Hatonn: Focused and Balanced

My loving greetings to all souled ones upon Earth at this most exciting time.

By that, you know I mean her graduation and her birthing rite of which she has waited a longed for, in eons of time. She has served well her mission, which is now coming to a close.

I wish to give a message to Sananda’s Lightworkers. You all have agreed on a mission, and arstill working on such, even to the last moment that you reside in your fleshy envelope. I feel your longing to be home in the Lighted Realms, and the lessons get harder, as the days pass by quickly. You are NEVER given anything too hard in lessons that you cannot accomplish, for you have all the help that Heaven allows.

Yes, the day has been shortened to about 12 hours long, as Mother Earth is far into the Photon Belt. I told you thusly long ago. If this were not so, the lessons would seem endless.

The most important part of your Mission has been done, but you must not sit by the window and long just to be home at this time.  The time to come home is soon, but in the meantime, you must stay focused, balanced, centered and calm, and carry on with your mission.

I know it is not easy, but you are needed at this time on Earth to get your job done with our help.  You cannot do It alone, nor can we interfere and do it for you.  We work together.

Do not give up hope, even if your present situation is hard on you and you think you cannot make it.  Do not let fear interfere, for that is the greatest tool of the Dark Ones.  Fear takes causes your frequency to be lowered, and you know you must ask to keep your frequency at 169443, in order to be lifted off safely without harm to your fleshy envelope.

I encourage you to keep steady at the wheel of learning, ask for the help of your Guardian Angels, our help, and believe.  Again, there is nothing given to you in lessons that you cannot complete with flying colors.

I am as near as your breath, and so are all the Lighted Realms.  I know your weariness and longing to come home.  At this ending time, and always all of the Lighted Realms come to your assistance with even a whisper from you to ask for that help.

Remember that.

My love to all souled ones, and to Sananda’s Flock.


Hatonn, who monitors events on Earth for the Galactic Hall of Records at the galactic core. On earth to wake humans up from there ignorance.

I Am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander In Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation, Ashtar Command:  Earth Representative To The Cosmic Council And Intergalactic Federation Council On Earth Transition.  You May Call Me “Hatonn.

**Channel: Anne Bellringer


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