The Energies of May 2022; The Power of Personal Transformation

Beloved Ones,

This new energetic month of May comes with unity golden codes for those who wish to continue with the inner work of synthesis, and the retrieval of personal power, as all the planetary forces during this month will help us to empower ourselves, so from this sovereign space, we can finally anchor our creations in our physical world.

Since April, we have been receiving Solar flares, Sun codes descending upon us for the purpose of realignment, cellular regeneration, and activation. Our bodies are deeply affected at this time by the current energies, eclipses, solar flares, and other frequencies, this is why during this time it is so important to work on personal transformation, clearing, and above all, nurturance, for our bodies need lots of care and attention.

We are indeed under a long integration passage, marked by the eclipses, that is going to have a tremendous impact on both our physical and light bodies. A time for us to be fully aware of what we are creating, for we are the only ones responsible for our reality, and at this time everything we think, feel, and therefore manifest, will be magnified in our lives. As we become more and more aware of our true nature as divine creators, we too see the responsibility that comes with it, for all we create impacts the whole.

May is a time for manifestation, although this is very universal, for we are all unique and we all cannot truly be on the same page, as we all have different roles within Creation, although all of them end in the same purpose – to live within Divine love and assistance to All. The main focus is going to reside in working with our bodies and in creating the inner alchemy required to move into a new level of awareness.

May is an 11 – 2 reduced – universal month. The essence of both numbers is so important, that I would like to go deeper into both of them. 11, a master number represents unity and illumination, one that can only come when we first act as integrated beings, as it is not until we regain inner balance between both our masculine – The Magician – and the feminine – The Highest Priestess – that we can begin the process of conscious co-creation, becoming authentic masters.

Number 11 in the Tarot is represented by the fiery card of the strength – a woman holding between her hands the jaws of a Lion (sun) – representing the physical strength that can only come through the power of love, wisdom, and balance, cultivated within. This fiery energy is what we will need to bring to the surface during this month, embracing the inner power that moves mountains without using physical force.

On the other hand, number 2 as you know represents duality as well as the embrace of two opposites but equal aspects of Creation. The current energies may come from different sources. However, everything in Creation gives us the same message, no matter where we decide to focus. A message of self-empowerment, feminine rising, and embrace of its wisdom.

Number 2 holds a frequency of synergy, cooperation, and integration. A message that Venusian energies this month also reinforce, by inviting us to bring more unity and intimacy into our soul reunions, using communication, truth, and compassion, as our main tools to co-create together.

The feminine and harmonious vibration of number 2 is well represented in the tarot by the High priestess, sitting between the light and the darkness – represented by the two pillars of Solomon’s temple – as a passage to other realities and Higher knowledge.

We are indeed retrieving the lost essence of the feminine, without darkening the masculine. As we regain consciousness of our true origin and essence, which is always one meant to act through the power of love, we come back to commune more with our soul, reclaiming the memories that are not lost but hidden within ourselves, due to the constant disempowerment suffered through eons.

May is a month that comes with many potent energies for those working in transcendence, an inner work that begins with the synthesis of both opposite essences, and that this month with its loving energies helps us to achieve, as it holds masculine and feminine frequencies for us to restore all that has been previously distorted.

Astrological events
At a cosmic level, this is another intense month, in which we will welcome the second eclipse and new energies that will bring more revelations, helping us to envision the path that we are meant to walk.

On the second of May, we have Venus entering Aries. Venus, the feminine aspect of us, together with Aries, ruled by Fiery Mars, which represents the masculine, is a wonderful combination for us to dive deep into our passions, in what brings us joy and excitement, discovering new horizons and ways to create and live our lives. An alignment that will too help us to balance our feminine and masculine essences, something very present during this month.

2022 is a very Venusian year, as this planet is going to be supporting the massive feminine awakening that is taking place on our planet, as many are beginning to remember who they are in nature and their missions of bringing back the feminine.

This is also an opportunity for those experiencing challenges in their soul reunions, to rekindle the passion, and above all to look for new ways of being intimate, as intimacy is not just about sexual desire, but about recognizing the wonderful soul we are co-creating with, in new ways, that we may have forgotten or not seen before. It is a time to focus on what keeps us united with those we love, finding new ways in which we could continue traveling with them.

A day later, on May 3, we have Jupiter sextile Pluto. Jupiter is another planet that is very active and that is helping us to expand anything we desire in our lives, from within to our physical reality. Jupiter expands the main essence of Pluto, which is one of personal power, through the inner transformation required. This is where we can bring a positive change in ourselves or our personal lives by learning how we use and direct our power.

It is pivotal to learn how to integrate energy and manage our personal life force, for where we put our conscious focus will determine the outcomes that will manifest in our physical reality. Many do not know how to use their power, for they still believe in the influence of outer forces in their lives, therefore others will create for them, as they have given away their power.

Others will choose to understand how to use their precious energy by reclaiming their sovereignty, hence, impeding anyone else to interfere in their personal field and reality. This is where creation begins when we have regained wisdom and personal mastery about how to co-create and use our power. This is a wonderful alignment for us to become the leaders of our lives, serving as conscious wayshowers for others who wish to do the same.

On May 10, we have Mercury turning retrograde. As you probably know, and as I have explained many times, I do not focus on retrogrades, but on the essence of the planets and how they feel to me, as I do not foment what is an illusion from our human reality. There is nothing ever retrograde and there is no outer planet or force that comes to impede the expansion we desire unless we have created this belief and want it to be as such.

So, I leave it to you to continue having the belief of Mercury retrograde or begin to step out of it, and be the one controlling your reality, for both of them will serve you equally to where you are, and your personal evolutionary journey.

On the same day, we too have Jupiter moving from Pisces to Aries. We have a lot of Aries energy that invites us to regain sovereignty by mastering first the ego, as with Aries we may fall into egoic traps. Aries’s energy is a wonderful one to help us empower ourselves and with Jupiter, we just have to be decisive to release old beliefs and programs that impede us to retrieve our power and work on how we can grow, become independent, create our own work, ways of living, and expand into being self-sufficient.

This is a good time with Jupiter aligning Pluto, and entering into Aries, for those who are creating their own jobs, ones that are more aligned now with their soul purpose, with anything that will sustain them in the physical, as this energy is about learning self-mastery and sovereignty.

As this month is ruled by Jupiterian energies, on May 11th, we also have Jupiter semi-square Uranus. Again, all these events are perfectly, wisely, and divinely orchestrated to help us regain control of ourselves and our lives, for there are many who are stepping out of the old ways of working, doing things, and creating their own personal choices. Good energies for taking major life decisions, for choosing a totally new life direction, and for creating the change that we sometimes wait for from the outer, and that cannot come unless we do it for ourselves.

On May 16th we have the second eclipse and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Total) at 25 degrees Scorpio. This is the event that will trigger the change that we have previously molded within and carefully created. With Scorpio comes the removal of all distortions, through inner transformation, and after this personal shift, the calmness, the stillness that reconnects us with who we truly are, and with our true soul desires. With this eclipse comes revelations, and confirmations from the universe of the path we shall transit next.

On May 17th, Saturn will be semi-sextile Neptune. As you can see, we have been following a process of descension all month. We began by retrieving our personal power, so we can pass to create what we desire, focus through conscious intention on what we wish to materialize, and now with this alignment, we finally bring into the tangible all we have given birth into the non-physical, as Saturn, the Taskmaker, reminds us that all we do not descend from our soul, remains in mere dreams, and we came here to live and master a physical reality.

On May 20, the Sun enters Gemini. We pass now from the earthly sign Taurus to move into the speed of the element Air. It is now time to focus our attention on our mental Plane until we reach the perfect balance and wisdom that we need in all planes. If we learned how to manifest in our earthly plane with Taurus, enjoying the simple pleasures of our lives, our mere existence, and the joy to be here at a unique time – experiencing a human realm, creating infinite abundance – now, the Twins will make us cultivate reason and everything related with our intellectual side.

It is also a good time to study and expand our knowledge in new directions that could benefit our inner growth and give us new ideas for the next steps of our journey. Gemini will also assist us to express our hearts and feelings, by communicating with freedom, and discernment. It will help us to realize if we tend to focus more on one polarity or the other, so we can find a union between different poles.

A perfect time as well to dissolve from our mental body negative thoughts, conflicts, confusion, and everything that is there causing us imbalances that later will be manifested into physical pain, in our bodies.

Two days later, on May 22, Mercury retrograde enters Taurus. This is about confidence, self-worth, and bringing into the physical the trust that will allow us to allow the universe to help us manifest what is meant to be for our highest good. Mercury in Taurus is confident and eager to go after what it desires.

However, there is another important aspect of this alignment that especially for those who are working with their bodies, will be essential. This is an alignment that invites us to focus on building our light body, on nurturing our physical bodies, for they are sustaining us and allowing us to have this human experience. This is not just about detoxifying them or nourishing them, it goes further than that, as this is about bringing the profound physical transformation required for them to ascend before leaving this plane.

If the body is not well grounded and anchored, there is little possibility to bring unity within and in our lives, as well as all the creations we want to manifest, for we have not created the link that joins our human self with our divine one, neither have we built the bridge for our creations to descend from one plane of existence to our physical one.

On May 24, we have Mars entering Aries. The Warrior in Aries will feel at home, and it gives us the opportunity to align with it to regain strength, vitality, and extra energy for us to pursue our desires, stand firm in who we are, and our personal truth and conquer all the challenges that may be impeding us stepping into the new adventure that we desire to experience next.

A few days later on May 28, Venus enters Taurus. The Planet of Love and Abundance in Taurus is going to be focused on the things we most value in the physical: our relationships, our creative essence, and everything that involves bringing all the love we have within into our soul reunions.

Creating a balance and practicing not getting attached to anything or anyone is pivotal when we have the Planet of Love and Abundance in Taurus. It is always an opportunity for us to begin understanding that in truth we possess nothing and that authentic love is about letting all be free and simply focusing on enjoying the co-creation until it is meant to come to an end.

We end May with two important events, the first one on May 30, with a New Moon in Gemini 9, and the second one on the last day of the month, on May 31, with the second alignment of Saturn semi-sextile Neptune, that I previously explained.

The New Moon in Gemini will bring joy, after the intensity experienced in these previous months, a fresh touch for us to remember that joy, celebration, and gratitude are key for us to anchor not just our desires, but for us to be aligned with the essence of who we truly are, for we only love, joy and gratitude in essence, even though many times we fall into the illusion of experiencing the opposite.

May is a month to prosper, thrive, and create. This is a period that comes after embracing our shadows, balancing opposites, and embracing all as equal. This is a time where we begin to recognize the power of the masculine, one that has previously embraced the feminine to be able to put into form what was once in the ethereal.

We are limitless creators. There is no one that can prevent us from growing, and growth always begins from the inside. You are not confined within a three-dimensional reality, for this is the illusion you agreed to foment, once in this plane.

You can reconnect with your Infinite Self and remember who you truly are, and that is never a limited being governed by outer forces or beings. You can always choose to live in a more illumined frequency, do not wait for better times, choose to dwell in it Now, for it is all about your personal choice, and no one else.

I wish you a loving May, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


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