The Bigger Energies Begin

We are one day away from the Mercury Retrograde in Tropical Gemini beginning on May 10th and continuing to June 3rd. The Total Lunar Eclipse in Tropical Scorpio will occur on May 15th (or 16th considering varying time zones) which is also the celebration of Sri Gautama Buddha’s physical birth.

Both of these cosmic “concerts”—the Mercury Retrograde and the Lunar Eclipse— will be far-reaching in assisting thoughts and emotions to be dealt with for the greater good of collective consciousness-shifting.

Particle density is still surrounding and enveloping Earth/Gaia, and the Sun is heralding the possibility of further “M-Class” and “X-Class” flares and also is showing an elongated filament of plasma attached to the Sun’s corona which is a type of energetic that thrashes back and forth before finally slamming onto the solar disk and then surging off and spewing plasma throughout the solar system.

Solar winds have been in the upper ranges of “normal” (the upper 300s) as well as far above normal levels (the upper 500s).

The “Power” (vibrational frequency and amplitude/”Schumann Resonance”) of our planet has been elevating and in recent days has been in the 50s and 80s (As a reminder, the ancient “normal” was “7.83” cycles per second).

Also, our planet has been moving through meteor particles.

Thus, Earth/Gaia continues to swirl and soar like a ballerina with theatre lights focused upon her as she performs a classical dance. Many Cosmic Scientists (also known as “Astrologers”) and Spiritual Teachers (such as Gurus, Acharyas, Yogis, Yoginis, Energetic Healers, etc.) have said that May will be the most active month of all of 2022 in terms of powerful cosmic events being set-off which will reverberate through all of the year.

Therefore, May seems to be opening yet another “portal” of potency—much more dramatic in its “performances” than the previous month of April which opened the eclipse season with the Solar Eclipse on April 30th along with a New Moon and powerful solar flares with coronal mass ejections..

Many individuals and groups are preparing to engage in the suggested “Medicine Circle” for the peace and healing of our planet, and some have already participated in the “Medicine Circle” ritual today whic

Others have made contact letting it be known that they will certainly have done the circle by Monday evening prior to Tuesday’s Mercury Retrograde.

The circles will send out robust forces of atomic frequencies of collective consciousness into the ethereal realms for material actualization.

The “3d” dissonant noise will be eradicated in favor of harmonious rhythms of PEACE, LOVE, JOY, HEALTH, TRUE KNOWLEDGE, and ABUNDANCE.

It may still take some time for the “noise” to cease because it will insist on being victorious in its controls and manipulations. Strangely, this may be preferable so that humanity can clearly face the truths which many have been negating and come to fully understand how many have been duped into certain beliefs and behaviors.

So, there must be patience as the bigger energies of May play a louder “concerto” for our planet and as the “cosmic stage” is filled with solar and planetary “singers”, “dancers”, and “musicians”.

As we snuggle into our comfortable “auditorium” seats and sigh with relaxation as we “watch” the “performances”, and as we drink our “grounding” water, eat our organic “refreshments”, enjoy fragrant aromas of essential oils wafting about the area, and as we silently offer prayers of gratefulness for the CONCERT OF LIGHT which is always available, we look around and see that a large percentage of humanity has gathered and is ready for all of the blessings of SOURCE which have always been available but which has had to be activated.

As one of the world’s major scriptures advises: “Knock and the door shall be opened; seek and you shall find; ask and it shall be given unto you”.

We can make May a magical month.

We can call upon the LIGHT to be more prevalent.

We can employ our free so that the dominion we have been given over our planet is a Paradise.

Another valuable lesson from the same scripture just quoted is: “By your faith be it unto you”.

Happy May to the “lights” of the LIGHT.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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