Saint Germain: Q & A Session

Question from Hal:

For St Germain. Some teachers are suggesting that only those who are “spiritually advanced/raised their vibration enough” will receive the St Germain funds once they are released. Is this true or will ALL get their share of the funds?

Secondly, there are teachings suggesting that the great reset and QFS will be TWO systems. One for those still operating at 3d/4d and another (Alliance driven) that will receive other funds. And TWO systems as well. Is this true? thank you!

St Germain: Two systems will prevail in duality as it is a universal prerequisite of positive and negative. If you would argue that there are no two systems available to you now as you ascend the 4D, I might remind you that there are indeed two systems available: Universal law, which is God’s alchemical system and matrix law which is the DS system based on monetary finances. This will evolve into the One World Order only to the extent that the people of earth allow it to, this is why we urge all to wake up.

You have your choice, and always have had your choice, which you desire to partake of.

Only one system will prevail in the 5D, and this is the spiritually advanced QFS system.

As for the Great Reset, this is normally what is referred to as the globalist DS system, the New World Order. The QFS is another system which is instituted by the Alliance. They will both in fact, find their place on their respective timelines. That is why we desire as many as possible to wake up – so that they can enjoy the fruits of the QFS system, not the slavery of the Great Reset.

As for the St Germain funds, these funds will be distributed to all upon earth. The reason for this is so they can be relieved of financial suffering and begin to experience abundant living. This will instantaneously raise their vibration and that, in fact, is the purpose behind it – to relieve their debts, increase their prosperity and free them from financial enslavement. Those who desire to create projects to change the earth will utilize their own funding, many of whom have invested in Dinar, Dong and now Bitcoin in order to have enough money to do so.

Question from Stephanie:

What is the most important teaching I can offer children at this time?

I work with kids at our farm school and help home school children of my friend. Ages range from 7-13

Bright Blessings to you all.

St Germain: The most important teaching you can impart is the lesson of forgiveness. Yes, you need to know why, Sharon reminds me.

Indeed, when one forgives, there is no need for division. Forgiveness is a facet of duality consciousness which opens the mind to unity consciousness. The soul does not need to forgive, it only understands lessons, it holds no one at fault and takes nothing personally. If you will, teaching patience, compassion and love of all to these children as they are all facets of unity consciousness.

Thank you for your question.

Question from Izabela:

How do you know whether you’re connected your Higher Self or your Twin Flame. I guess that the energy you connect with. Does it feels the same?

St Germain: No, it does not. The energy of my love, Portia, is very different from my own. She is the energy of the female and I the male. How do you experience female and male energy on the planet? It is similar when dealing with the twin flame and the higher self except of much lighter frequency.

Practise sensing masculine energy and feminine energy. Sharon knows when she speaks to Ayevo, because yes, his voice is deeper, but his energy although very light is still quite masculine. She also reacts to it as a feminine would. That is another clue.


St Germain: Indeed, the joining of the masculine and the feminine energies is done through attraction, and this attraction is felt to the lowest vibration of the being.

The male and female energies are magnetic, and the female to female and male to male energies are complementary. There is a different dynamic experienced between the differing energies, and it is no different as you walk the earth. Sample the energies there and then use this to understand your own guides.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


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  1. joan

    All bitcoin is FRAUD so if this is St Germain …I am GOD….sorry but so much people know in light that Bitcoin will no longer exist!

  2. pan211

    Thank You Saint Germain,Thank You Hal,Thank You Stephanie,Thank You Izabela,Thank You Sharon Stewart,Thank You Era Of Light,Thank You.