a golden light entering your entire being and world.

Whenever, you feel that your thoughts, words, feelings or your body get out of alignment with Divine Perfection, repeat this process.

We invite you to do this for seven days and watch your life transform and your vibrational frequencies increase.

After the seven days, you might want to continue with this, as it will continue to assist you with your ascension process profoundly.

Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.

Welcome Home.

We are walking beside you, every step of the way.

Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.

**Channel: Asara Adams


4 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Divine Harmony”

  1. P.S.

    7 days? Okay. I’ll do it. Last month I did a 9 day challenge for shifting timelines.

    This month I’ll do a 7 day challenge for bringing in my I AM presence.

    Since the Lunar eclipse is coming up on the 16th, I’ll start on the 8th and finish the day before.