Solar Event Mode

Solaris is in EVENT MODE. We have constant C-class Solar Flares ongoing for many days (and on and off for weeks/ months) that no one really reports on anymore lol and with constant explosions since midday UTC today, as well as the double X-class flare from yesterday that was earth facing. Currently we have an M-class Solar Flare in progress, along with ongoing, intermittent, powerful Schuhmann Resonance spikes! Galactivations and Upgrades to the pineal, crown, back of head and Higher Heart complex continue to intensify, as ALL OF OUR TRUE, DIVINE SELF IS COMING ONLINE NOW! As well as our false Self arising to be purged, transcended and alchemised.

These powerful solar energies, plasma waves and Diamond White Platinum white-out of the field that I see happening since Monday, is dissolving all that is false and artificial along with any remaining false Matrix overlays/ projections, programming/ beliefs, perceptions and reversals within the ONE Consciousness and bringing the higher Heart-Mind and Cosmic Consciousness fully online for the Collective. Our brains are being rewired as the Planetary brain gets reset and upgraded, ready for us to fully re-member our True Tribal Records, memories and history again, all supported by the Crystalline Grid Activations.

These powerful DNA, Diamond Plasma Lightbody, and Heart and Mind opening Activations continue to burn all of our old templating and lower codings within our DNA, which dissolves the lower, artificial Realities/ Timelines, all based on thought. As our memories of the past change so does our present and future. No-thing is set here nor linear. That’s Quantum Timeline Mechanics. We get to change our Realities as we change from deep within the way we think and perceive Reality. As we shift our Consciousness this also shifts the instruction sets within our DNA, which activates the higher Consciousness Realities. All as we shift and change what we believe to be true, how we act and what we project out. It’s important to keep going within for Divine higher guidance that is unique to each Soul. Each One’s path carries a Divine higher purpose and meaning that can only be fully known by the Self.

The One purpose and mission we all share is clearing our Blueprints of all the distortions, reversals, lower codings, false and negative thought forms and belief systems so we can fully rise and activate our True Self! AtONE with Divine Will and the Cosmic Mind, which in turn brings online the new Organic Creatrix field, any moment now! 😉

Feel into the Quantum OpportUnities and Realities becoming available now and keep letting go of all that is false, not your own unique, True, natural Self, and continue to anchor these powerful Activations, Frequencies and light codes through your vessel and sacred Kryst-All Lotus, Diamond Rose and Emerald Heart, into the Core of Earth and the Diamond Grid System. Keep amplifying and see yourself becoming LIGHTer and LIGHTer with each breath you now take.

The new telepathic, organic and higher Cosmic intelligence communication network comes fully online now, overwriting the old AI hive mind and networks. All artificial frequencies, realities, sound and light fields, negative entities and aliens, all that is false and artificial, continues to be dissolved, removed, overwritten and neutralised at super extra fast quantum God Source speed within the Zero Point Field of the Holy Trinity and New Trinity Wave current that we embody and anchor as One!

Fully re-claiming our Realities, true memories, true power, true wisdom, true Self, Pure Source Codes, Divine Blueprints and Organic Realities. All from deep within as our Multidimensional DNA continues to ignite, ready for the final Event that will change our Realities in the blink of an eye.

All ready to ignite as soon as enough of us are able to align with and HOLD THE FREQUENCY of our True Kryst-All Avatar Self and Organic Realities based in Unity Consciousness, The Law of One.

All as we continue to align and merge with all that is True, and the inherent ONEness that we ALL are!

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙

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All of my transmissions are encoded with Multidimensional Ascension keys and codes that are intended to assist you on your journey.

**By Ramona Lappin