Website Update 5/13/2022

Greetings friends!

We do at times share articles which some readers may not resonate with. We cannot be biased here. We share what we can, and allow each one to use their discernment. So we may share articles from different sources and perspectives. Take what you find useful. Leave what you do not, and move on. Practice neutrality, instead of giving in to your emotional reactions.

We have been thinking about bringing back the Forum, for discussions and so on. Perhaps for articles which may not be suited for the blog’s home page. Let us know in the comments if that is something you’d find useful.

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From heart to heart, Kejraj!

45 Replies to “Website Update 5/13/2022”

  1. Beth L Stormont

    I tend to agree with what Argent has said just above here.
    Any true channeler knows that if we receive a message that is highly judgmental, condemning, and hateful, it cannot be coming from an authentic source, because that is not what spirituality is about.
    To not resonate to all views of a spiritual nature, with that I will agree. There are many different spiritual paths, and so diversity is natural and needed… as well as is discernment.
    However, for the many who are just awakening, discernment is obviously not yet fully developed, and so I feel it behooves both channels and publishers to be careful that we do nothing to confuse or mislead them on their journey of discovery and development of discernment by writing and posting obviously questionable articles.
    Let us be the true teachers of wisdom that we are.
    Thank you for understanding, Kej Raj.

  2. Gordon

    I’ve been reading, and enjoying, this site for 5+ years. I enjoy all the information you post. It is nice to have choices and being able to pick through what does, and does not resonate, with me. “Practice makes perfect” I was always told and that has truth in it. The more we learn to discern the more precise the tool becomes.

    Anyhow, I think you have been doing a great job since I’ve been coming here and I truly appreciate this site and all the work I know you do to make it work. I think a forum is definitely worth giving a go.

  3. A lightworker

    Thanks for the site, Kejraj.

    By the way, arguably Brave is the best browser to view Era of Light (or any site) with, because it has Chrome’s convenience while not being built by clearly-evil Google. Brave is also faster and spies less on you than Chrome does.

  4. Bob

    I have been reading this site since well before it became Era of Light.
    I don’t remember the previous name but KejRaj put it out there to us looking for suggestions for naming the Nova iteration.
    Accordingly, this has always been an all-inclusive blog.
    When the survey went out to keep or remove political articles I voted to eject them as I thought their content was overloaded with conjecture and not ENLIGHTENING which is my purpose to visit here each morning: to be enlightened.
    But guess what…the truth is that I read the Fulford articles every Tuesday because, to me, they have a pinch of enlightenment in a pot of old energy fears based on some speculative reporting.
    Alas, maybe he is right on and can back it up with the White Dragon cache.
    In the NOW, isn’t it all about “being of this world and not in it?”
    Then, everything is entertainment if we are wallowing in the Aquarian energies that now support us in this defining age for our beautiful humanity.


  5. blaudp79

    I also do find a lot of articles that don’t resonate with me, but I do find some that help me to understand what is really happening to me and to us during these chaotic times.
    I did have an intense spiritual experience that I could not explain back in February, 2022. I did find a very good explanation here on this site that day and I’m coming back since.
    I’m still on a journey to find out what exactly I’ve woken up to. All I know so far that there is a spiritual aspect to it as well not just the fact that we are being lied to by our political elite. Most of us are aware of their plan on global tyranny and we are also aware of the methods they use (Mass formation psychosis, MSM misinformation, censoring, re-thematizing protests, etc.) I’m a 100% certain that this is happening to humanity and I believe we need to do our homework on what is happening and why in order to be able to fight against it. I believe that meditating only and hoping for a spiritual awakening is not the right answer. I understand that neither the perpetuator nor the victim is a good position to be in, but if no one goes out to the streets when to PIECEFULLY protest when the WEF traitors are planning to do something unacceptable, then we will all suffer the consequences.
    On top of that yes, we need to do our homework on the spiritual aspect of it as well and try to be positive and supportive with everyone around us. I really believe that when it comes to spirituality, there is a lot of misinformation out there that confuses us so we have to keep that in mind.
    I agree with the fellow readers that would like to see a forum board here. That would create a nice community here and probably more visits.

    Thanks for all the hard work Era of Light, I will keep coming back here.

  6. go do

    Victory of Divine perfection.
    Fulfilment of Divine plan.
    I see perfection in the creation of all.
    How all elements and particles are perfectly working together.
    absolute effeciency.
    It is the human mindset that creates good and bad.

    opinion: the Quantum Financial System is part of the New World Order. and will possibly make human a perfect slave. (or biological robot, forever young and live forever in prosperity)
    How does that feel?
    Would you even notice the difference?
    Would you like to be chipped? so some system can track you no matter where you are?

    That God may have mercy with us all.

  7. david k gates

    I think all readers should be supplied with chewy chocolate chip cookies……!
    Sometimes messages that are not of “the Light” are a learning experience for folks to practice discernment.

    Remember to watch how you feel after reading a message

  8. Isdra

    Kejraj – I’ve been reading your posts for 4 – 5 years now? Cant recall when I started but its my morning read. I strongly encourage you to keep doing what you’ve been doing. Follow your guidance, trust your heart and your call. Ignore the complainers. Let each discern what to take in or reject without all the yammering and insults and demands for you to do it differently. If someone doesnt like your take on things or your choice of posts – let them take on the task and challenge of creating a site, content, articles, email subscribers, et al.
    I choose what to read and I may not resonate with every post, but by now after these number of years I get where you are coming from which feels good, true, honorable, aligned.
    Carry on the work in light –
    In support and appreciation, Isdra

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Thank You Isdra. I appreciate your message. The complainers simply need to check within. That is all.

  9. P.S.

    I think it’d be nice to have a forum where all of us could talk to each other there instead of try to communicate via the comments section. The people in the comments here are interesting and it might end up generating more content for your site in general. A forum post could easily become an article of significant worth (if Great is any example).

    Regarding the content that gets posted, eh. Look, I read what I feel like reading and don’t read what I don’t feel like reading. If it resonates, I’ll read it. If it doesn’t, I won’t. No biggie.

    I’d rather have the information available than not. For example, if you decided no politics, then I wouldn’t get to read the full Benjamin Fulford report on Tuesdays. 🙂

  10. A Light Sister

    Dear Era of Light – Thank you for doing your very best in serving the Light.

    Just like at a buffet, readers are free to take what they wish, pass by what doesn’t appeal, sample something new, or take a bite/wrinkle their nose/leave the rest of that dish alone.

    The 5D response is to imbibe with grace and gratitude, using all experiences here in our earth school to grow in Compassion and Love.

    But alas, it’s quite disheartening to read so many nasty 3D comments here at Era of Light, especially for the political posts. It’s clear that the cabal has infiltrated both mainstream AND alternative geopolitical news sources to create maximum division and infighting among lightworkers! Wish all the haters could see that.

    Personally, I’d love to see more “environmental” posts about how Nature is under attack all over the planet, and enlightened initiatives to help save Her. (I’ve noticed that right-wing folks tend to focus more on defeating the cabal, while left-wing, “liberal” lightworkers focus more on protecting the clean water/earth/air that supports all Life.)

    Everyone is playing their part! All lightworkers should be radiating Light – that’s what will really defeat the cabal, heal Gaia, and hasten Ascension.

  11. Andrea

    I’m disheartened by the volume of spiritually minded people who want to sensor others who aren’t of like mind politically. Isn’t that what we are fighting against? I disagree with many of the commenters, especially as harshly they voice their complaints. However, maybe one day, one of these articles will open the right heart at the right time. Till then, all should be considered as acceptable points of view. Thank you for all you do, I’m sure it’s not easy and is often unappreciated. 💖🕊

  12. Don Spectacularis

    In short, the sheer POWER to (GREATLY) influence the mass consciousness of humanity – for the BETTER or for the WORSE – is, essentially, a truly precious GIFT that has been bestowed (and, above all, EN-TRUST-ED) upon YOU by the Divine. With this gift come the Honours / Responsibilities and EXPECTATIONS of Discernment, Selection, Taking-The-Right-CALL and ENFORCEMENT (of the same) for everyone’s HIGHEST GOOD —> regardless of who or what (audiences, standing etc.) you may potentially lose out on in the PROCESS.

    A heavy burden (and perhaps Life Lesson) to bear indeed, I agree. But at this point, there’s NO REAL running away from it or shirking this responsibility. But hey, REGARDLESS OF just WHAT decision you TAKE here, KNOW that all of us on here are WITH YOU. And that we DO INDEED firstly RECOGNIZE, and also truly, greatly, APPRECIATE you for even BRINGING US this free-speech and Love / Light platform here in the FIRST PLACE (after being straight up BANNED or SHADOW-BANNED for simply speaking our TRUTH out there to even really BEGIN WITH). So please, despite how very HARSH some of our criticisms may still sound (at this point in time), KNOW that we ALL appreciate you, value you (and your work), are all too GRATEFUL FOR YOU, and, above all, LOVE YOU.

    We support you and are grateful indeed for EVERYTHING that you’ve done for us ALL, (and practically Count-Less unnamed and unseen people) here. But yes, we must also yet speak our TRUTH here regarding that which you’ve asked of us (by your own Free Will), here. And guide and assist you as best (or as worst) as we possibly can, here, using whatever WE have come to learn (of and from LIFE ITSELF) so far. Hopefully, you’ll forgive us all for any (potentially) harsh-sounding language or criticisms, here, for SUCH is indeed NOT our intent, here. But alas, the only way to make text BOLD in this comments section is by using ALL CAPS lol, and so, it just sometimes “looks” way too harsher than what it ACTUALLY IS, lol. Do forgive us for the same.

    Cheers! 🙂 🙂 🍻🥂🍻

  13. Don Spectacularis

    MY TWO CENTS: As much as me (or anyone else) would like this place to be “this way” or “that way,” truth is, (and as I can very clearly gather from reading the above comments), it is beyond impossible to keep everyone happy. This “everyone” will also include brainwashed masses, and literal agents of darkness. And I see the incredibly difficult position that you’ve been put in, as a result. The old “between a rock and a hard place” positioning, as one would call it.

    And since I’M not in YOUR shoes, ANY suggestion that I ever give you will be FUNDAMENTALLY and INTRINSICALLY flawed, because I’m failing to take into account what YOU want from this (literally YOUR OWN) portal, and YOUR unique perspective to do these things YOUR way, as a result. Above all things, I’ll be lacking compassion to see that ultimately, ALL WAYS of seeing and doing things are valid, even those that go ENTIRELY OPPOSITE to how WE think or feel is the “right way.” This is, but of course, Spirituality 101. And compassion is something we all came here to learn, even compassion for the (so-called) “enemy”, if you will.

    So instead, I’ll just tell you what I would do here, were I in your position (of considerable influence over the world and its energies here), to achieve the highest outcome. And I’ll also tell you the reasonings behind my decision-makings. You can take or leave what you feel is useful / useless from the said viewpoint accordingly.

    So, simply put, I firmly believe, understand, and recognize the old Spiderman saying that “With great POWER, comes great RESPONSIBILITY.” In other words, when one has been gifted the POWER to (TREMENDOUSLY!) influence the collective consciousness in any wat, shpe, ir form; it is ALSO one of their honours / lessons/ responsibilities that they WIELD the said power/s with th very HIGHEST of, (potentially karmic) RESPONSIBILITIES over the said power.

    And given THAT background and understanding of life, nature, and things; I would then eliminate ALL negative energy articles ALTOGETHER from this place. And by “negative energy”, I speak of those writings that speak of fear, hatred, evil, disempowerment, and their root causes: politics, religions, divisions, etc. And post their exact OPPOSITES. And yes, it would be MY FINAL CALL on those (decisions), even if such a call straight up “denies” some their “viewpoints” per se. Because (and after all), the sheer POWER to assist, uplift, awaken (or perhaps, even DISCERN) for other (potentially awakening or unawakened) masses has indeed been given to ME here; and so also is any karma that comes from either misusing, or simply being lazy or callous about it. A debate moderator, for example, if he’s not standing up for the shy and quiet person who too wants to express his own opinions (while his voice is being drowned by far louder and bullying voices), is deflecting from his divine honour / duty / RESPONSIBILITY. Similarly, a leader / teacher in charge of overseeing a group learning initiative or activity, if he fails to reprimand someone causing nuisance and ruining the group energy and dynamic, is WELL WITHIN their rights, and roles / responsibilities / honours to shut such a person down. And believe it or not, such is ultimately an act of the highest COMPASSION.

    So now, what (now) of those who regardless seek their political takes? Their disempowering channelings? Their (right or wrong) conspiracy facts? Their right-wing, left-wing, or any-other-wing agendas and news sources and information? Well, by all means, I would ask them to find them ELSEWHERE upon the internet. And there’s PLENTY OF PLACES out there (on the entire INTERNET, for fucksakes) to find those. We are, after all, a SPIRITUAL, UPLIFTING, and EMPOWERING website for awakening and unawakened folks after all. And clearly, we are not meant to post EVERYTHING and appeal to EVERYONE. And, if we did, is there ANY REAL DIFFERENCE that is left then, between those of the ALREADY CORRUPT, DIVISIVE, and DUALITY-FILLED mainstream media…and US? After all, why would people then donate to YOU, as opposed to, say, a CNN? Which is doing this EXACT SAME JOB (and likely, far BETTER than you, and with a far, far GREATER audience numbers to boast of) ANYWAYS?

    So, if I were you, I’d remove ALL negative and disempowering stuff from this place with IMMEDIATE EFFECT, and allow only positive, wise, and EMPOWERING articles from thereon. Regardless of just WHOSE feathers get ruffled therein, or just WHAT “readership” is lost in the process REGARDLESS. And I’d do so (firstly) for A. the PEOPLE(‘S HIGHEST GOOD), and, also from a highly self-ish perspective, B for my own KARMA and DIVINE / KARMIC responsibilities and balances here as well.

    Those who STILL want “other perspectives” or “rabbit holes” or “political stuff” or “red pills” or “alternative news”, or whatever ELSE it is that they want (that I MYSELF have not discerned to be of the very HIGHEST (GOOD)) — that they can WELL seek such ELSEWHERE. For it is NOT my reason-to-be or responsibility to cater to these ones, here; nor my prerogative or NEED (in the first place). They can WELL and (far too) EASILY find such content ELSEWHERE and with GREAT EASE at that. Why would they then still need THIS PLACE to host the same polarity drivel and meaningless duality nonsense TOO? Makes EXACTLY, ZERO. FUCKING. SENSE. to ME!

    Besides, I’ll gladly do so the day CNN and FOX start being (so-called) “unbiased” and “compassionate” and “ACCEPTING” (of all contrary perspectives) — and start hosting some HIGHER SPIRITUAL CONTENT, for STARTERS.

    Till then, this is a SPIRITUALLY UPLIFTING website for EVOLVING consciousness. A “NICHE CONTENT” website, that is but OBVIOUSLY not meant for every Tom Riddle, Dick Dastardly and Harry Potter.

    This concludes my tED Talk.

    Cheers! And much, MUCH LOVE to you REGARDLESS of what you choose to even DO, here! 🍻🥂🍻 ❤❤❤

    1. Fred Savage

      Too bad you’re not running the place. You seem much more alignment to soul growth than the Op of this website and the majority of the posts on it. Shame it seems most sites are just CNN clones now. time to move on, and delete my bookmark

  14. Zuza

    Thank you for what you do!
    As European I don’t really understand the love for Trump or Elon that is shared on many spiritual websites, but still, I just don’t read such messages as they do not resonate with me.
    In general, I am “interested” to read about all the dirt that is being revealed globally, because this is what we need to know in order to support people later. I would like to read about the new Quantum Financial system more, and about the creation of new world behind the veil more than about the current politics, which we know is a quintessence of a 3D world. However, I know that this information is only spread in some bits and pieces here and there (what a pity!).
    I do like the choice of channelings you have here, besides that I do recommend including some of the session of Evelin Barta (UK) and Sam the Ilussionist (India) not because they are super different, but they do provide authentic content. I also like the intothelight website, which offers very positive and loving choice of reading.
    Anyway, I support you in what you do, because you are doing a great job! I feel happy to have you there. Keep up with the good work that helps so many raise their awareness and vibrations! Love you!

  15. Galaxy

    Most of what you have been posting politicaly is quite useless . The spiritual ones have become repetitive and not helpful. There are good channels you never use, such as Michael Love, Monique Mathieu. It behooves you to be more discrminating in terms of validity and substance. Lately, I delete all but one or two. And even these are repetitive.

    1. Tammy

      Michael Love definitely does not resonate with me. Discern and move on. If you don’t like the message, dismiss it. It is not one size fits all, and some are new and learning and it is lesson in patience and understanding for those that have been at this longer. Problem solved.

    2. Beth L Stormont

      I am in full agreement with what you are saying here, Galaxy… as have I also chosen to change my heretofore ‘loyal’ following of all the channeled messages and doing mostly deletion of them.
      I have also ceased submitting my own channeled messages, since repetitive prophesying seems to be the order of the day. Mine tend to be more simple and brief wisdom-type channelings that are for the purpose of living more insightfully in the world of today.
      As you have said, the repetition of the channeling is extreme… and the political news is becoming increasingly useless to our spiritual way of life.

    3. Beth L Stormont

      This is my second reply to you, Galaxy.
      Upon thinking about what I said in my first reply, I realized I was speaking from the standpoint of a person not new to spirituality. In all fairness to Era of Light, it is possible that the repetitiveness of the messages is what is needed by those who are just newly awakening.
      Therefore, perhaps what is also needed is a separate section for more advanced Wayshowers and Lightworkers for greater group empowerment and evolution… Just something to ponder.

  16. Harriet

    I don’t claim to have a perfect memory. But that said I don’t recall seeing any pro-left or pro-liberal articles. I also don’t recall seeing any pro-Biden articles either. I would like to see those.
    I’m trying to have compassion for everyone as was taught by the spiritual articles posted here. It has to be near impossible to be a successful president/governor/senator or congressman when you have the powerful and greedy industry leaders and the Cabal breathing down your neck. And worse yet when they threaten your family or to assassinate you if you do not do their bidding. So I have compassion for them that it must be terribly hard to do what is right and not succumb to the lure of power and riches.
    But seeing as the light is going to win, I would like to see some positive articles regarding how all of our leaders are doing their part in some good way, not just the Republicans. Thank you to you all. And love and light to you all.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      We have posted such in the past, and received heat for ’em. Which again did not bother me. We’ve also received unkind feedback from Trump haters. However, I will not go around *looking* for such articles. If they are of little relevance, they will cross my path for a reason.

      1. Tammy

        Definitely don’t see a need for posting liberal, (or whatever label we give the swamp agenda proponents) points of view which are contrary to the cause of freedom, regardless of affiliations. We get plenty of that in mainstream media. Era of light does a fantastic job bringing us truth information most difficult to find many times in one place and I am grateful.

    2. Lara

      Honestly? Pro-left, Pro-Biden…you’ve never seen the videos of Biden tweaking a 5-year-old’s nipples, or sticking his tongue in children’s ears? Because ignorance would be your only defense here. You haven’t heard the details about Hunter Biden’s laptop…child trafficking, adrenochrome? Or seen stills from the video where Killary cuts off the face of a screaming 13-year-old?

      Tell me how these evil f*ckwits are ‘doing their part in some good way’, Harriet. I’d really like to understand your thinking. And then why don’t you explain it to the kids, too…. But yah, don’t think I’ll be getting a reply. Because God knows, I cannot imagine an argument defending such blatant evil than can even begin to make sense. (Not that that would stop you trying, of course. Never has before.)

      1. Harriet

        Has it occurred to Lara or anyone else who attacks here that the videos and images are fake? Of course they are. And any info you read about the laptop is a lie. We don’t get facts from any outlet or media. We haven’t for years. And I think you have me mixed up with someone else. I’ve never commented about Biden before today. Which by the way isn’t a crime. Your attack on me is a crime against free speech. You don’t like what I write don’t read it .

        1. Lara

          Harriet, I apologise for my tone. I did not mean to attack you ~ but the children are a sore point for me, and I do not believe the videos of Biden molesting children are fake. As for Clinton and the rest, time will tell.,,, Again, I am sorry for my tone. I wish you a peaceful weekend.

        2. Dubious

          [that the videos and images are fake? Of course they are.]

          You do not know that those videos, and that laptop are fake. Therefore stating they are fake as fact is dismissive, inflamatory and unhelpful. Especially in light iof the fact that at the least the Biden videos are REAL, proven from a multitude of angles and sources.

      2. P.S.

        Lara, I get that you’re angry about what’s happening to the children. I’m angry about it, too.

        What Harriet is asking for would be examples of positive activity from ANYONE.

        We spend a lot of time isolating people based on political party, when political party doesn’t even matter anymore. You know that as an awake person. There are Democrats who have turned on the Cabal just as there are Republicans who have turned on Humanity. And vice versa.

        Political party is just an illusion made up to keep us busy fighting with each other.

        I agree with Harriet. It would be nice to sometimes see someone we have labeled “the enemy” doing something positive for a change. “Positive” could mean exposing the truth. It could be a Black Hat showing signs of becoming a Gray Hat. It could be someone who has done horrible things meeting justice or helping justice.

        Does that mean we automatically trust the seemingly “turned” enemy? No. We don’t have to trust them. We don’t have to believe anything else they say. We can thank them, though, for their positive action. That makes a difference in our collective vibration–being thankful for someone doing something positive no matter who they are. That is unity consciousness.

        1. Lara

          P.S. ~ Thank you for your thoughtful reply and the trouble you took. I agree with the essence of all you wrote here, including your take on party politics…the old divide-and-conquer.

          As a South African, I stand outside US politics, but I have yet to see ‘positive’ action from Biden, except that he perhaps is helping to reveal the sham of ‘democracy’ for the illusion that it is. I did not mean to imply that he is representative of all Democrats, nor that there aren’t equally dubious characters in the Republican party.

          But yes, as you and Harriet both stated, any positive examples would be welcome. Thank you to you both.

          1. Tallina

            This is not about BIden and Democrats vs. Trump and Republicans.

            This is evil vs. God.

            Evil is in both parties.

            I am sure Biden is loved by God, for waking up people, to all the evil, but in normal human standards Biden is on the evil side, and he has done many harmful things to the American society/people.

            Many Democrats do not like Biden, as they do see his evil ways, and many Republicans like Biden, as he does evil things that benefits them.

            As I said: This is not politics, this is evil vs. God/good.

          2. Gustavo Frein

            Dear Lara, you certainly are not outside of Biden’s racial politics, and even as Whites are being genocided in SA, I’m sure you are quite aware you would never be granted asylum in the Fetid country. I’m one of those Anglo-Saxons, English not British, and I’m one of many Saxons who have begun to hate. We have a tribe Lara, we have a people, a culture and a heritage.

            The Saxons are definitely starting to hate. Woe to those out-groups who have taken advantage of our better nature and our own collaborators.

            As the Jewish finance minister Benjamin Disraeli said: “race is everything, nothing else matters”.

      3. Gustavo Frein

        Harriet is woke, anti-life, anti-family, feminist and dark. She’s upset there are no pro-Biden articles…LOL
        She gets all tingly with delete over abortion. I can’t imagine how thrilled she’d be seeing Joe Biden pinching the little girls nipple.

        Harriet did you hear they are opening up abortion clinics in Walmart? They’re called Sam’s Infantomats! Parasite removal in an hour or less.

        You can get an oil change and an abortion at the same time.

        Cheers Harriet!

  17. Argent

    I understand the urge to be “unbiased” and it seems noble on the surface. I would like to point out that you’re actually demonstrating a lack of discernment. Posting views that are clearly propaganda is as damaging as writing the propaganda. I would hope that at least a modicum of investigation and screening would be applied to weed out the most egregious examples of divisional prose. I like to use Don Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements as an easy tool to assist.

    Is the author of the article impeccable with their word?
    Is the author of the article clearly making assumptions?
    Is the author of the article taking things personally?
    Did the author of the article do his/her/their best?

    And then there are the ones that blame or judge or condemn a certain other viewpoint. In other words fostering separation.

    Examples of articles that don’t fit the criterion are:
    Political “sides” articles or those that tout or blame an individual politician or party over another.

    I think EoL can do their best by weeding out clear examples of pieces that have agendas or foster separation.



    1. EraOfLight Post author

      I understand.

      Perhaps I should have used different wording. As in this instance with “unbiased” I certainly do not mean sharing just anything, propaganda type of information.

    2. Beth L Stormont

      Thank you, Argent… well said! I totally agree with all that you have so clearly and concisely stated here… and yes, without bias, but with pure truth!