From 3D To 4D And 5D: In Or Out

Yes, events are rapidly accelerating, and all the roles have already been distributed on the basis of free will and choice freedom: to be in or out of the fight, in what role, and with what inner attitude.

Below is the text, narrated in the first person, with the preservation of spelling, which highlights the most important things for the author and many of us these days.

We are people who are not used to seeing Light, And, basically, we fight for Darkness. We are fighting for what we are used to! Even if they are used to it, this is all out of notch.

And the more an ordinary person realizes that he is not playing on His Side, the more victims around him, the faster he wants to self-destruct.

This is the Law of Inertia. It eats the most “good” relative to the “bad”. This, in the context of the Transition to 4D/5D, becomes a Global trap for each of us.

The Old does not let go and takes Life! And the more you tell people: You are reasonable! Stop it! What are you doing? The more these people hate you!

They can’t even understand that their time is gone. They have already Been Written Off. They are the living dead in this uncompromising battle. And the war goes on. It can’t stop because people insist on something that will never happen again! Remember: There Will Never Be!

And so former gurus, channellers, psychics, mediums, and others are fighting for All the good, against all the bad. This is scarier than a banal bandit from the gateway, since such a “savior” is motivated for good.

So there will be more mass graves! Remember: He is motivated to do good. There are more graves and senseless deaths. The Old, according to the Laws of Evolution, will definitely be destroyed!

Now, the question of life and death… Being under the shelling of my own, I held on to the Old. That’s how the survival instinct worked: the search for the enemy, I’m a good one, it would have ended faster, it doesn’t concern me, it’s better to be in the thick of events or away from them than in an Observer.

I needed an Old, useless world. I went on strike and was indignant, saved property from shells, looters, quarreled in social networks with other Old Ones, stood in queues for new info and demanded the Old One.

The result of my stormy activity was obvious: hanging in the negative news, shells and even mines began to fly into my Soul. I didn’t want to notice it and got into trouble, although the arrivals of shells were higher than any statistics. In fact, I myself attracted self-destruction. And when the shell exploded thirty meters from my car, I stopped.

I was overwhelmed by the realization that the New eats up the Old, and this is inexorable! I, protesting the destruction of my world, stopped building a New One! I’m frozen, and I’m waiting, instead of Accepting! Stop! Stop the Matrix!

I realized That I was designing what I was Defending Myself from! It is I who am creating the war, and for this I am offended at myself! The realization of what works here and how is the strongest Enlightenment! My Enlightenment brought me to my senses.

And I asked the Almighty: What about the Children?! Heroes? Houses and victims? And the thought came clearly and categorically from inside and outside: There is no one and Nothing accidental here! Everything has already happened in Heaven.

And again, a clear and infinitely precise thought: But you didn’t want to live in this crazy State, initially doomed to war. You saw how it turned into a springboard of hatred and absurdity and kept silent, and now you’re calling out to Me as if you had nothing to do with it!

The movie froze… There’s nothing to be said. I understood with frightening clarity that all these people would selflessly kill themselves, and this was Their sacred choice.

Women will pump up men with fear and hatred, and they will hysteria and destroy and self-destruct. But what can I do? – I shouted to the sky. The sky replied: Do not interfere! Don’t stop them from fighting for the Old World, even if they raze everything to the ground.

A week later, my family and I were out of the war. I turned off the news and any emotions in this direction, gave the house, apartment and cottage to the will of God, blessed all people for their fate and began to control my mind.

As soon as I get hooked on social networks or my mind tries to control what is happening, I say to myself: You are very strong and your negative emotions will kill a lot of people, be over the game!

The Almighty is playing on your side and will make everything much better and not the way you imagined it!

He will give it the best shot!

I’ll make a reservation. Being out of the war is harder than being under fire. We are always at war, but we don’t notice it. I’m trying to get out of the war. Sometimes the war leaves me!

**By Lev


One Reply to “ From 3D To 4D And 5D: In Or Out”

  1. Denise

    “ Women will pump up men with fear and hatred, and they will hysteria and destroy and self-destruct.”
    I don’t usually comment other than to say “Thank you for the lesson in discernment” to the negative articles here but that but there was surprising, you have yet to figure out that it is NOT related to your anatomy, good and bad that is, Women are NOT the cause of all your ills, YOU are. YOUR reaction to WOMEN is the problem, NOT their reaction to you clearly.
    I will admit to surprise at such sexism as this in this day and age, it must be OUR fault as Women right?
    I will still thank you for your lesson in discernment but I will ask that you take a long deep look at your inner “landscape” to understand WHY you think Women are the big “evil” in this world.