The Telosians: We Are Here, Present With You

We are very happy to see you again, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. As you know, we are constantly on Benevolent Watch over what is happening within your humanity. Even if events are sometimes destabilizing for you, we make sure that it does not go too far in the drama as we have told you in previous messages.

When we speak of “Benevolent Surveillance” it means that we are more and more numerous with our ships in your terrestrial skies. We are particularly vigilant in places on your planet which are not only those which you only hear about in your media, that is to say the eastern part of Europe.

We also watch over other places where fratricidal struggles are taking place, internal struggles taking place in Africa, the Middle East, etc. What you hear about most currently, that is to say the Ukraine and Russia part, is not one of the most virulent of what is happening on your soil. There are, as we have just said above, these internal wars which have been going on for years and years of your earthly time and which the media are ordered not to talk about too much. This is so, as you understand, other manipulations of your fears. Indeed, when you will no longer be told much about Russia, the media, on order, will highlight, perhaps, the difficulties for example in the Middle East, etc.

So, we watch with Love and Benevolence over everything that happens in different countries. We are in our ships and each surveillance ship positioned above a country or a region of your Earth which is in struggle, brings the information to our Central ship, Mother Ship, from where we come the indications for act in such and such a way in such and such a place.

What happens in a country in struggle is very often different from what happens in another country. This is why the indications that we receive from the Central Vessel which gathers all the information coming from the surveillance vessels, are very different from one vessel to another.

We know what are the grudges, what are the needs for power, for authority of this or that belligerent. We then act, at least we try to act on his energies of Love to try to awaken them and allow him to understand that this struggle is only a way for him to fill a gap: the lack of Love. .

Yes, it can be very surprising to hear that such a belligerent, such a dictator, is in need of Love. Yet that is what is happening. When a human is in need of Love since his childhood, he tries everything to find recognition around him. If this recognition is not done in a gentle and natural way, the suffering belligerent will find a violent way to make the world take an interest in him. This will bring him a certain pride that will always want more…even more, to achieve this recognition that he seeks outside of himself.

However, this will not have the expected effect, because the lack of Love will always be in him, and whatever he does, he will be lacking. He is not aware of this lack of Love and his violence in the face of this lack will translate into warlike violence or violence in such a way as to reduce a people to nothingness. But even by reducing a whole people to nothing, there will always remain the lack of Love that they can only find within themselves and not around them.

This is why wars, various struggles are happening on your Earth. You recently had the example of a “psychological war” through this famous pandemic that you lived through for two years. Your rulers, whoever they are, wherever they are, have complied with the wishes of this shadow government which has tried to enslave the populations of all countries.

Your rulers, so much in the desire to be recognized, have indulged in ways of manipulating all the peoples of the Earth. But recently, despite what they can show, they realize that something is “wrong” in what happened and is still happening.

What is going on ? a large number of humans refused to comply with these injunctions to obey what was imposed on them. They realize that something has changed in the minds of humans. What happened to make this so?

Quite simply, we watched from our ships. We transmitted to you from places blessed with Love and Pure Light, waves, vibrations of Love and Peace. Of course, not all humans have been receptive to these vibrations of Love and Peace, but a large number, all the same, have understood the meaning of these vibrations. We are happy about this because the humans who reacted this way will continue to help humanity in many ways. These humans are going to become our important helpers that we needed on Earth soil because you know, we can’t say it enough, we can’t interfere with your free will. We help you with our prayers of Love, with our waves of Peace and Light,

It is in this way, dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, that you and we work for the liberation of humanity in all that, until this moment, has bound your hands, your feet and prevented you to live your life of being divine.

We are there with you , not visible of course yet, but we are there, do not doubt it.

We protect you.

We love you.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by


6 Replies to “The Telosians: We Are Here, Present With You”

  1. pan211

    Thank You The Telosians,Thank You Marie-Josée Andichou,Thank You Era Of Light,Thank You.

  2. José Quintino

    I can’t help it, I know what Kirk, above, means.
    Yet here I send Love from my Heart of hearts to all victims and perpetrators of vile crimes, as my only possible help to fight such suffering and misery that should never take place anywhere.
    But at the same time is that enough??

  3. Kirk Stmoritz

    You don’t bother to help women being raped, you don’t bother to help people being murdered, you don’t bother to help people being poisoned, you don’t bother to help people starving, you don’t bother to help people who are freezing.

    You just stand by and watch. Close enough to reach out and help.

    Yeah, I know you can’t interfere with free will. But what about the free will of those suffering at the hands of others? You only seem to be interested in the free will of murderers, rapists and criminals and the hell with the rest us.

    Thanks friends, your “help” is not needed.

  4. Harriet

    Thank you for all that you do to guide us and help us and all the love and light you send to us.

  5. Bonnie

    Thank you for the love and supportive energy from all of our family during this time of rediscovering and remembering. From our fairy tales, we are our own white knight riding a white horse coming in to rescue ourselves. What an amazing cheering section. With gratitude and love, I again thank You and all the messengers that I have encountered through my journey.