A Tale Of Russia, Ukraine, You, and Me

As a general rule of thumb, us lightworkers (at least publicly) tend to avoid taking any sides. And all the more so is doing such highlt critical when it concerns things such as politics, geopolitics and most other (polarising) subjects the likes of religion, patriotism, and what-else-have-you. And such is indeed, as it should be. For we are so not here to play into these “us vs them” games, or should I say, “us vs them” bait. After all, it is we who have been tasked with upholding unconditional love, peace and forgiveness at all times – and even more so during critical hours of planetary liberation such as these ones.

And yet – whether one likes such or not – one of our key learnings and life lessons during this Earth lifetime of ours has to do with mastering the art (and likely even science) of discernment. The ways of telling apart the lies from the truths, and the facts from the falsities. And also to find that perfect balance between right brain and left brain, intuition and logic, and one’s heart and one’s mind. And so today, I’m about to venture boldly into a territory that I have forever hesitated getting myself into, and for the greater good at that. Because well, someone (or the other) has to ultimately take on this (rather) dirty-ing deed of stepping into the mud, in order to harvest through the lotuses. And because this whole Ukraine-Russia situation has been magnetizing so much controversy and polarization as of late, perhaps it is indeed time (for both you as well as me) to take this raging bull of debate and distress head on, and perhaps, even present a life lesson in discernment for one and all in its wake! So well, here goes nothing!

Don’t worry though. I’m SO not going to make any comments, conclusions, or decisions here for you. After all, that is entirely your right and prerogative here as full-fledged, sovereign Creator Gods. But, as a Creator God myself, I will indeed use this space and this time to ask some very pertinent, very piercing questions indeed. And to present my own (subjective as they may be) perspectives and conclusions regarding this matter, as is very much my right to do, here.
You can take it or leave it (as you please!)
Question One: What exactly is the history of the mass media (aka the mainstream news media) when it comes to giving you the full truths regarding matters?
Have these ones done an outstanding job (or even as much as a sincere, wholehearted attempt) at exposing all forms and manners of corruption and scandals present out here on Earth?
I’ll give you all a clue. If they had, we’d have a new truth expose everyday — for indeed have we got (way more than) enough hidden scandals to expose a new one everyday, and for literally centuries at that.
Do our lying, scheming, corrupt politicians tremble in their pants in front of these (so-called) “honest” and “all-truth-exposing” journalists?
Have these mass media ones ever really given a single flying fuck about you, the people?
If they had, we would be (at least considerably) free of homelessness, corruption, darkness, deceit, poverty, and any number of ills plaguing the entire world today. I mean, it’s not like these ones don’t have issues to cover or speak of on their morning and evening shows or something. Or to question the greed of the 1% elite, while someone without a food or shelter rots outside their very studio.
But here’s even more questions…
Did these ones ever ask enough questions regarding the “suicide” of Jeffery Epstein; that absolutely everyone (be they on social media or real life) was so openly questioning the style and timing of?
Or why cameras always seem to conveniently switch off (and guards black out) every time there is a fresh new “suicide” or attack-on-innocents as of late?
Can you honestly put your hand over your heart and say that these ones have given you the full truths regarding the recent “pandemic?”
Can you honestly say that these ones have discussed (or were even the ones to break out the story of) the Ukranian Biolabs — now being known of as a fact that has been acknowledged openly by the US Government of late?
Can you honestly say that these mainstream media organizations and their “journalists” – who always appear to be going on and on about how they won’t allow anyone to “silence the news” or the “shut down the truth” or whatever – have they wholeheartedly supported true whistleblowers (such as, say, a Julian Assange) who risked-it-all to bring to people’s notice to some extremely dark and disturbing secrets of this world?
Finally, if these ones are as very truthful and “people-loving” as they claim to be, then, where exactly are the (at least!) hour-long episodes criticizing (or even talking about!) the many monstrous and publicly acknowledged experiments done upon innocents by the CIA?
* crickets x5 *
But sure, we’ll all believe them now (for some weird reason) when they tell us all about the monstrosities and atrocities of Vladimir Putin. And Donald Trump. And compare these ones by calling them #LiterallyHitler and all, because that’s the trending hashtag for the week or whatever. And also never really bothering to apply that exact same effed up yardstick to the one known as Barack Obama, a guy who LITERALLY BOMBED INNOCENT CHILDREN in the Middle East and also walked away with a Nobel Prize for “Peace” for it.
A Nobel Prize for (making little children rest in) Piece.
In. Your. Very. Face.
Answer that one.
I rest my CASE.
But enough talking about the problems. Let us now talk about the solutions (for a change!)
Of what we can actually even do – instead of cribbing and bitching and having these mindless “comments section wars” amongst – our own lightworker brethren no less?
What in the actual flapping fuckwings are we actually even DOING in here?
And then we wonder why all of these (external) wars within our world won’t ever stop.
Never stopping even for but a tiny little moment to ask ourselves —> What if these (external) wars occurring all around our world were but a perfect reflection of our (own) INTERNAL and INNER wars here?
The day that we all stop fighting amongst ourselves – be it within these spiritual communities or within our greater human communities and collectives at that – these other (external manifestations of) wars have NO OPTION but to STOP. FOR. GOOD.
And that’s how you stop this wicked war in Ukraine and help save innocent lives, as we ALL ultimately desire to, in some way, shape, or form here.
As above, so below.
That’s IT. That’s ALL you even need to do in here, for that perfect conflict resolution that works in absolutely EVERYONE’S highest interest!
Let Unconditional Love (i.e. Divine Source) aka God do what it must do in any given situation.
If that means exposures of uncomfortable and hidden truths, then that is exactly what shall be DONE.
If that means ending the war, then that is exactly what shall be DONE.
If that even means continuing the war, then that is exactly what shall be done. For remember, even mother NATURE herself creates forest fires and volcanoes to create space for the new (and to burn off the old, as and when such is truly critical for planetary welfare.)
Because sometimes, even DESTRUCTION (of the OLD) is indeed needed for the CREATION (of the NEW).
Don’t blame me for saying such, blame mother nature.
[ Address any and all complaints regarding such truths to the ‘Mother Nature Complaint and Grievance Redressals Department’ when you can. Expect a reply within the next 7 working days or whatever. ]
Last, but by no means the least. I’m SO not here to justify (or even as much as hate on) this war. Innocents DO NOT have to die for ANY of this – be they my Ukranian brothers and sisters OR my Russian brothers and sisters. And yet, that does NOT mean that we blindly accept all stories that our (oh-so-very-proven-to-be-all-honest-and-reliable) mainstream media outlets have been giving us so very freely (regarding the “Russian Army’s great atrocities against innocent Ukranian civilians”), particularly so when there are some really contradictory stories (regarding WHO’S actually doing WHAT) coming through to us from numerous other alternative news sources, here.
Just send all of these warring spaces and places your unconditional Love, Prayers, and Blessings — and keep on sending it and sending it and sending it whenever you so get the time (and opportunity) to do so.
TRUST Unconditional Love aka GOD. It is, after all, THE most INTELLIGENT and POWERFUL energy and force within all of CREATION, after all.
And you can thus TRUST IT to know EXACTLY what to do. And HOW. And WHEN.
I’ll be awaiting your beautiful takes (regarding this subject matter) in the comments section down below!
Cheers! 🙂
In INFINITE Love and Light,

26 Replies to “A Tale Of Russia, Ukraine, You, and Me”

  1. MJ

    The sun rises on the good and evil, the rain falls on the just and unjust – and a Light illuminates the darkness for all to see. With full awareness, One rises above the battlefield to see 360⁰, with eyes that do not deceive, with full mathematical knowledge that Light + dark = 1, Love + fear = 1, Life + death = 1. There is truly only One Thing Going On. All is good, All is beautiful, All is Loved Unconditionally. The meaning of Love on this planet has been diluted – ie “I love ice cream”. Conditions, “if this, then that”, are childish games – tit for tat. However, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE unites a war/conflict mentality – bringing 2 opposing sides together. That is how one Loves their enemies, Loves those who persecute, Love those that steal or kill, rape or torture. We must LOVE everyone and everything – that is TRUTH – no discernment required!

  2. alan

    Hello Beloved Selves ;)))
    Maybe all this wouldn’t have happened if we Forgave it all from the first to the last of All seekers of power and control. and maybe Forgive our selves for keeping the illusion going as we give our power away by giving our focus to the injustices also not clearing the darkness within so that the outer can change, ” as within so without ” . Forgiveness can change the Past, Present and our Future.;))))) Always Love. alan.;)))

  3. About Vladimiro Di Vito

    Now we’re we try to go with this deflecting move? I am who I am also what I love I can detach totally from this bland convergence today. We want patch the unreachable. I still upset for what happen the other day .Things on here are regulate from totally Human being. So why I must listen you as supreme entity when at time u can manipulate and confuse what hour real agenda “Universal Love” for everything and everybody and no engage in very defeated conversations also point badly the finger using ferocious remark and remember statist from the past for accuse another human being. Sorry but I need more than this flat article also simply just remarking what we point the already the other day with our comments. To easy escape sorry. NamasteAmen

  4. Diving for Donuts

    One thing is certain: whenever the “mainstream media” say something, it’s pretty much guaranteed the exact opposite is the truth. The louder and more consistently they bray about it, the more likely the prospect becomes. That’s how much faith I have in them.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      I love the mainstream media. Make it 10000X for people to tell the TRUTH from the LIES lol.

      Just put a 180° flip on EVERY LAST WORD that they say and THERE’S your TRUTH lol.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      And they would’ve gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for those pesky kids! 😀 😀

  5. Kirsten

    I think this is an excellent article – lots of truth here by my lights. And I see more humor than ego in the name Spectacularis, but that’s just me. I love to laugh. And I love humanity. We can all practice a little more discernment. Blessings to all.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Cheers Kirsten 🙂 Do note here that those who are (supposedly) “not reading this article” because they see way too much “eGo” ultimately have exactly ZERO counter points to actually raise against the article.

      But they HAVE TO now say SOMETHING to make it look all wacky you see. These ones have been there through the ages, and I’m so glad that they’re always so eager to make themselves KNOWN, as all agents of darkness do when pitted against those of the LIGHT 🙂 🙂

      Thank you for having the courage to say your truth (even in the face of manufactured dissent) anyways 🙂 Much, MUCH Love to you!!! ❤❤❤

      1. Kirsten

        Much love to you, too, Don. And I agree with your comments about the mainstream media 100 percent.
        I always find it amusing when people disagree with things they say they haven’t even read. The “new normal” in “expertise,” I guess? Lol. I appreciate your clear insights. Manufactured dissent just confirms you are on the right track.

  6. Bonnie

    I may not always agree with someone’s personal view although I will support their choice to express it. I may not always find personal agreement and that is where discernment comes in. When we love unconditionally it is part of the expression chosen.

  7. Dave

    It is hard to find a balance in discerning the truth and being non-judge mental. But even Jesus at at least one time said enough and fought with the sword of truth that he borrowed from Michael with the money changers. Then he forgave them afterwards of course but at some point we are all called to pick up the sword. Only our soul can tell us when that moment is. God bless this journey. May we remember to bless ourselves in the path we carve out for ourselves in our divine rendition of the fractal of God’s love.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      I agree. I intuitively felt an (ever growing LOUDER) call to finally pull out the sword of truth this time, and so I finally obliged. It is a delicate balance somewhat, calling out those of the dark without indulging in any real “name calling” and such, a thing that I’ve ALWAYS ever so avoided. But SOMEONE has to say these things at SOME POINT in here lol, in the interest of everyone’s very highest good. And so, I finally decided to give it a GO 🙂 🙂 Cheers!!!🍻🥂 😀

  8. slvbkr@charter.net

    When Russia rids Ukraine of the Khazarian Mafia, the corrupt Ukraine military, and the genocide of the Ukrainian people with the biolabs (the very evil people) the Ukrainian people will have the freedom and love they have been waiting for for generations. They have lived in fear to love because of the evil people controlling the lives. My prays, tears and love go out to the Ukrainian people. God Bless Them

    1. Don Spectacularis

      THANK YOU for this comment! 🙂 🙂 Many on here are quick to make it some kind of a binary issue, (“You’re either FOR Ukraine or AGAINST it!!!1!”); but in reality, the issue is ANYTHING but (BINARY). One could be AGAINST a full-fledged war AND AGAINST toxic elements within that land that MUST BE REMOVED at ALL COSTS, all at the EXACT same time too.

      But “nuanced” is so NOT how those of the negative variety prefer their morning tea to be lol. So then we have all of this division, duality, etc.

    1. sea

      That name has ego coded into it. Assuming he could make a decision for us is also ego. I resonate with humility and grace more than anything so I don’t read his stuff so I’ll just ask, is it possible that this person is his alter-ego?

      1. Ben

        I avoid reading this user’s articles as well. I always make it a habit to scroll to the bottom to see who the author is before I start reading.

        I only started visiting this site one or two years ago and noticed his ego back then. I’m sensitive to ego the same way one might be sensitive to bad breath or body odor. The vibe he gives off also makes me believe he has life long issues with women.

        Anyways I’m starting to become concerned for this site. Articles usually go up at midnight EST, so why is this one up now?

        1. sea

          I’m with you there Ben 😊I used to read almost everything on here and found it very inspiring but it has taken a turn in the past little while and not in a direction I resonate with, and I’m ok with it. Many people are not what I thought they were and It’s all just a part of the Great Awakening within ☀️

    2. Don Spectacularis

      So I literally had to go and verify this one for myself. And, as it turns out, my last two articles went up on the 9th of May, and then, like a week or so earlier the 2nd of May. Hardly what I would call “taking over the website” and everything. But then again, I do understand that all of this rage isn’t exactly about the highest of reasons in the first place.

      It baffles me how, in my last post on here, there is a comment telling the world how very egoistic I (allegedly) am; and how they (the poster) wonder as to why a charlatan like me with nothing new or unique to add is even getting such a “celebrity status” and “following” on here.

      So then, I went and checked my LinkedIn to take a good look at my purported “celebrity status”. I have exactly 30 followers (at last count). New users joining the place often have thrice as many numbers.

      Additionally, I have never EVER promoted myself or anything on here. Or ever asked anyone for money. Or promoted my ” very latest book release.” Or asked anyone to give me a quick follow on my LinkedIn. Or even asked for CREDITS for translating my articles anywhere or such.

      And then I look at some of these comments calling out my incredible, inflated (like a raft, perhaps?) ego. So kind of them to point that issue out to me. Would be kinder if they’d point out any logical inconsistencies and utter lies within my articles as well, given that I’m such a talentless hack, a fake, and a fraud no less.

      But both you and I know that THAT’S so not gonna happen. EVER. And both you and I know EXACTLY as to just WHY that is so not gonna happen.

      So cheers, stay blessed, and much love to you! 😉